This is the scene on the street you live on. It's the same for blocks all around. What would you do? Start with the first moment you see this.

I ask our troops and Veterans to please offer how to and what to do in this instance so we can learn from you. And, we thank you very much for helping with this.



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Every bit of Vietnamese "resistance" to our presence was predicated on the use of common materials, common principles of hunting and fishing, to provide unconventional means of confrontation.

       When we see such things in other neighborhoods, we must start installing our early warning systems, and preparing our own punji pits, IED's and every other means of resisting.  Everyone should be familiar with "unconventional warfare" as printed by our government for Vietnam and later troops.

      If you can use a technique to catch fish, it will catch people.  If you can trap a fox, you can trap men, if you can outwit a bear, you can prevent an armored vehicle from operating.

      Fighting occupation is a matter of using every artful idea to make it cost for the occupation to move.  We did not beat the British, we cost them too much to keep fighting us.  We won't beat our own government, since it doesn't even have to send across and ocean, but since they are broke, they haven't had any real money in a century, we can break them far more easily.

      Once most of those in police uniform realize the whole of society is against them, only those enjoying the power will stay.  To that point, the focus has to be on vehicles and means.  Once their offices break down, we will be facing angry hatefilled rulers who have remained despite "The People".

      Before that, we must do our utmost to minimize casualties, but maximize destruction of vehicles, in particular military, being used against Sovereign Citizens.  We also have free reign to attack buildings and coordination centers.

      Can anyone think of a use for a clay pigeon throwing machine?  Has anyone ever made an experimental Tesla Coil?  Have you ever wished the car next to you had modern ignition so you would hear more than ignition static on the radio?

      Technology can aid and it can be "the Achilles Heel", it all depends on imagination.  The key is to look and be "innocent" when they show up, and let them find their own traps and "no go zones".  Pay close attention to all that has been displayed regarding Afghanistan's resistance to our control.  We will have no shortage of those who will eagerly supply us with arms and armaments when we are confronting our government.  Ever wonder what happens when a can of wasp killer detonates?  What happens when bleach and ammonia are mixed?  Ever hear of Molotov cocktails?  A little detergent and  gasoline makes great napalm.

     If you really don't know, get with older adults from eastern Europe, they fought the Russians, and had we helped, would have worn them out.  Every bit of modern technology can be used against us, and we against government.  The uprisings in Egypt and many other middle east nations have been greatly dependent on social networking.

    Our government will expect to have full use of its most modern and "interesting" gadgets.  We have to simply show them we will deny them such advantage.

     First, last and always, we must decide at every confrontation whether each individual is indeed fighting us, or a reluctant player, afraid to stand out.  If we do so, we will end up with support from the inside, because they will not see things after repeated contact, as they will be prepared to see them, and propagandized.  We have to be ready to use this to our advantage.  Watch "The Last Castle", it is of the utmost importance, it has lessons for everyone.

Words of wisdom if anyone is listening. 

Do not panic.  Panic only gets people killed.  Keep your wits about you and figure out your next move. 

I would not be there to see it. when they find me they will be the ones that panic

Thanks Ed,

Now we all know exactly what to do, and in the proper order, in case

of the scenario happening in our neighborhoods as pictured below.

The only thing you missed is the part where we all click our heels 

together and repeat 3 times... "There's no place like home". Once

again, thank you for the informative information. 

BTW... I love all the CAPS you use. Not!


Edward,  my understanding from this thread's inception, Twana was seeking some intelligent discussion on what action to take if we looked out our window and saw an event happening like in the picture.  If your opinion is that you would give up, then go for it.  My opinion:  that's a stupid opinion!  Surely there is no one else on this site who would even consider it!

Perhaps you are in the wrong group.  Surely there is a group somewhere on the www designed for quit-ers!

Thanks for proving my point, Edward!



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