H/T K Keener

Here is the most brilliant statement ever made without a word being said!!!!!
This American born, Veteran of the United States Army, law abiding, taxpaying citizen
was told by his Homeowners Association that he -

Could Not fly the American Flag in his yard......

This is his response:    


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love it....


I guess he told them!  Great idea!

I love it.

I hope the rest of the Home Owners in that HOA told the board where they could stick their 'No Flag' rule. But I seriously DOUBT that happened !!!  Nice paint job,though !! ( Which will have to be redone or face severe civil fines to the point of loosing his home !! )

Reminds me of a kite I used to fly when I was a little kid!

we the people,who are the real government.thank you for your service to our country sir.thats america thinking at is best.we the people by me, salute and love it sir.good bless america

I also suggest collecting pigs blood, so we can annoint the Jihadists.



Go to the local butchers shop if you live in the country, get some pigs blood to pour everywhere you can preferably @ your local mosque or Muslim cemetery lol

I recommend bacon grease, stores a long time and sure put a good seasoning to green beans, biscut gravey; as to Jihadist, apply at about 350 degrees, pours real easy and real sticks as it cools leaving some nice reminder blisters of the 3rd degree,

Larry, For Jihadists why not 475 degrees?

Fantastic..Good old American ingenuity.  God bless our vets. The hell with the Homeowners Association.BRAVO !



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