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I have had it, I have been pushed beyond any patience or consideration I could humanly posses for the policies and strategy in Afghanistan. I have been wanting to blog for several months that is is time time bring our troops home.

Afghanistan has had us in their country for over ten years and with US Forces (mostly Army National Guard) embedded with and mentoring, leading and teaching their forces right about 10 years now.

As I have stated many times on this blog and in interviews, we would need to be in Afghanistan until around 2020 for us to make a difference there. However now we have year after year of a more restrictive Rules of Engagement (ROE) being put on our forces, Afghan forces turning on our US and coalition forces and murdering them, and a military strategy that seems to be more about not offending people than killing the enemy. I was at a point where I was saying “that’s it, we are done”.

However, a story broke today that pushed me over the edge.

As part of an effort to quell violence and ensure peace with the Taliban, the United States for several years has been secretly releasing high-level prisoners from a military prison in Afghanistan.

According to the peace deal, insurgent commanders or local elders have promised to reduce violence, or cease fighting altogether, if certain insurgents are released from Parwan, The Washington Post reports.

Read the rest of this very good and heart felt piece here.

The news report that Troy is talking about is here:

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Find that General,  I'll fall in and sound the call.

The Population of the U.S is +300 Million ; IF 10 % of Americans ,that is 30 Million , will stand TALL and UNITED WE STAND and UNITED WE ARE THE POWER no one would be messing with the 10% ;
the combined U.S. Forces that is Army Navy Marines AirForce are about 2 Million soldiers, add the U.N. troops about another 30.000 and obama`s army and black panthers and the rest tsa, homeland security, dot and more crap ; not even a Fool would have balls to face us ,the 10% of Americans Patriots. obama`s cowboys would be running and pissing on themselves . Please pass around the idea of 10% ; United we stand and United we are the power ; WE the Americans are the Power.

Very well said, however, how many of that 10% are going to be gray panthers like, I suspect, most of the members of PFA are?

It seems apparent that there is no defined mission in the Aghan sandbox at this time (if ever).  Now we are freeing terrorists in exchange for "promises to decrease violence"?  Can our leaders be taken seriously?  Without a defined mission and insane rules of engagement...the United Stated Administration has simply set up our soldiers walking targets.  Those soldiers that don't die on the battlefield...those that are mamied...our government fights at home to wash their hands of their care.  This is dispicable, vile and disgusting at it's best.


Unfortunately those people who live there don't understand or want any civilized form of self rule...we can't "will" them a democracy or a republic.  That desire has to come from within themselves.


I say exit Afhghanistan in swift fashion and destroy every usable military building and upgrade during the exit.  If terrorism re-emerges from Afghanistan to harm American interests either at home or abroad...well, I'll bet the U.S Airforce can very effectively "double" as a glass manufacturer.

BHO knows damn right well he can decimate our military there and be safer here to work his havoc and destruction.



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