Constitutional Emergency

This brass politician plays PC very well. It is his game! Disgusting!

General Calms Troops After Afghanistan Deaths

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Harry I suspect many of them have been either forced out --or have retired having seen the direction they were being led. Rep. Allan West comes to mind of the younger ones. Lt.Col. Ronald D.Ray--and "Captain America" The Honorable Roy S.Moore were of my generation of Warrior leaders. I am probably wrong for suggesting this but IMO we lost much when we accepted the idea we Lost the War in Vietnam. (We lost it on the College Campuses  -we lost in the eyes of the Democratic  Party-- but I agree with those who say we did not lose in the Field. ) when we stopped training  our Military Officers and NCO to consider the Founding Principles as reflected in the orders issued by Gen George Washington and his  generation of leaders. when we stopped teaching it should be our highest glory to laud the more distinguished character of Christian -- we lost much.

I hear you Robert.......but I don't consider myself as part of the "we" that lost the Viet Nam war........we didn't lose it, the "we" that did were the gutless politicians.......we won that war....not a single battle that we fought did we lose.....the SOBs that send us to battle and then slink away to their political lairs, planning, scheming, plotting how they will get rich off of US warrior blood, body parts, and broken lives is the root cause for all Americas problems....

Look at what's happened in Iraq and Afghanistan.......our warriors are simply being left to fend for's worse than I could ever imagine......despicalbe bastards in leadership in America....pardon my gets too much........


T'anks---and many many T'anks 

Thank you so much for this video, Michael.

Col. Riley,

I remember the stories my dad would tell me of Viet Nam. He said the same thing you have said here, it was not the Soldier that lost, but the Politician that gave up.

Thank You again for your service Sir.

Things haven't changed much since Viet Nam Shane......the politicians are still using our warriors as cannon fodder, squandering lives and families in order to maximize their own selfish goals.  My BP tops out nearly everyday.

No truer words have ever been stated about the political classes use of the HONORABLE MEN AND WOMEN that serve us all. The sad part is they seem to get, better or worse seem to be the term but neither sounds good, at it as each passes.

Read a book a few years ago that discussed  how our  Government has pretty much from the  Colonial times talked much about honoring those who volunteered to serve as cannon fodder.and it seems proof of the old verse (WW I Genesis?)  God and the soldier all men adore in time of trouble then no more when the shootin' is over and all things are  righted God is forgotten and the soldier is slighted." The work I read was academic-seemed War College qualified.Several authors -most of the Officers. Things haven't changed. The politicians remain what they are diplomats ,and community organizers--And soldiers continue to recognize the need to take care of their own and some really good ideas like Wounded Warrior come from those  efforts by former Military. some efforts become service organizations like VFW, or VVA. But even the Military has/had the attitude  of "preserve the  fighting strength" When a soldier can no longer perform as soldier--like any other piece of ordinance they are DX'd.

So much that just leaves me speechless anymore.



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