This Week In History: Madison's Virginia Resolutions Pass In 1798

27 December 2015

This Week In History: Madison's Virginia Resolutions Pass In 1798:

By December 1798, the United States was in a full-blown constitutional crisis, and James Madison and Thomas Jefferson were stealthily leading the fight to push the federal government back within its prescribed limits.

During the summer of that year, Congress passed four acts together known as the Alien And Sedition Acts.  President Adams signed each of these acts into law.  With winds of war blowing across the Atlantic, the Federalist Party majority wrote these laws to prevent "seditious" acts from weakening the U.S. government.  Federalists utilized fear of the French to stir up support for these draconian laws, expanding federal power, concentrating authority in the executive branch and severely restricting freedom of speech.

Two of the Alien Acts give the president the power to declare any foreign U.S. residents enemies, look them up and deport them.  These acts vested judicial authority in the executive branch and obliterated due process.  The Sedition Act essentially outlawed criticizing the federal government - a clear violation of the First Amendment.

Throughout the fall of 1798, the federal government prosecuted several prominent newspaper publishers for violations of the Sedition Act.  They literally arrested and jailed people for opposing the government.  The feds even prosecuted and jailed Matthew Lyon, a sitting U.S. congressman from Vermont.

In November, the Kentucky legislature passed the Kentucky Resolutions of 1798, secretly penned by Jefferson.  The resolutions declared the Alien And Sedition Acts unconstitutional, and therefore null and "void and of no force."  In the original draft resolutions, Jefferson declared, "Where powers are assumed which have not been delegated, a nullification of the act is the rightful remedy." ...

15 December 2015

The Hoax Of Federal Jurisdiction: 

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Hi again Morning Star ! You certainly have a knack for focusing upon, and bringing into the center light, issues that span across Forum discussions.

Yes, the "Alien & Sedition Act", signed into "law" by then Pres. John Adams, certainly raised assumed powers of the President beyond that "...which have not been delegated.."; And, ..."...nullification of the act is the rightful remedy...." .

Now Morning Star - we can take nearly all Forum discussions and fold your topic right within the threads. Nullification of a Federal law, by a state legislature, breaks the chain of ratification across the entire Federal law dependent upon unanimous ratification.

    What is the self-destructive process which ensnared our Federal Congress, since about 1871, rendering it nearly impotent to nullify a Federal law which meets Jefferson's limitations ?? !!

Yes, the 18th Amendment repeal was passed; then later repealed.  BUT ! several forceful elements have to be considered there. Ford's automobile engines were deigned to run on...ALCOHOL ! Joe Kennedy already ! got the Fed. bureaucrats to near sanctify ! his 5-cent bounty on every bottle of Scotch imported into the east coast ! - [oh.... that continues to this day ... yes, to the Kennedy Foundation - a "charity" focused foundation];. Italy, Spain, France, Germany, at the least, paid off congressional members & bureaucrats to ensure ! that their wines, liqueurs, and whiskeys would definitely be in the open markets of America; British Rum MUST find a market from the Caribbean into America ! [that's where 'Captain Morgan & other labels found their niche] ; financial control masters - including Chase, Astor, Vanderbilt, Morgan, Rockefeller, Delanore family >> all bought huge ! reserves of European, Eastern European, Mediterranean alcohol caches as soon as the 18th Amendment first passed ! Their caches sold for nearly 50 times ! over their original costs. They knew ! the game !\

    OK Morning Star - couple hundred years updated to now >>We American citizens are floundering & controlled by a near fully inept Congress; a prejudicial & leftist-liberal Judiciary; and a criminal, Marxist-Muslim President. Nullification of Federal Law - which Texas, Georgia, Utah, few other states - are attempting. But, here's a side note >> Monsanto bought off the entire ! Congress to have them pass a Federal Law which exempts, protects, & secures Monsanto from any & all ! class action suits anywhere in America !

    Morning Star - as your point of discussion implies > We've GOT TO ! take control of our state legislatures & governance and repudiate fully ! Federal Laws & 'Executive Laws' that have are, in fact, "...unconstitutional, ...null and void of no force.." with "nullification of [these laws] is the rightful remedy...." .

Garie. Paul D. ~

The main problem with any Nullification action is that our leadership are a bunch of greedy cowards.  Even Jefferson had to write the Kentucky Resolutions of 1798 in secret - knowing full well that very act (or thought) was likened to writing up his own death warrant.  Truly, any action perceived by the government as civil disobedience is indeed a revolutionary act. 

Interesting that you mention the Kennedys -- because my family, (Wampanoag Indian Nation), always manage to talk and joke about 'Joe "The Bootlegger" Kennedy' around the holiday celebrations when they open the liquor.  One of my great-aunts is said to have known/met him. Then one day she cast a woodland curse upon him and the Kennedy family a long time ago. 

A Vet asked me the other day: "Who are you going to vote for next year? The Rockefellers or the Rothschilds?"

I told him that I'd let him know if they let me live long enough to vote next year.   ;-) 



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