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Looks like my front yard.

That's kinda what mine looked like. Except, my grandfather had a lot of fruit trees also. I would sometimes sit in a plum tree and pick them off the branch and eat them right on the spot.
Another lifetime ago.
Now this.

Maybe we can still recover this, with the Lord of Lord's help and blessings!!  How I wish I could go back to my grade school through high scool years!!  May the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Judah bless America once again!!!


That looks very much like my playground all the way up to whenever the "wow, she's pretty" gene got triggered. If it wasn't for me noticing girls, I would still be in those woods. Fortunately I have always lived only a stones throw away from the great outdoors and am able to take advantage of it often.

Oh yea and our creek was deeper so we could swim in it but oh was it cold BRRRR LOL.... Lips would turn blue even in July. Oh for those days to come back for  my grandkids... WOW! Thanks for the Memories folks I mean that.

Camped in the mountains of PA, Fairmount Park in Philadelphia,  Atlantic City Boardwalk.  Wildwood Amusement Park, NJ.

I grew up on over 20 acres of land. We had pigs, chickens and One cow. I use to help with the haying and I really enjoyed living up in the mountains. Life was much simpler and, even though hard, it was much better than what we have now. No cell phones, computers, however we did finally get a TV set. I really do miss my growing up years. Some times I wish I could have a do over. 

Found alot to do in mind, hours of  fun and relaxing times, that I will cherish

  Except for regional foliage and topographic differences very similar ! Add homemade 'rubber band rifles'( "rubber bands" cut from truck innertubes), a slingshot,Daisy bb rifles( Mod. 25 and lever actions ), leather jackets and a few boys and  you had a firsthand shooter program for the gaming system. (  I still have both eyes and no major scars or broken bones from these activities ! And a lot of fond memories !!! ) 'CherryBomb' and 'M-80'  depthcharges/grenades; 1/2" galvinized pipe firecracker / marblel cannons; 'roman candle' fights.

   My exploits as a child of the 50's and youth/teenager of the 60's( grandfather of the 2000's and beyond) would make a lot of the current psycologists/ teachers/behavioral scientists faint !  But, I had a good time growing up, raised two sons, and now dott and spoil my two grandaughters. And, YES, some of their best stories/memories will begin with " BUT , DON"T TELL ...."

Thanks Twana -- brought back a lot of fond memories.  Reminds me why I have this terrific urge to escape!

Sounds like my childhood I am 70 and I made.



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