Constitutional Emergency


 June 10, 2013

America…we have a problem and it’s not only in Houston, it’s from sea to shining sea and beyond.

Corruption in government has reached epidemic proportions, selling guns to drug dealers that kill Americans, lies about the Benghazi security and attacks, government bureaucrats are spending enormous tax dollars on personal pleasures, Executive Branch makes rules as they go along in bending first, second, fourth, tenth amendments of the US constitution, Internal Revenue Service targets groups and individuals viewed as political adversaries, and every facet of private lives are now being invaded.

The Obama Administration crows about their policy as the “most transparent executive in history” except when news appears they don’t like. Obama whines about leaks while leaks are reported from the Executive Branch, particularly about the bin Laden issue and Seal involvement probably linked with Seal deaths. Any prosecutions? Nope but the leaker of the recent NSA programs, which government doesn’t like will likely be prosecuted. Double standard at best.

About the exposure of the NSA program. First, does anyone seriously think the terrorist enemy does not know their every conversation, email, fax, credit card, or any other electronic means hasn’t been collected for years? Of course they know because the terrorists are the enemy and targets of the Patriot Act. What the recent so-called secret NSA program exposed is nothing new to the enemy. What’s new is for America…that every move, internet search, every communication, credit card purchase we make, right here in the United States are being monitored and collected as if each of us reflect a potential enemy…

Here’s the cowardly problem American leadership ignores. NSA, the intelligence community, and the US government knows exactly who in the middle east is supporting terrorism, providing money, training and equipment to the Islamic radicals. Who gets punished because a hand-full of radicals kill some number of Americans on our soil? We do, 300 million Jack and Jill Americans. We can’t get on planes, into our banks, into our court houses, into our schools, onto our subways, our ball parks, drivers license renewal restrictions, on and on. A few butchering radical Muslims have cost America billions of dollars in building restrictions on ourselves…punishing Americans and our way of life while the real perpetrators in the Middle East laugh at American leadership.

It would stop if we had leadership that would exercise national security back-bone and start taking lethal force against the core problem… nations in the Middle East…not against the populace, although civilian casualties would occur. Lethal force against military targets, infrastructure, industrial complex as a start. And I don’t mean “pin-pricks” or endless warnings. I’m beyond enraged by being painted and punished as the enemy while the bastards executing the destruction and corruption, from without and within America, are not held accountable."

Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret

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I recall reading somewhere Americans must live through all times -a nation of freemen--or die by suicide.Was Mr.Lincoln? Later he responded as President to a request by the Senate for a national day of fasting ,humiliation, and prayer(March 30,1863) Between the two he built a political speech around the Biblical truth "A House or nation divided against itself cannot stand." The Nation has been divided against itself for political gain.O has appointed his pleasure and has led our Military into the Valley of the shadow of Death.America must decide NOW if we will throw off the oppressor--or will we die a slave.Is the power still a power of the people-- or are we slave already? Either O  and his camp are America's future and we the dust bin of history--or we must choose for our leaders just men who will rule in fear of God.We must either Stand and be counted--or die laying in the supine waiting for someone else to do the hard lifting.My back hurts from too long in the supine.I long for the old paths.

I agree with you 100 percent-I havent flown on planes since 2002, because I refuse to allow them to subject me to that BS. Im tired of their secret search warrants, court orders etc. If a legitimate US court is ordering these then it should face public scrutiny. The Patriot Act, NDAA and any other illigitimate Act should be eliminated, and that should include the IRS. An agency that relies on threats ,intimidation , seizures, and incarceration sounds anything but American. I guess we that have known so much more freedom, and so much less government interference in our lives need to educate .

