Constitutional Emergency

Today the Army decided to seek the death penalty in the case of SSG Bales who murdered civilians in Afghanistan.


Penned by Allen West


Today the Army decided to seek the death penalty in the case of SSG Bales who murdered civilians in Afghanistan.

Three weeks ago the Army relieved the Military Judge from the Maj Nidal Hasan case and decided Hasan could keep his jihadist beard. You'll recall Maj Hasan shot 43 American soldiers and Department of the Army civilians, killing 13 three years ago and yet we are still nowhere close to a trial.

A Marine combat veteran sits in a Mexican jail on bogus charges and the State Department tells the parents they can do nothing...and the White House Press Secretary has never heard of it.

This is the crazy, mixed-up world we live in. And America just voted for four more years.

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Only if the round is coated in Pigs Blood.

every hollow point round in american should be filled with bacon.


sounds like they did them a favor not liketheir life was all that great here so they get the virgins

When you are talking about the Army being infiltrated, the whole administration has been.  Have you heard of anyone in Congress trying to get it resolved???   Or the Courts, all the way to the supreme court???

They don't care, kind of stupid, as they will be judged as infidels, and infidels die

under Sharia.  Commonly called, "Digging one's grave".

It is insanity and lowers the threshold of our ability to govern.  Those idiots in the WH that favor PC and a Sesame Street world will eventually find they're chasing their own tails.  Unfortunately, for the rest of us, we're also attached to them through our citizenship and nationhood; and, they will drag us down with the their continued efforts.   SSG Bales is another example of one way to drag us all down to the sociopathic mentality of their political correctness, the Oxymoron of all time, as it turns out.  Until the Tea Party stands up and realizes a third party is possible now, we continue downward. 

Secondarily, without the power of a third party entrance, we would do well to temporarily stand down from some certain constitutional guarantees and set up a provisional military government that could eliminate all sources of error such as those that have condemned  SSG Bales, allow Jon Hammer to rot in Mexico and accept queers into our most cherished inner circles, etc.  You know the drill.  We need a new national militancy willing to stop at nothing to preserve our life style of freedom and plenty.     In other words, we need to arm the border patrol with shoot to kill orders, terminate all queers, immediately terminate all drug running and selling and using sons of bitches, and terminate all jihoodists.  Our laws are currently being used against us by foreigners with no good intent toward our nation.  Kill and eat them.

I support the Constitutional Referendum of 2013. 

Great respect for LTC West, BUT, how come he did not bring up hussen's ineligibility and treasonous usurpation???

Just saying

Yes, I understand.

BUT, how abt Terry Lakin? He did stand up, did questioned and got put in a slammer.

How abt some of us, civilians, those that loose their job, license and face harassment and ridicule?

Disappointed, is how I feel.

If you're looking for a friend or to be treated as an equal, don't look south of the border..

We can not survive much more of this stupidity.  Satan is in control of the federal government and our military.

All's fare in love and war. Obama killed Ambassador Stevens and 3 other Americans and nobody files charges against him. How about the Fort Hood killer. Why hasn't he been tried for the murders he committed? I thought all those people in Afghan were civilians? I do not and have not seen any uniformed jihadist.

And they are not going for the death penalty for the Ft. Hood shooter though are they? He attacked a military base and killed Military people so you know they will not go for it there. As Obummer says after all "They knew the risk when they joined the Military" and I guess those Civilians must have known the risk being on a military base too so maybe he should go free? This is a man that hates the Military and he will do all he can to destroy it and it seems the best way to do that is from the inside. Go after one and take your time on the other and after enough of that the Military will implode on itself or that is what he is hoping I bet.



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