Constitutional Emergency

This judge in Texas looks just like Bill Clinton !!! and he is stupid......

Clinton-Appointed Judge To Texas: Stop Removing Non-Citizens From Voter Rolls

Judge Fred Biery, a Clinton nominee, lives up to his nominator's reputation as an embarrassment to the bench. But this time, Judge Biery went beyond the usual Clintonesque stuff by protecting what Dems value above all else, voter fraud.

Why does voter fraud never prosper? When it doth prosper, none dare call it fraud.

Clinton judge uses Dem talking points. How unexpected.  Using DMV data is a perfectly legitimate starting point. The second step in the process is actually contacting the persons in questions and asking them to verify whether they're naturalized citizens or not.

Without that second step, it becomes quite difficult to determine someone's citizenship status conclusively under current parameters. If the United States functioned in this regard, the way most countries do, it wouldn't be particularly hard. But the Democrats have deliberately crippled the most basic kind of record keeping in this regard, while Republicans have done little to uphold it.

And the voter fraud goes on.

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YIKES,,,,,, Is that the judge? - - - or is that Crooked -Willy????

Where the hell is this idiot? Federal judge I assume,,,,,,,, Austin ??

Or Houston??

He needs to be removed.

Typical DemoRat ideals, steal all elections and claim all dead, or illegal immigrants to pad their voter roles.  This Judge must be removed, those ideals are not what they are supposed to be. You don't count Dead or Illegal immigrants, you are only suppose to record votes in the County of "Legal Citizens", Period, Not Dead or illegals, or Convicts in the prison populations, either.



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