Constitutional Emergency

Those who kneel for the National Anthem are all show and no go.

I know we're all focused on the election, but my wife read me a comment by the coach of the USA hockey team: "Those who kneel for the National Anthem will sit on the bench for the whole game".
Cudos to you coach. Here's my thought: kneeling because you feel there's injustice in this world is a cowards display. Lack of participation in respecting our Nations Anthem dosent do one damn thing to change things. If you were a real man, if you really believe there's injustice, first start by putting your money (you know, the money we pay to see you play) where your beliefs are. Next, get off your knees and actually DO something about it. Your like the coward who talks a good fight, but dosent have the guts and the courage to actually get in the ring and fight. Your a self absorbed narcissist who want the limelight but won't give a minute to the fight. If you really cared about abuse you'd get off your knees and roll up your sleeves and DO something! A fighter dosent kneel, he fights. In my book your all show and no go. Get off your knees, stand up and be a man, until you put some action into your convictions
Your kneeling won't change a damn thing. "Action always speaks louder than words". In the end all your kneeling does is disrespect those who fought and died to right the injustice your kneeling against.

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AMEN to that one Brother,

Semper Fi.



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