I have supported President Trump without qualification before and during his presidency. I support him now but not on "Red Flag" gun confiscation.

This issue has been on my mind for some time. Today, Chuck Baldwin's message has added to my worries of losing my constitutional rights and Pastor Baldwin outlines the many dangers associated with "Red Flag" laws and my freedom.

I fought out of the fox-hole for my and your Constitutional Rights and I won't support a law that gives some whiny individual that might not like me, fabricate some story about my behavior, that might cause a gestapo type door busting raid on my home in the middle of the night. It is too dangerous for me not to speak up.

I urge all to read Pastor Baldwin's message, call your Senators and Representative in Washington, D.C. and oppose any type "Red Flag" law(s) that ignores my constitutional right, locks me up, and makes me prove my innocence. Don't think this couldn't happen!!!

I'm disappointed in President Trump in taking a position that appears to support "Red Flag" legislation...........don't wait for someone else to take action, we must individually take action and urge all our friends to do the same. We are dangerously close to losing a major constitutional right if we sit back and "let someone else do it".

Call your US Senators and Representative at your earliest opportunity.....and don't stop with one call. Call many times. God help us.

Harry Riley

“Red Flag” Gun Confiscation Laws Are Even Worse Than You Think

By Chuck Baldwin 
August 22, 2019


As I said in this column last week, Republicans Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio are joining forces with liberal Democrats to soon enact “red flag” gun confiscation laws. I also reported on the push for the enactment of other gun control measures such as universal background checks being promoted on Capitol Hill and by the White House here.

Yes, Donald Trump is calling for “red flag” gun confiscation laws and universal background checks. Trump said, “I have an appetite for background checks. We’re going to be doing background checks. We’re going to be filling in . . . the loopholes.” 

I urge readers to watch my 8-minute video exposing Donald Trump’s betrayal of his promise to protect the 2nd Amendment and share it with as many of your friends as you can. If we don’t convince our U.S. senators to reject these egregious gun control measures, THEY WILL BE PASSED, AND TRUMP WILL SIGN THEM INTO LAW. We have about two or three weeks to convince our senators to reject these new gun control laws. That’s it.

Please watch the video and share it with everyone you can.

If law-abiding gun owners don’t call their U.S. senators en masse, and I mean posthaste, you are very likely to wake up one morning around 4am to the sound of a SWAT team breaking down your door to confiscate your guns, prepared to kill you or any member of your family who resists. Why? Perhaps because a gun-hating neighbor hates you having guns or a relative doesn’t like you and is looking for any way to “teach you a lesson” or your ex-spouse is looking for any way to “get even” with you or an anti-gun cop with a grudge wants to send a political message or a family doctor or school teacher overheard one of your children talk about how many guns daddy has and became alarmed, etc., ad infinitum.

Plus, the FBI has just recently stated that if you believe in “conspiracy theories,” you are a “domestic terrorist threat.” That statement is from an FBI intelligence bulletin from the bureau’s Phoenix field office, dated May 30, 2019. That FBI designation alone could very easily precipitate a “red flag” gun confiscation order being rendered against you.

And Donald Trump himself recently demonstrated how dangerous “red flag” laws are. In a tweet on August 13, President Trump said,

Would Chris Cuomo be given a Red Flag for his recent rant? Filthy language and a total loss of control. He shouldn’t be allowed to have any weapon. He’s nuts!

Are you paying attention? Donald Trump was threatening to use a “red flag” law to authorize police agencies to take away an American citizen’s Natural God-given right of self-defense simply because Trump didn’t like what the citizen said—about him.

Folks, don’t you see? Those in authority can use “red flag” gun confiscation laws against ANYONE they want and for ANY REASON they want.

In other words, there doesn’t have to be a reason. Under “red flag” laws, all it takes for police to come and seize your guns is for someone to make a “red flag” accusation against you. That’s it. And, yes, it really IS that easy.

“Red flag” laws not only eviscerate the 2nd Amendment, but the 1st Amendment, 4th Amendment, 5th Amendment, 6th Amendment, 7th Amendment and 8th Amendment.

The enforcement of “red flag” laws is actually much worse than you think, so says Donald Kilmer, an attorney who has litigated and defended against many state and federal gun charges.

