This is the scene on the street you live on. It's the same for blocks all around. What would you do? Start with the first moment you see this.

I ask our troops and Veterans to please offer how to and what to do in this instance so we can learn from you. And, we thank you very much for helping with this.



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Twana, Your local County Sheriff is NOT gonna tell you if he's good or evil. You'll only know by the way he conducts himself in an emergency!

If you do call the Sheriff's office, make sure its on a cell phone. A land-line will tell them immediately where you are calling from and give them your name. The tricky part is that cell phones are NOT the complete answer. If they have their act together they can triangulate your cell phone and locate you in a general area. So either use throw away cells or make sure you have a good escape routes.

DIAL *67 before dialing the number so your tele # doesn't show

Thanks Gringo, I had forgotten about that calling feature. Getting old(er) is no joke.

Well, if the guys representing the task force had any HONOR left in their rather subjugated SOULS they would be in the neighborhood of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. fullfilling their OATHS OF DUTY and removing the current FRAUD from office!

Go with your bad self Marty. You're right on the target!!!!

Well I am a 54 year old Marine Sgt. Not trying to be non active or not concerned . I stopped posting because I felt my views were to extreme as to how we should move forward several mths ago and I will tone my opinion down very much with my comment :)

# ! What is the problem with a SWAT team walking down the street , possible looking for looters or even enforcing a cerfew . The act I view in this picture do not IMHO represent an offensive act directly against me or from what I see my neighbors ?


#2 With that said if we or I do plan to take offensive action I am going to pick when and where to take my stand hopefully with a minium of 6 to 10 more experienced Agressive Patriots and when the agressive action is taken at that time an ambush site would be picked and the SWAT or Military should be allowed to feel over confident and at the right time take no prisioners and as few shots as possible at the same time take them out with head shots and secure the equiptment and store in our arsonel and disappear back into the landscape , mountains woods or homes  of the neighborhood but have a reaction team of as many as 50 willing Patriots on call about 5 miles away to be contacted in the case of retaliation ? Again to arrive in full force and with one goal take no prisinoers and suprise the small unit that would be sent to get those bad citizens who did not comply or run at the site of bulling  ! This IMHO if handled could be nothing more than a shopping event for the authorities to bring us supplies and for us to not make a stand but just the opposite ! Use Gurillia tactics to obtain better and stronger equiptment to use at a later date and IMO this should be the goal hit and run and obtain their gear they are using to violate the rights of US Citizens and always if possible we choose where and when to hit and that will require organization and intell ?


#3 IMHO survive to fight another day and do not be forced to fight small struggles on their terms ! Make them come to you / us hit fast , hit hard and hide . Do not make a stand ! Dead heros do not win revolutions !

I see other post and this is why I stopped posting I guess my over the top opinions ? I was trained that it is not the size of the dog in the fight but the fight in the dog ? Almost 40 years ago out manned and sperior opposing forces were the norm for US Marines to face with less that the best and latest greatest gear ! The Marine Corp got the old discarded and leftover gear and equiptment !


The order of the day was to adapt over come and conquer !  Never give up and any and every engaguement can be a victory when excuted correctly ! This requires the one thing that Marines have always been given and been good at ? We got good rifles and every man in the Marine Corp knew how to use one and how to matain one ! One Shot one kill ! I am not sure in this modern day if this still holds true or not but I do know to occupy any ground the theory would have to be the norm in order to take it and hold it ! Way back when . . . . .  it was said that a Marine and his rifle was the single most valuable and deadly weapon in the United States weapon Arsonel ! I would think that Marines still hold this mind set today as no other branch of our military train every single member to be at the least a Marksman with the rifle of the day and for most Marines this will mean hitting close to 10 Head shots (Bulls) at 300 meters with un assisted sighting and only the use of iron sites ! A Squad of 10 Marines with an array of weapons and 7 riflemen are a formable force to try to take out and I would venture to say due to their traing even if they were over run there would be a minuim of average 10 combatants dead per every Marine in the fight ? This is not loyalty to the Corp This is Observation of Marines in action ! The will not be hiding if over welmed they will form an aggressive action plan to attack and not reckless they will form their plan to over come and survive not be heros Yes You may see a Marine fall on a grenade to save 5 or six other but as a rule they have been trained to adapt and over come ! Live to fight again another day !

Just an over the top opinion of obviously a to old and obselete way of survival ?

Sounds like a PLAN!  Be ready but don't be stupid.  This is the "right stuff"!


Your number #3 comment is an excellent lesson for people to learn. Too many times you hear about people that want to storm the gates immediately without much in a way of a plan. Then if you respond in a manner not supporting the 'storm the gates' plan you are called names like coward and accused of not being a patriot. 

We need all the Patriots we can get, but we need them all to be LIVE PATRIOTS. Patriots are useless if they are 6ft under.

My first thought would be - they are after terrorists - and then I'd get into my house and out of their way.

I say this "if any person would participate in going against the citizens using the nazi excuse we were only following orders, they would be traitors and fair game at anytime". Anyone participating in the above type of exercise or executing a search in a residential area is definitely not a patriot. It is time for the people in service to declare which side they are on - freedom or tyranny.



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