Colonel Riley, I could not agree more with you and that feeling has just recently been reinforced by my attendance at a reunion of my Vietnam Unit, the 199th Light Infantrty Brigade with whom I served during the 1968 Tet Offensive. however, unless we can somehow orgainze into a force with which to be reckoned, and that is something no law abiding American Citizen has EVER wanted but may find no other option, we still need to be organized and much even then much will depend on the loyalty of the active duty military personnel currently on duty. I would NEVER have thought there would be a time when such a decision would be in doubt but, while I trust most enlisted personnel in all branches, I have some doubts about the Command staffs whose career orientations make them more political than patriotic. I have lived the majority of my life but, as Sausan Mariano, who is the same age as me, I wish to see a decent legacy left for my children and for those who will follow, generation after generation. It is to this end that If there is such organization, I would dedicate myself to whatever fate awaited but, until such occurrs, I do the best I can in standing against the outrages of this heinous administration full of Marxists and New World Order Stastists and outright Traitors through participation in Tea Party and other Constitutionally oriented groups striving to implement change in a system so corrupted, we may NEVER be able to do so in any civilized fashion. We are not being left much in the way of options and seem to be being manuevered into something those in power can use to JUSTIFY their reaction to the masses at large, most of whom today are either originated from some other country or inimical to this one. It is a most difficult thing to contemplate and I can only hope we all somehow find a solution. I can only speak for myself but, I will oppose all things Obama and 113th Congress to my dying brreath and that , unfortunately, is the best I can do. I wish there were more. GOD BLESS AMERICA!  though it is no longer "politically correct,"to so state, I am NOT a politically correct person, and I am PROUD NOT TO BE!

I feel total chaos is months away... yet when, how and with whom do we stand that's massive enough to take on this criminal regime? Who will lead the MAJOR CHARGE that is needed? What will it take to have our "patriot citizens" coalesce around our common cause of saving the country? What we see is a coup d'etat and no relief in sight, even though we outnumber the progressives by the millions.... I'm quite sick of signing petitions, reading the ever-so-dire headlines on a daily (or hourly!) basis, posting what I deem is relevant and impotent to do a damn thing about the situation. What is even worse are the zillions of citizens who haven't a clue... just yesterday, I had a sheeple tell me the "news HAS to tell the truth"!!! She had never heard of Extortion 17 or Benghazi and didn't know what "QE" was but knew that a quart of mayonnaise was more than a gallon of gas!!! Ggggrrrrr! Wal-Mart was bustling with customers as if it were Christmas. The ignorance in the US today is mind-boggling to the point of having become a threat to our national security! Let me know when the bell rings.

Hat's off to Col. Riley... thank you for your vigilance.

I agree Tish.  Yes, total chaos is only months away.  So many sheeple will be caught with their pants down and I don't give a rat's a$$ if they suffer.   They can suck it up and deal with it for being stupid and unwilling to know the truth.  I WILL fight for my freedom and will NOT make a mockery of those who died before me for freedom.  I will not bend for my beliefs.  I stand for freedom, God, liberty and justice and if the evil doers don't like it, they can kiss my a$$. 


Yes we need a leader.  I am hoping it is Ted Nugent.  He is a very brave and smart man.  He sees the BS and wants our country back. 


I'm so ticked off that I am ready for whatever comes.  Locked and loaded.   If Uncle Sam reads this, "Kiss my a$$."  

There will come a time, very shortly it appears, when easy going, mild mannered Americans will openly, forcefully, and unequivocally rebuke the actions and moves of every federal agency. We are at that point.
And, we have them surrounded, and we will walk away from the confrontations, in victory! The DHS forces, (Federal Protective Security) is the enemy within. This is his civilian combat force.
Very identifiable uniforms. Stand by!

Amen Col. This USAF L/C RN Ret could not agree more. For me and mine, we will follow the right and moral laws of our land and the hell w/the rest that are null and void in my mind. . .Caveat emptor and long live this Republic!

PS. To Clois we are not alone, but legion. To Susan, if you want your grand-children to have a better life; then stop being a slave to the system. THINK! They want our blood, resources and whatever else they may want to take. However, just refuse to give them up. Know the LAW and therein is your salvation. Share and discuss w/others and learn what can be done. They are afraid of US now not knowing what "WE" will do if they start something, amen and God bless.

Thank You, LC Parisi, you lifted my spirits, I have been emotionally down for a few years now. It will be a pleasure to serve besides you anytime.....



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