Everyone is debating “red flag” laws like they’re some new thing, but California has had variations of them for decades. We call them domestic violence restraining orders, civil harassment restraining orders, workplace restraining orders, elder abuse restraining orders, mental health seizures and prohibition orders, and, more recently, gun violence restraining orders.

They’re all meant to disarm dangerous people — but they’re all fundamentally flawed.

None of these red flag laws would have prevented recent mass shootings. And in my 23 years practicing law in the heart of Silicon Valley, I have litigated dozens of these cases. I’ve seen firsthand the practical enforcement problems that emerge in real-life cases.

These kinds of court orders are usually obtained from a judge ex parte. That’s fancy Latin for: The judge only hears one side of the story, it is not your side, and you may not even know about it until after the fact. Then they immediately strip you of fundamental constitutional rights for the duration of the orders. You’ll get your “full due process” hearing, but not until later.

And any violation of these orders is separately punishable as a crime. So even if you are innocent of the underlying conduct that inspired the “red flag” order, if you violate the order pending your hearing, you can still face criminal charges.

That kind of situation is ripe for danger. In one situation in Baltimore, police ended up shooting [and killing] a man when they came to collect his guns under a “red flag” law.

In one case in Southern California, a client had to pay a $1,000 ransom, that was reduced from an initial “offer” of $4,000, to get his 50-gun collection back.

Experienced counsel to defend you in a “due process” hearing will run about $15,000 in fees. If you lose and want to appeal, expect to spend another $25,000 to $100,000 in fees and costs. And even with all of that, you might still lose.

To win these hearings, you have to refute an allegation that you pose a danger to yourself or others where a judge already issued a temporary ex parte order that concluded you were already a danger. Many judges will likely err on the side of caution, and against your rights.

As a practical matter, if the government’s interest is in separating a potentially-dangerous person from guns, it makes no sense to leave other guns that belong to family members in the home. So, if you live with someone that gets a red flag order issued against them, then you and others living in the same home risk losing your guns, too.

Even if you win, the judge isn’t going to just hand your guns back to you at the end of the hearing. It’s probably a good idea to “lawyer up” just to go through the process of recovering your guns, so you don’t go to jail or prison for accidentally breaking an obscure firearm law or regulation. You wouldn’t want to set off a red flag.

Law-abiding gun owners better get a big whiff of reality SOON and realize that if they are going to maintain the right to keep and bear arms much longer, THEY must step up to the plate and defend that right—and I mean RIGHT NOW.

The NRA is compromised and is in complete disarray and is offering NO HELP. Donald Trump has already proven he has ZERO fidelity to the 2nd Amendment (or to the rest of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, for that matter). Most Christians and conservatives are in a state of deep denial and hibernation, believing that their yellow-haired savior would never betray them, in spite of the fact that he has already betrayed them—repeatedly.

It is up to individual freedomists and gun owners who are willing to fight for their right to keep and bear arms to fend off this assault against our 2nd Amendment liberties. Reinforcements are not coming; it is up to YOU AND ME. 

How much does the 2nd Amendment mean to you? Each of us will determine the answer to that question by what we do or do not do RIGHT NOW. 

P.S. I, again, URGE readers to watch my 8-minute video regarding Trump’s betrayal of the 2nd Amendment and the push for the enactment of “red flag” gun confiscation laws and share it with everyone you can. In the video, I also include the phone numbers for both the White House and U.S. Senate, where you can call and voice your opposition.

P.P.S. Here is my video Open Letter To Our Legislator, Judges And Lawmen regarding “red flag” gun confiscation laws. Please watch it and share.

© Chuck Baldwin

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How in hell do voters elect  people who vote to take away their rights and freedoms?
When asked How do you kill eleven million people? German Gestapo leader Heinrich Himmler responded ; "Simple - you lie to them".

The Left-wing Liberals and Communists have been following that pastern ever since.

Here's another gripe I have with this red flag BS. President Trump should have never brought it up, though some say he did it to expose the Democrats, to that I say BS. Donald Trump has always been a northeastern liberal, he's no conservative and he has had long time links to Democrats like the Clintons. Now along comes John McCain's bitch, Lindsay Graham, leading the GOP in the push for red flag laws. So my friends better get your weapons in order and prepare for what has been a long time in coming, a Revolutionary Civil War and either we patriots do whatever it takes to win or watch our nation fall into socialism the likes the world has never experienced.

