Constitutional Emergency

Time to confront black racism
By Larry Klayman
July 20, 2013
When I was a young boy, I religiously watched the cartoon "Popeye" on television. The famous tattooed sailor whose girlfriend was Olive Oil and who got his strength from eating spinach used to say when he had had it with his nemesis, Bruto, "Enough is enough and enough is too much!" That's the way many non-blacks are beginning to feel about the constant drumbeat among many blacks that Trayvon Martin's death was the result of so-called racial profiling by whites. According to them, it is for this reason alone that Zimmerman should have been convicted of second-degree murder or at least manslaughter.

The simple fact of life is, regrettably, that, for whatever reason, blacks commit street crime in a much higher incidence than whites and non-blacks. Call it a sad sociological and historical fact, but that is the reality. Thus, when a black person is looking suspicious in a generally white neighborhood, it would be stupid not to take legal measures to protect the neighborhood, particularly when there has been a rash of recent crime. That was the case with George Zimmerman, no matter how black activist vigilantes would like to paint it differently for their own "unkosher" reasons.


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The media coverage being used on this case is nothing more than an attempt to demonize people that will standup and defend themselves, their family and their home. They, the media puppets, are forcing a public outcry against gun ownership and will do anything to move the socialistic agenda into high gear. To achieve the needed results {THE AMERICAN PEOPLE MUST BE DISARMED!}

While there is many different avenues being used to attack the basic foundation of this country, the current attack is being done using diverse psychological warfare. The continuation of demonizing self protection will be at the forefront of most News stations and liberal assholes until this idea of attacking gun owners has run its course. Remember, this is a Saul Alinsky method and they will continue the attack this way until a new form of discontent is found that will help them in their attempts to disarm the American populace.

Make "NO MISTAKE" That is their goal.

You’re free to believe as you want and for those that don’t believe you are free to do as the following quote from Samuel Adams so eloquently states you should do.

“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquillity of servitude than the animating contest of freedom, — go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen!”

When the Blacks in this country realize that there is but one race on this planet, and that the race profiteers are in the administrsations,   Which means they are on the Plantation of their own choosing.  So many of color have contributed to this countrys success, and to its preservation, it is time to bring that forward.  But, I know that is almost impossible, as the folks of color are still being programed to think otherwise.



If blacks are so unhappy here, then they should go back to Africa.  I have never been racist but when I go out in public I'm always wondering now what blacks hate me simply because I am white.  Racism is STUPID.  What difference does it make if you black or white? 

I'm sick of the media focusing so much on Trayvon and George.  It isn't like it was another Martin Luther King who died. 

I say we give them a one way ticket to Africa.  The majority of blacks will never be happy even though the richest music couple is black (Beyoncé and Jay Z) and we have a black president and the richest women in our country is black (Oprah).  My God what else do they want????  I guess they want us dead.

the term African American was used as a reference back to their slave status meaning that they were something less than the whites here a put down making their status something less than an American we need do away with all the hyphenated racial names and revert to just the One "American".

At one time not too far in the past, that the American people purchased land in Africa, Rawanda, I believe, and the Black folk in this country that wanted to re-patriate to Rawanda, would have free passage to that country with some money to boot and from what I understand, not many left this country for the African country of Rawanda.,  too bad, they have it all to good in this country and Rawanda would require them to work.

