Constitutional Emergency

This is very BAD NEWS-The Globalist are ready to take down America

For your information, Patriots, Veterans and Armed Citizens - Urgent Read.

COMING CONFLICT NOT "CIVIL WAR!" Reliable Intel Reveals Internal Traitors & Forces Planning Intentional Internal Conflict!

From: CSS/Hodges;


A direct quote from a traitor: "The country will be so weakened, the grid so damaged and the food supplies so imperiled that they will begin to prey upon each other."


This is not some bravado BS! The attempted military takeover of America is a brutal reality coming right at us!

Ladies and gentlemen,get ready for war ON OUR SOIL!


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Comment by Clois Beckwith just now
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This is very bad news....

Comment by Wizard 48 minutes ago

Very good read that gives a whole new take on what is in store for us.  Highly suggested everyone read it...

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This is indeed very bad for America.
I do believe the Smollett case was intended to start a race war, with that having failed, they will (and they are) turning to other means to start a war, Preferably a civil war, but any kind of civil unrest and violence will do.
Right now US Representative Nadler (D-NY) and the Democrats in Washington are pushing their investigations into Trump businesses, the White House, and ALL family and friends. They have submitted 81 requests for information form White House employees and friends of President Trump.
They also have over 100 separate investigations ready and waiting to go.
They are hell bent on starting something, ANYTHING that they can classify as Civil unrest, ANYTHING that will give them further reason to start a Nation-wide gun confiscation campaign.
THAT of course will get things moving for certain.

People are awake all around the country. There are still many millions of people who are not fully aware yet but for the most part American's ARE now awake.
What is lacking is the military leadership, someone who can and will make that call to action.
CNN and the others are already claiming that TRUMP will start a civil war if he is defeated in 2020. So they are already setting the ground work for blaming it all on us. They know it is coming and they are already trying to blame it all on Trump.
My best advice right now is to get prepared for the worse war in human history. Assuming that there is anyway anyone can ever prepare for something like that.

Russia collusion is real and it's still happening today;
But it is NOT what you have been told that it is.

For more than two years now we have been told that it was Donald Trump and his 2016 campaign that colluded with Russia to win the election.

That is because the Democrats, (and Russia) still can not accept that Hillary Clinton lost. They still have not figured out how Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Democrats could have possibly lost a rigged election. They had everything set up, everything was in place, the voting machines were all per-programmed, and the voting systems were all rigged so that there was virtually no way that Hillary could loose.
That is what all these Congressional investigations is all about right now.

The Russia collusion was and IS real and it is still going on today. But it was not Donald J. Trump. It was Hillary Rodham Clinton AND the DNC, AND Barack Hussein Obama.
The Democrats now want to investigate every aspect, every person, every piece of paper involved with the Trump campaign or the Trump administration. NOT so that they can find and prove any Russian collusion, (they already know that doesn't exist), but they want to know how in hell did Trump beat Hillary Clinton. They want to know what went wrong.
Representatives Jarrold Nadler, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck schumer, and several hundred others all want to know what the hell went wrong. How could Hillary and the Democrats possibly loose a rigged election?

Add into that mix of Deep-State-traitors the upper echelons of the Department Of Justice and the CIA, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Mueller, Stryozk, You know all the names by now. They are all involved.
The Russia collusion continues to this day, but it's NOT President Donald Trump, it's the Democrats and the Fake-News Media people who are pushing it all now.
If they can't figure out how Trump beat Hillary, if it really was the Electoral College, then they will just have to move on. They will go to their 'Plan-'B', or plan-'C', or what ever plan is next. They will just have to figure out how to remove Trump from office. By ANY MEANS NECESSARY.
And that includes impeachment, assassination, or a civil war. It doesn't matter to them.
THAT is what all the Nadler congressional investigations is all about.

The Democrats believe that any civil war or a civil uprising will be short and sweet. The rebels will be put down in just a few minutes, a few days at the longest.
And THEN they can declare a real national emergency. They will declare ALL American's as potential domestic terrorists,, and they will declare the Second amendment null and void and they will begin total gun confiscation, Nation-Wide. A Total ban on ALL civilian weapons.

The count down has begun.



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