Constitutional Emergency

Folks this could be a paid misinformation spreader.................

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I had a rude awakening when I was a precinct delegate in 2010 and 2011. Most of the people IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD, believed the same garbage the anonymous  author of the editorial wrote. They were so ignorant on the Constitution and I was called a racist several times. We kept our children out of government schools, and still had to intervene with certain subjects. My daughter had a Marxist Political Science prof at a Catholic University. She works for the NRA/ILA now, and saw through his BS. In conclusion, this garbage is everywhere!

God, this idiot is so stupid, this constitution is over 200 years old, where does his count start, at the 1900? Come on, this guy is all over the board, no wonder he lives in CHICAGO.....and he thinks OBAMA should re-write the constitution? Man, may I never see this idiot in CHICAGO on the way to Washington, he will be a dead idiot demorat.....

Just think this person is proud to write this STUFF! It is hard to think if you question thier beliefs then you are racist!! It just make you want to slap them up-side their dumb head!

Unless it is more of Obama's people putting this crap out.... then hiding.... behind again. Trying to make us believe their are this kind of Dumb people are out there!! Supporting their cause!! Their kind of proof....they are on the right track....just giving the people what they are wanting!

Say the lies loud and a lot....Repeat!! To justify (King Obama) my way of thinking!

The author of "proud to be a democrat" is either dumber than dirt or doing this for people who are.


Whaaaah whaaaah whaaaah. Wish these lizard brain people would shut up. These people are too stupid to understand logic. And what's with the C-section? Duh!! too stupid to vote !! Don't like America? Then move!!!!!

Jackass.   Only a democrapt sheeple could be proud of this dribble.



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