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... to Islamic State: You Will Learn Soon Enough of the Brotherhood of Marines

Marine Sergeant Jeremy Knauff to Islamic State: You Will Learn Soon Enough of the Brotherhood of Marines

In the wake of Thursday's jihad attack on a military recruiting center in Chattanooga, Tennessee that left four United States Marines dead, one Marine says he has had enough and has gone to social media to inform the Islamic State, "You wanted attention, and yesterday, you got it. Only, you chose the wrong people to seek that attention from." He was talking about the United States Marines.

Marine Sergeant Jeremy L. Knauff, who served honorably in the United States Marine Corps for four years after graduating from high school, took to Facebook to rip the weakness of Barack Obama and how all the jihad attack has done is paint the target even bigger on those tied to the religion of pieces.

"You did not get the attention of our weak President," Knauff wrote. "He tweeted his support for your medieval holiday following your cowardly attack. You did not get the attention of our useless and corrupt Congress. They were too busy lining their pockets."

"When you attacked those four Marines, you got the attention of every one of our 186,800 active duty Marines, along with every Marine who ever served," he continued. "You just stirred up hate, discontent, and malice within a group of people who relish the idea of engaging the enemy."

Knauff, who manages Spartan Media, then wrote:

There is something you obviously don't yet know about Marines...

The brotherhood we share is stronger than the challenges we face, the weapons we master, or the enemies we destroy.

You will learn that soon though.

In pointing out the current Rules of Engagement per the Obama administration, which has gotten many of our military killed, Knauff says that isn't the way it will work when Islamists come to America.

"You see, we won't play by the rules you're accustomed to seeing," he wrote. "When you play in our backyard, we don't have to answer to any chain of command. We will not follow ridiculous ROEs crafted by a spineless bureaucrat to appease some goat herding tribal leader. And we won't be wearing uniforms so that you can easily ambush us. Nope. None of that shit."

"When you think you're walking into a target-rich environment, you're really walking into an ambush," he continued. "That pudgy, middle-aged guy wearing khakis in the mall, who unbeknownst to you, is a former 0311 and armed, will dump your sorry ass before you have a chance to scream 'allah snackbar.' And that soccer mom pushing a stroller, she's got a Glock and will happily leave you gasping in a pool of your own blood before she lets you hurt her children."

"We are here and we still have the training and experience to wage war, whether here or abroad," he added. "And wage war we will. Every one of us are willing to fight and die to protect our Marine Corps brothers and sisters, our families and friends, and our way of life."

"And we will win, because while you fight to destroy what you hate, we fight to protect what we love," he concluded. "Semper Fi!"

Indeed, I love when someone tells it like it is. There is no question that many of us have had it up to here (raises my hand way about my head) with Islamists who think they can engage in jihad without consequences.

Marine veteran Nick Powers has already put out the warning to the Islamic State: "Attack us and there will be no mercy." Knauff is just confirming that same heart and spirit, the spirit of the Marines… the spirit of America.

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As a U.S. Army Vietnam combat Veteran, I stand with my Marine Brothers and Sisters and all other proud Veterans in waging war on these cowards who think they can spill the blood of our proud Marines on American soil, and not stand to be served the justice they deserve. The rounds I have loaded in my weapon have been seeped in the blood of pigs and will have a special impact when they rip through your weak and pitiful bodies. Now that you have committed your cowardly acts, you will face the consequences, as you have surely unleashed the dogs of war. Your pathetic muslim leader sitting in the White House will be of no help to you as he will stand to face his justice when his time comes. God Bless America, land that I love, Stand beside Her, and guide Her, through the night, with the light from above.   

From one of many Marines to you and all soldiers, sailors, airmen...Semper Fi.........."GO ARMY!"...OOHRAH!!!

Great Post, I'm an Army Vet, but I stand with my Marine Brothers and Sisters. I will defend my Country, my Family and My Friends.

I was not in the service.  I stood the test while serving as an INNER-CITY  Teacher.  I stand with the Americans that love OUR country.

GOD bless you LeVerne Doran, and many thanks for all you do...from one of many USMC Vietnam Vets who returned home only to wonder "What the hell happened ?!?!?" But "our" America is still in tact, in spite of people like obama and those who support them. All I can say is, "They better get a hell of a lot more help!" GOD bless America.

Thank you to all Marines. Thank you, Sir , for telling it like it is. We have NO Government protection. It will be the Marines and other service members, vets, and patriotic citizens. Islam must be stopped and pushed back to the hell hole from which they came. Savages are not fit to live in a civil society. We will fight. Oh yes, we will fight. Obama wants Islam in this Country, he allowed and welcomed the terrorists in . He's refuses Christian refugees because that would favor a religion, he says. I guess he doesn't consider it favoritism to open our borders and welcome Muslim terrorists. Common sense should tell people what his plans are for us. The U.S. Marines beat the Muslims once and they can and will do it again. God bless you for the straight and honest post. Please get them out of our Country. They are a real threat to liberty and life.

We need Obama gone first then we can begin to round up and deport all Muslims that adhere to Islam, which is pretty much every Muslim in this country.  Islam is not a legitimate religion but an ideology of hate and death.

Non Marines will watch your backs

I was not in the Military.  However, I concur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Military or not if you can hold, aim and shoot a rifle you are good ! I believe this is coming to our country. I said it way back when this war started in 2001 that we either fight this war with everything we have and win the war over there or we will be fighting it in our own back yards. Well the people that want to destroy this country in our own Government (Democrats) decided to do everything they could possibly do to lie, cheat and criminally get a Islamic Terrorist President elected. Since 2008 Obama has reduced our military to a shadow of it's self, pulling our troops out of combat zones in order to lose the war, fired good strong Generals and hired ass kissing Generals to replace the good ones and at the same time Obama is funding and arming our enemies with our weapons ! We need to go after Obama then the rest of his dirty pieces of crap in our own Government and finally go after all of Islam !    

Right, first get Obama behind bars and follow up with his allies, which includes many Republicans like Boehner and Christie and the Bushes and McConnell, etc.

Only thing Sergeant Knauff left out was the 100's of thousand Army veterans, active and retired, that stand with their brothers in arms. Their blood is our blood.  Time to put this islam crap to bed for good.



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