Constitutional Emergency

This is a very important show to listen to and acknowledge these truths - It's titled "It's Over America"

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I'm not ready to throw in the towel of defeat.

It is NOT over till the FAT LADY has sung and the FAT LADY hasn't played the Trump card, yet and America and her Patriots have not had the last clap yet.  IT IS NOT DONE YET, BUT CHANGES THAT WILL REVERBERATE THROUGHOUT THIS COUNTY HAVE NOT BEEN CARRIED TO FRUITION BY GOD LOVING, GOD FEARING AMERICAN CITIZENS. September Late or into October or November may make those changes,  Reality.....

Twana, and don't take this wrong, but I don't think I am ignoring the truth or the facts and I surely did NOT put my head back in the sand to yell at others.  I love this country, I love GOD and I love life, but the way I see it the changes coming will totally change the Washington D.C. Landscape after we are done with them.

Harry, your response was right on point......

How many patriots, God fearing patriots are there in America?  100 million??  I don't know the number but it's not over for us......blood will flow before it's over or we start anew. We may be backed up to the waters edge at some point but I guarantee you we won't drown...the fight will be forced to begin and it won't be over until freedom and liberty is restored under our Constitution.

The bastards want us to start it.....we won't until they push us to that point...then all hell will break loose in the United States of America. I dread the day but will welcome it when it starts.

My prayer is that God will create some catastrophic action that will cause a non-violent uprising of such a magnitude that the government will collapse, and new credible leadership will be swept to take the helm and do the right thing. 

I believe God has a plan for America and will activate it soon.....the question is, will America recognize it, follow and implement the plan?

I wonder. Seems like a large part of America has turned away from God. Why would God bother? How much further do we have to be pushed to react? I want to do something but I don't have a clue what to do. I fear if we wait too long it will be too late!

I agree with Harry totally.  that blowhard uses people on blog talk   Push harder and work at state level  the liberals and commies have no answer when you throw it back at them they are all distractions keep the pressure up on congress cause they are going down.




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