If Trump signs any of that Bull shit it's all over but the crying and the dying.
We better be very careful about reading every word of anything he signs, because the day he signs any Red-Flag laws or any ban on weapons, magazines, or ammo, it will be the day America ended.

And make your Prayers to your Heavenly God and ask forgiveness for your past sins and any current ones before his son, Jesus Christ. Time is short and some of us maybe seeing our Lord, sooner than later.....Amen. Life is too short to not make amends with the Lord. Tyranny is fast approaching and will require drastic actions to survive what is coming.

The Trump DOJ has submitted gun control legislation to the White House. Waiting for the details but AG Barr is clearly against our 2nd Amendment rights. Time to clean and service your guns and stock up on ammo, waiting until 2020 is useless. Many incumbent Republicans are retiring (Dems have dirt on them) and the Democrats are poised to take full control of both Houses of Congress. The proverbial shit is about to hit the fan, say good-bye to our Constitutional Republic, the Globalist have won before a shot has been fired.

 Democrats shamelessly use every mass shooting tragedy as an opportunity to take away the God-given and Constitution-given rights of gun-owning Americans.

Never forget what Rahm Emanuel, former chief of staff for p-resident Barack Obama, once said: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

Did you know that 41 people were shot — seven of them killed — over the Labor Day weekend in Chicago? Isn’t that a “mass shooting?” Doesn’t Democrat-controlled Chicago already have the strictest gun control in the country?

 Democrats want “universal background checks” on all gun sales. Let’s give it to them — as soon as Democrats agree to federal government-issued photo and fingerprint ID for every voter in America.

Now there’s a grand bargain. Isn’t that an offer too good to refuse? Democrats claim they want to stop gun violence. They claim universal background checks are the answer. So why would they reject this offer? Are they so frightened by voter ID that they’re willing to let gun violence and mass shootings continue unabated?

What’s so scary about voter ID? Don’t Democrats claim “election integrity” is a top priority? Aren’t they worried about “foreign interference” in U.S. elections? So why isn’t it a priority to prevent voter fraud?

If illegal immigrants are voting in U.S. elections, isn’t that the very definition of “foreign interference”? I know, Democrats claim it’s not happening. Then why are they afraid of voter ID? If illegal immigrants aren’t voting, then Democrats have nothing to fear.

Plus, you get universal background checks in the bargain. It’s a big win for Democrats, right? Mass shootings will instantly be prevented, right?

If it’s so important for every gun buyer to undergo a background check, why shouldn’t every voter’s identity be confirmed? If it’s a reasonable requirement for gun owners, why isn’t it a reasonable requirement for voters?

I’m willing to compromise. Why aren’t Democrats?

The proof of gun control’s failure is Chicago and every other U.S. inner city controlled by Democrats. These cities have strict gun control but are plagued by massive gun violence.

Want more proof? Mexico might have the strictest gun control on the planet. There is one gun store in the entire country of Mexico. That didn’t stop even one of the 33,000 murders in Mexico last year.

The proof is our great ally the United Kingdom. They have strict, strict gun control and a violent crime rate comparable to America’s. How do liberals explain that?

Gun control doesn’t work. But if it makes liberals feel all warm and fuzzy, let’s compromise. President Trump, please offer background checks for every gun purchase in America, in return for voter ID for every citizen. Watch the response. Watch every liberal’s head explode. Democrats will lose their minds.

Democrats will never compromise. Not even to save lives. Not even to prevent the murder of children. Democrats will never allow voter ID.

So, go ahead and make the offer, Mr. President. Call it “The Grand Bargain.” They’ll never take it.

I disagree, with the way Trump has been flip-flopping lately the Democrats might want to do this and liberal Trump will give it to them.

Personally I believe we have been duped by Trump. It's time for the Republicans to primary Trump out.

Well Raffaele has an idea there. I don't like the stricter background checks either, but the voter ID part is good.
The Democrats would never accept this deal, they want both sides of their plans.
Lee, I know you don't like Trump, but "Primary him Out"?? The question there is who the hell would we end up with after that ??
If we tried to put someone else in as the Republican candidate the Democrats would trounce him/her into the ground. If the Democrats win this next election we are all screwed. Most of you know what my answer will be at that point.

Suffice it to say that I will NOT comply but that's just the short end of the story.



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