Constitutional Emergency

This is how radically LEFT the National Democrat Party has become.

This is how radically LEFT the National Democrat Party has become.  They have decided the winning campaign issues for them are:


  1. Constantly mocking Christians, for example, ABC’s Joy Behar calling Vice President Pence “mentally ill” for being a faithful Christian, and Senator Cory Booker saying Mike Pompeo’s Christian beliefs disqualify him from serving as Secretary of State.
  2. Constantly claiming police officers are racist.
  3. Abolish ICE and our Border Patrol, and letting anyone move into America who wants to:  NO BORDERS!
  4. Alerting MS-13 and other gangs when ICE agents are preparing to make arrests, thus endangering the lives of our law enforcement officers.  The mayor of Oakland gave such an alert and is supported by California Governor Jerry Brown and the Democrat Party leadership.
  5. Creating “sanctuary cities”and “sanctuary states” to protect criminal illegal alien gangs from arrest and deportation.
  6. Repealing President Trump’s tax cuts, called “crumbs” by Nancy Pelosi, and received by 90% of wage earners.
  7. Vilifying the 43% of lawful American gun owners, many of whom are Democrats and Independents.
  8. Calling for the impeachment of the duly-elected President of the United States, starting even before he was sworn in as president, though NO evidence has been produced to show he’s done anything illegal, and in spite of his wildly successful policies.
  9. Taxpayer-funded partial-birth abortion – Democrats openly support this procedure.
  10. Tearing down America’s historical artifacts, such as the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial, and calling America a racist country.  The truth is that America is probably the LEAST racist country in the world.
  11. Trashing America’s founding principles of liberty and limited government, favoring, instead, mammoth Orwellian government bureaucracy. 
  12. Fielding candidates for Congress who openly favor socialism over capitalism.


Today’s Democrat party has become the party of the radical LEFT – openly anti-American, openly anti-God, openly pro-socialism, anti-freedom and anti-family.  They oppose everything that makes America great.

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