It's time the United States citizens starts acting like ADULTS.  TAKE RESPONSIBILITY, YOU KNOW RIGHT FROM WRONG.   We are going to loose our LIBERTIES, FREEDOMS  and our LIFE as we know it.   If you keep on using Black against Whites against Illegal Aliens.. WE WILL HAVE A CIVIL WAR..JUST LIKE THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION WANTS.  We as a NATION  MUST DECIDE TO UNITE and STOP OUR BICKERING amongst ourselves.  We as adults know right from wrong, but there are many adults that do not want to act as an adult.  They prefer acting as children.  Expecting not to work but yet to get free stuff just because they want it.  Well life doesn't work that way.  If you want a new car, a house, other nice things, or an education.. YOU HAVE TO WORK FOR way or another.  It is not given to you.  YOU DESERVE WHAT YOU GET....that is life.  So if you are in jail, that means you did something wrong.  It's not because you are black.  When we say illegal, that means what you are doing is wrong.  SNEAKING ACROSS the border and into the USA is illegal, and just because you have children here in the USA doesn't mean they are legal and you should be supported by our taxpayers money.  Let's get something straight, being a citizen of the USA gives you the right to vote and the rights of all citizens according to "The Constitution ".  The majority counts, not the minority.  Our forefathers believed in equality for all.  But what has come to pass is the minority is ruling and making our country a laughing stock.  God was suppose to be directing our nation into the future.  But WE have taken GOD out of our NATION, OUR POLITICS, OUR SCHOOLS AND WE NO LONGER HONOR GOD IN OUR RELIGIONS, because of a few people who are atheists and don't believe in God.  We use to have regulations that kept us honest, loving, caring and above board.  But there are no regulations, not even in dress codes in schools.  Our society has gone down hill and is continuing to go into the gutter...with the killing of innocent babies, not being responsible for your actions, using your religion, your color, or how you were raised as a ploy to get away with your actions,  expecting your parents to support you the rest of your life and/or expecting the rest of society to take care of all your needs by paying it in taxes so you do not have to go to work.  WRONG.  This is what is expected of you.. you go to work and be responsible for yourself, your family and country. If you are having a problem and you can't work, the government will help for awhile so you can get on your feet again.  This is not suppose to be forever, unless you are incapable of working. Our Constitution was set up to protect us from the Politicians becoming corrupt and that's what has happened. Our politicians are corrupt and abusing their office.  Now we as citizens must stop this corruption before  we know longer have our freedoms.  But in order to do this we MUST UNITE to stop what is happening. Taking our guns away from us is another way of taking control.  WAKE UP, STOP THE BICKERING AND START UNITING TO SAVE OUR FREEDOMS or tomorrow you will be a slave to the obama administration.  Is this what you want?  To be a slave.  Just like Hitler controlled Germany and had the Polish and other ethnic races in camps working, breeding and using them for experiments...that's what we will be in our future if you do not open your eyes and see what is truly happening.

As long as Obama is president of this once great nation racism will be the top issue of the day. To keep the black community under the progressive thumb they must incite race where ever they can. When Obama was elected I was talking to some middle class black Americans of their thoughts of him and what they thought his leadership ill be like. One of these people blatantly told me that Obama would set the civil rights movement back at least 50 years. I think he was right. 

my 2 cents- (forgive if I am not PC)

I feel that we are allowing the Democrat Party to frame the agenda -for all of us- white-black,hispanic, asian, etc

We are led to look at people like they are some other 'race' ie blacks and see them as separate from us and not part of America, as an oppressed minority or something like that. 

I trust that most black people are real Americans and believe in God.

  although I cannot walk in their shoes, and do not know how they feel, I know that they are my fellow Americans - not black or Muslim or an oppressed people - so why are we led to believe that we are conciously or unconciously treating them that wey?

Every time I get in line or walk by a black man or woman, I feel compelled (if I have the time) to stop and chat.

I ask them - are you Democrat?. usually yes

I ask why?  they tell about social aspect of taking care of people.

I then ask - are you pro-choice? usually yes.

I ask why?. they use talking points - women's right to choose,etc

I say - the Democrats are making sure that Planned Parenthood is fully funded with tax payer dollars and allow them to open up more clinics,. they agree. 

I ask them if they knew who started planned parenthood and why. they always say no. 

I tell them - Margaret Sanger.  her main purpose is to exterminate the entire black population. 

 he/she look surprised. I have his/her complete attention

 I said that it is true. it is right on her website.  thru her org. she has been able to kill/abort 20 million black babies - A whole generation !  She surpassed Hitler. He killed 6 million people

-her next priority, it appears is killing off American babies.  

So over 53 million babies have been killed/aborted. with about 1000 babies being killed every single day  

So I say If the Democrat Party is fully funding Planned Parenthood with the purpose of killing as many black babies as possible, why would you vote for them?

I am getting people to turn away from the Democrat Party, one by one.  It would be helpful - if a lot more of us would engage them in one on one or group conversatiosn so we can get the real agenda of the Democrat party out to them - our fellow Americans.. 

Because we need their help now to restore America.  while we still have a constitution.  

That is a very good statement. It needs to be repeated as often as possible. The blacks dont realize that 1 Martin Luther King was a consevative Republican. That if it was not for the Republican Party they would still be slaves. The damocrats voted against every anti slavery and civil rights bill, the Republicans voted them in to law.

Five black people highjacked a young couple in Knoxville, Tn. Raped both of them every way they could, poured something down them on both ends, shot the young man in the back and then burned him. They kept the young girl for two days and did ungodly things to her, put her in a trash bag and then stuffed her in a garbage can and she died with her eyes open. Look up Channon Christian and Chris Newsome of Knoxville, Tn. It tells all about the horrible crime. Even Charlie Daniels posted something about this. You never heard protest about this.

Here's a question.  No matter your ethnic background, who would you choose as a role model?

John McCain

Jesse Jackson

Al Sharpton

Hillary Clinton

Dr. Ben Carson

Barack Obama

Dr. Ben Carson gets my vote. He has integrity and is one of the few that continues to "Honor God and his covenent with Jesus Christ, his son.  All of the others can go straight to hell, it ain't full yet......



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