This is the scene on the street you live on. It's the same for blocks all around. What would you do? Start with the first moment you see this.

I ask our troops and Veterans to please offer how to and what to do in this instance so we can learn from you. And, we thank you very much for helping with this.



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As a veteran myself (no combat, but combat support) I have lots of goodies to hurl at these jokers. I've got Army smoke bombs, "cocktails" with plenty of gas reserves and rags, AR 15, Bear pepper spray (heavy duty pepper spray) lots of small smoke bombs and tons of good old black cat fireworks and missles to throw them off their mission. I also have a camouflaged place to hide, deep in my backyard.

I'll send this thought provoking link-page to my fellow Tea party members and other local patriots. 

Your comments are not over the top Sgt. This Old Corps SSGT agrees 110%.  I too have had to temper my own posts simply because I feel that laying it out like this does give away one's position and indeed makes one a target for those self same street sweepers in the photo.  However, I agree they could indeed be there to stop looters or for a dozen other reasons.  When I became a Civilian Inspector General for a Federal Agency (in the field), I used to take what I called my intimidation walk around the building we worked in just to let those that were not doing their jobs that we were on the job.  It did not win me any friends but it did let everyone know that we were there doing ours.  Those in the photo could be hostile to the populace or not.  But like you said  if you have not planned for such an event, you are planning to fail.  I would just add to what you say by suggesting that those of you that agree should indeed long since identified your group response team and at least set down what you are going to do in any given situation.  Meet frequently, plan often, practice those plans and prepare yourself. And I would add, beyond your group do not advertise your activities.  Vet your team before you ever let them join. Do not communicate what you have as resources and never brag about your location such as one of the above letting everyone know he has a camouflaged hide in his back yard, and what goodies he has.  Frankly my friend, you are a dead man having said that if indeed you are for real. They already know who you are and will probably be patrolling the street for YOU!!!  Never quit, never give up and always move to the sound of the guns.

Well thanks Staff ! I had about resolved that my thoughts were landing on blind eyes ? When the fit hits the fan it is not going to be funny and 1 AR-15 smoke bombs and bottle rockets are IMO a joke I hope ? I look at the pic and I know I will really get jap slapped for this one ! But when we act or react we must be decisive and in the photo I do not see anything threatening ? I actually looks reassuring to me ? No men knocking on doors only a small  .  .very small group of men probably yes doing as ordered but at the same time they appear to be disiplined and supervised ? So IMO we need that ! When they do become agressive against one neighbor and not before then take offensive action . Let that action be swift , diliberant , and send a message ! Most of all take no prisoners and take all oranance ! Also there will neeed to be very smart electronic geeks amoung the repeling group because that Amoured vehicle would be nice to add to the Patriot reserve after the GPS is removed and swept for tracking devices ! Once it starts there will be no turning back but if done swiftly and quickly small groups of agressive Patrriots can do great things but we must control when and where we strike !

Look at Afganastain no army in the History of the world has ever conqured them except on Napoleon and he ddesrtoyed every livig being in his path ! He was a smart man to be insane from I have read STD ? Ironic ? 


So will the Patriots of the USA be the last unoccoupied memories the world has of the USA as we knew it ?

Sgt, So far of all the comments I've read on this thread, you and Richard are the only ones that I feel got it right. I believe this photo may have came from the search events that occurred after the Boston Marathon bombing. Assuming that is the case and those are the circumstances, (SWAT's looking for a killer). I would first try to determine the conditions and circumstances, and also perhaps the mood of the SWAT team people that came to my door. (also assuming that they knocked and didn't simply kick it in). In either case around here I would hit the alarm system and inform the responder to notify my local Sheriff that we have armed men attempting to enter, (Yes - I do know my local Sheriff). Next I would answer the door, - armed but concealed, and I would politely ask what they were after or looking for. Again assuming that things have not yet gone hostile and assuming that they were searching for a killer believed to be in the neighborhood, I would probably allow one or two of them to enter to do a brief search, but only enough to verify that there was no killer hiding in my house. (Take a position of being non-threatening and non-hostile). If they demanded any further search or demanded to know what weapons I might possess, or any other hostile actions on their part, I would demand to talk with the local Sheriff but I would not provide any information concerning any additional weapons. If I managed to survive this first encounter then I would pretty much follow the advice Sgt Dwight gave above. Fall back to a safe location and group up with others. (Yes that has already been established).
Good Comments Sgt. And NO - Your previous comments were NOT too radical or over board.

/*As a retired Marine who has walked my share of streets, we always hoped for people like you who chose *to look before you acted, and it meant we didn't end up shooting out innocent people, but were able to identify the wolves from the sheep.

      We have to recce to know the area, and to be known, and we want to prod and poke if there's  someone just waiting to break out as well.  As was mentioned, we, residents, must be every bit as well knowledgeable of our terrain, our common areas, what is normal there, and what is definitively not normal for time, area or action.

     We were always reassured when we noted we were carefully watched by regular residents and they found our repeat presence reassuring once we'd established we were not there to invade but to ensure peace.  If we were not watched by regular folks, we knew we were being set up.

