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"America Demands Truth
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All we’ve heard out of the Obama Administration for the last two weeks is mixed condemnation and support of the Egyptian government and support of the people which likely means “support for the Muslim Brotherhood”.

Obama has been calling for transparency, meaningful democracy, a government peaceful transition, history in the making, on and on for Egypt,  while Obama himself has failed miserably in America. Failure in open government, open public information about himself, unwilling to be transparent in  his records, birth information, legislative activity in the dark of night, filling his administration with communist, radicals, socialist, progressives and supporting every manner of immoral, dishonorable, and unconstitutional  action.........Obama is the mirror image of Hosni Mubarak...and maybe worse.

It's beyond time for Americans that love our nation, our constitution, republic principles to indeed make a stand......we should take a lesson from the Egyptian grievance process.

Is the time March 19, 2011 in D.C. or some other date but America, if we are ever going to throw Obama and his destructive policies, activity, and unconstitutional direction out of power before 2012, we will have to do it like the Egyptians.

But remember, when "we the people" assemble in America, Obama and his minions label us as right wing-radicals, nut-cases, birthers, fringe elements, trouble makers, every sort of denigration...let's see if Obama is as kind to "we the people" in America as he has been to the Egyptians when we put our power up his nose.

Plan to be in DC for however long it takes to cause Obama to validate his credentials to serve as president; demand the US Congress stop all the spending driving America toward destruction; demand the US Supreme Court investigate and verify Barack Obama in accordance with Article 2, Section 1 of the US Constitution with regard to qualification.....but then again we know his father was a British/Kenya citizen which makes Obama a dual citizen, not of "natural citizen birth" thus ineligible to serve as president.  The only way we will ever get the US congress and US Supreme Court to act is field millions of peaceful Americans in Washington, D.C. for as long as it takes.  This number would totally bring Washington D.C. to a halt......a stand-still.

Just like the Egyptian grievance event, no planning beyond a rally point(s), identifying a date, suggesting signs/placards/banners and show up in Washington D.C. with all intentions to stay there until our demands are satisfied.

When will it be?  Some are already working on March 19, 2011 and likely many of us will be there.......the question...can this develop into a "America Demands Truth and Constitutional Accountability" moment?? 

It will take serious thought and serious patriots.....and remember, March in DC is not warm.........

Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret



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This will be my 5th rally in a row to guard our memorials in March since 2007 and I wouldn't miss it for anything. This time lets protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. See you all on the rock pile.
its TIME that the Egyptian lesson should be an eye opener for US....we need to plan an assemblence in dc with 1 million+ pissed off Americans....peacefully....and stay there as long as it takes...
I MILLION PISSED BLACK, WHITE, YELLOW and RED AMERICANS.  Who'll make their presence known: ,,                  ,, , ,,   This list is just a start for recruiting people who will also recruit
LOL I've been wondering if obama was worried that would happen here next! This is off topic,but there's something I heard on the news today that made me mad as hell! A rancher made a citizens arrest on illegals crossing his land. After they were arrested THEY filled a suit against HIM for mental anguish and the judge RULED AGAINST THE RANCHER! Now he has to pay them THOUSANDS of $ cause they were arrested! WTF! WHAT'S THIS COUNTRY COMING TO!!

$87,000!!!  of course, it's being appealed.  God help him against these liberal, adjudicating judges, who need to be fired.

His communist,radical,socialist,progressive organization (Code Pink, Womens Rights, Union) You know all those groups that don't support the tax-payer and all those liberty loving citizens will be the trouble makers at that.
I've just posted this to f/b.  I say...."hell..yeah!!"
I just received a phone call from Bill Nasca who lives in Hawaii........he is livid that America has a president that does not have to produce evidence of job qualification..event to work for McDonalds one must document themselves......Bill is very much considering flying to DC on March 19th to support constitutional restoration and demand justice through our constitutional means.......I invited Bill to sign up on PFA and share why he is willing to sacrifice the expense of a trip to D.C. from Hawaii.......I think I know what he will say and it's "liberty".
He's quite a patriot. 
I hope they could get that date a little later like the end of March or the end of April they may get more people in any case i think i should be able to make it.
I noticed that most of the signs that the people in Egypt were carrying were in English  Should we have signs made up in Arabic.
i live in east central illinois and i have room for 3 others in my well equipped war wagon. its not much its just a specially modified 1 ton gmc dually. it can be modified in a short time from a range of missionn objectives. let me know. but i do believe it would do us some good if we came to the party with a petition with as many signatures as we can gather demanding that the speaker of the house initiate impeachment procedures against the whole list of these communist and islamic sympathyzers. we should also demand the investigation of soros,jones,code pink,etc. we should also demand the removal of holder,napolitono,the slut from hhs and removal of all czARS. With the use of technology we should be able to safely be able to gather over 10 million signatures in less than 2 weeks. if we were to present them and they still did not act then the rest of the country i think woulkd wake up and if lucky maybe a tenth would join in the fight to remove this illegal and unresponsive government



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