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The TEA PARTY needs to take control of the democrat party candidates.
Feinstein is retiring, that is according to her own mouth. Now until I see her sorry commie loving ass gone, I will be skeptical. She lives basically in Colorado , maintains a home in San Fransisco and is a rich bitch that needs to be up on treason charges.
Did you know that Maurice Strong, buddy of Soros, owns 200,000 acres in Colorado?
The Tea Party did not do very well when we ended up with Meg Whitman in the face off with Moonbeam Jerry Brown. It proves most do not do their homework as those who were not old enough to remember the catastrophy Brown was the last time, not that Whitman gave us much of a choice. California is a lost cause. We could not replace Boxer or Waxman and I doubt we will be able to get rid of Feinstein without devine intervention. LA will be the next New Orleans when the big one hits. Hardly anyone knows how or is prepared to take care of themselves if they are under 40. If they are around 70 like myself & my friends our Bibles & Guns will help us keep the animals at bay if they find we are prepared for the long haul. Not much celebrating going on in the California Tea Parties.
Bill Nelson of Florida is also retiring,His replacement has just been elected.
Our other Senator,LeMieux,is a good man and needs not be disturbed.
Rubio will replace LeMieux..........we need a new candidate to replace Nelson.......maybe Jeb Bush??
I have to agree we do need to start our new campaign for 2012! I believe “O” is a done deal no mater what he does from this point on!
I fear there was election Freud in Calif. Boxer “ma’am” is the most liberal Senator ever in that state, the numbers just don't add up, all the numbers added up against her, and yet that low life was elected. And the other Lowlife Harry Read was also elected; I think we need to call for a recount. Now come on, the whole country wants him deleted from the face of the earth not just out of office, something it's right here. If you look at the Florida voting fraud that were caught and who knows how many weren’t. This is a nation wide problem. We all need to use paper ballets as I did. The voter computers that are tied into the national grid is not the right answer, and they can be hacked into, and put anyone they wish in office! Major problem! This needs to be addressed. This is just the tip of the iceberg on voter fraud. I wish I had some kind of idea how to challenge this problem. Any ideas?
Voter fraud took place in all the states with high illegal immigration population. The problem, just lke anything else with illegals, you cannot prosecute them. If one tried, it would be a discrimination case. Here in NY there is a Spanish voter registration form that line one asks " Are you a citizen of North American?" So long as the illegals use that form, they are allowed a loop hole since Mexico is part of North America. Also ID is not required to vote, and who would see it anyway since there are special interest groups registering these guys to vote in the absentee ballot. They could be in their home country during the election.
Further, many Lationos are very well tuned into our elections. Simply click on MSN home page and clicl Latino in the upper right corner. It is not just Spanish version of our news, but their own versiion, written to reflect how elections will impact them. Go to this page after getting Spanish version and translate it to English. Their own version of the news.
Here in NY illegals drive illegally, work illegally and basically are untouchable. I believe a large part of why all liberals keep getting in is, in part, due to the illegal vote.
Casey from PA needs to go!!!!!!!!!! Will call republican party in my area and ask if they are trying to find someone conservative to run against him.
I think we all need to find out how to be a good Poll watcher and try to get in touch ( with the major city in your state) , their Tea party and see if they can't start a poll watcher and location now!!!!!!!!! If it's a bad area put two or more people together, as many as they can sign up. We need to stop the fraud Also try to get into local committee parties
NO bailout for California nor NY-they want libs, them they can pay for their own failures and social programs. NO state bailouts!
If Brown was so good and Boxer so good, why is California in such bad straits. Brown was in 2 terms and helped perpetuate the problems.
Fiorina and Whitman were the only hope for change running and the lazy picked the dems unionizers
MsCaskill made her millions with her husband on the backs of seniors. They ran sub standard nursing homes and were caught at it. They also "forgot" to pay taxes and were caught on that also. Then she was elected! What can I say about that? Nothing, stupidity triumphed and this simpering nasty, condensending thing was elected. So far she's not lived up to her "promises" that she made to get elected. I DID NOT vote for her and when they called and asked me to vote for her, I was not to polite in my reply! She has got to go! While were at it, the gov. Nixon has got to go also! I DID NOT vote for him either!!!!



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