     They will expect us to be watching, wary, and concerned.  They will be comfortable with being observed if they are not there to establish martial law over a peaceful area.  If they react negatively to being watched, they are not there for our best interests.

      To confront electronics issues, look to the past, everything is "digital" these days, and sensitive to sparks and the noise they generate.  As long as they are actually securing streets, maintaining peace, and willing to brief citizens, we have control of our community.  The moment they won't allow approach and easy conversation they are subject to challenge.  We should confront any suggested authority, aggressively, but with opening for a peaceful response.  Anything less than such should be considered a warning sign and warning words should be spoken, ensuring those patrolling we have things peacefully under control, and will not accept intrusive force.

     We must always be willing and prepared to liaison with reasonable personnel, but we must demand the respect we own as citizens, not subjects.  Do not get in arguments with personnel regardless, however expect them to be up-tight, scared, and wondering what they got themselves into.

     If threatened, respond as you are prepared to, and only as far as you are willing to take it.  Properly trained and experienced soldiers will act and react as trained and experienced, if you act, be prepared to fulfill and follow through your entire intentions.

     If you are not going to confront, don't put yourself in position to be confronted.  If you aren't ready to deal with those you speak to as a leader, let someone who is.  We must stand our ground whether it be singly or as a group, community, neighborhood.

     The "real" soldiers will respond to the challenge of their oath and the constitution.  People make wrong decisions while surrounded by those following, and have the opportunity to change perspectives, will do so if their conscience controls their actions.

     Look for "the professionals" if there is need or opportunity to coordinate after having observed sufficiently.  You'll know them when you see them, they will not look like pencil pushers.

Semper Fidelis, John McClain, GySgt, USMC, ret.

Statistical planning ! and inventory of resources, now this is assuming i knew they were coming.!

Is that not logistical ? We will not be counting bodies with any good fortune ! But the learning curve for civilians is going to be so huge ! Are there even enough Vets around to train a non paid and the only binding factor inthe Patriot units is love of country ? How dar is that going to go whe the 1st father is standing there and looses a son ? will tis serve to forge his resolve or will he go hme and wait for the few who stand and fight to be taken ? This really going to be tough and will require some other kind of public yet hiden leader to lead the Patriots ! I am so concrened with chain of command and a bunch of rsmbo mentality flash in the pan civilians that will be strong out of the gate but will they really have the belly for hunger ? Lack of medicial supplies ? Poor equiptment ? What will be the common thread and what will be the bond to hole the patriots to charge that riot squad and only a slime tonone chance of winning ? Will they choose to stand when they must stand or alway run to fight again another day ? Who will decide when to fight and when to run ?


Thank you Dwight and Richard.  You both added intelligent and meaningful information to the conversation. 

The picture looks like the search for the Boston bombers.

Well Richard as several members have called him is also a product of the old USMC . What that means is the younger Marines as old Marines are the largest well trained advanced combat trained unit in the world young Marines had done their time in hell and earned their own reptutation in the modern world as well trained and well equipted combat units that have the mind set of you are only as strong a your weakest link :) Richard is a Staff Sgt because I am better looking than him and the Marines want their Staff Sgts to be big mean and ugly :) lighter joke , Ha Ha , Ha !


Older Marines did not have the same quality communications gear as the modern Marines and as an old sckool Marine you did not boop through the jungle and mountains acting like Rambo looking for a fight with a huge Batallion size combatant , because you pretty much only had one thing that was forsure you had the Men and gear you could see may be all you had to start and finish your engaugement ? That means you may not choose to engauge in a no win engaugment ! Because as you mature as a Marine you relize you are not bullet proof and Marines do die ! So you evaulate each situtation on it's on and need the ability to think clearly as the enviorment of battle may change very quickly and unless a Marine Piolt is close by you would not be assured fire (air) support !


Possibly why , armed men walking the street is not a reason for immediate panic ? As a matter of fact it very possibly is a scene you should unfortunantly may need to get used to right here an hone your ability to read the formation and body language of the armed forces you are viewing and observe and pass in your new found sence of detection between friendlies and hostile enforcers ? Thinks will change rest assured and like it or not we can;t attack every armed faction we see walking in our neighborhood  ! Have a Good Day :) 

Dwight, your last paragraph is important to a "t".  There's going to be a steep learning curve, and formation and body language will be crucial.  Once things kick off, "we will be armed men" as well, and just as questionable as we have cause to move.

     The sand isn't much different from jungle, same game, same players, same moves.  What you say about engaging and choosing not is critical as well.  If we find things moving strongly against us, we will be forting up and holding positions.  If we find our hold out to be taking a serious toll, and government backing off, we will be moving forward to secure ever greater expanse of our country.

     We will end up with our neighborhoods intact, and a backed down government, and need to clear out dead wood, or we will end up with them deciding they have the means and opportunity, and we will have to hold against strong attacks.  We have to be prepared for a long haul, and only let hope of short resolution be "possible".

Semper Fidelis,


Escape and evade to live to fight another day.....on my terms.......



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