Constitutional Emergency

By Pastor Butch Paugh, PPP

April 23, 2015

A great man once said, "That which we tolerate today we will embrace tomorrow". G. K. Chesterton once said, "Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions." I would add that tolerance and compromise is the creed of a coward. There seems to be very little most will not endure (tolerate and compromise with) to preserve their paycheck or keep "peace" in their lives. To tolerate evil is to compromise with evil and it makes you a partaker of that evil. Death, hell and damnation soon follow!

No deadlier a delusion or sin has ever infected a society than that of tolerance. Which always leads to compromise. An individual with sincere convictions can not and will not tolerate evil and will not compromise simply to maintain a temporal lifestyle or peace. Tolerance/compromise has destroyed many a society and nation. America is not an exception!

This deadly cancer of society and souls starts as all cancers. Very slowly and unrecognized as a real danger. How you might, did it start? Let's examine a few subtle (subtil found in Gen. 3:1) methods that the enemy has used to deceive us. Because of spiritual blindness and ignorance of God's Word, we have been slowly eaten alive by this cancer.

Let's start with Alexander Tyler's "Birds-eye View of the Evolution of Nations.

" 1. From bondage to spiritual faith 2. From spiritual faith to great courage 3. From courage to liberty 4. From liberty to abundance 5. From abundance to selfishness. 6. From selfishness to complacency 7. From complacency to apathy 8. From apathy to dependence 9. From dependence back to bondage or as Hosea said in Chapter 4 verse 7, "As they were increased (prospered), so they sinned against me: Therefore I will change their glory to shame."

America had a "boom" in the 1920's. Then a "manmade" depression in the 1930's. Instead of turning to God, they turned to man for their help and started a process warned against, many places in God's Holy Word. Daniel 1:8 and Proverbs 23:2 are a couple. With this subtle trick of the serpent and his servants, i.e. Roosevelt and money powers, started the tolerance and compromise cancer! Exodus 20:1-3, Exodus 34:14, Matthew 6:24-27 & 33-34, Philippians 4:19. Because we are afraid to offend those that provide for us, we will tolerate and compromise with evil! We don't want to bite the hand that feeds, so for the sake of "mammon" we have denied God and His Word! Damnation of this kind of people then becomes a certainty! Their society is damned and their children's' futures have been destroyed. Hos. 4:6, Ex. 20:5

Because we have broken the first Commandment, the rest follow quite easily don't they? Adultery, now called a "one night fling" or an "extra-marital affair". "Sounds" better that way doesn't it? Kill i.e. murder. Abortion doesn't sound as bad. Euthanasia sounds so much better than kill or murder. Fornication, God’s word sounds so harsh. Pre-marital affair, co-habitation or even "shacking up" sounds so much more "kind". The tolerance and compromise began in the church from behind lukewarm and cowardly pulpits! If the preacher preached the unabashed total word of God, he would lose his congregation and therefore his "prestige" and paycheck. The church no longer wants to be a "peculiar people" but rather a "popular people".

Now we are even learning to tolerate and compromise with sexual perversion! What was once condemned by all but a few, is now becoming common place. "Accepted" by the masses because of "damned" tolerances and compromise! We are told to hate the evil if we truly love God! Psalm 97:10, Amos 5:15, Romans 12:9, Psalm 139:22

To those that are willing to stand on God's Word and proclaim His righteousness against all sin let us now accept II Corinthians 6:16-18 and let us stop tolerating and compromising with evil/unrighteousness beginning in our own lives, our own families and then throughout all of society! Let's once again begin to speak Christ's final instructions to us, His "church" in Matthew 28:20 to teach all nations to observe His commandments! John 14:15

It's time to quit trying to be a "nice" person and a "friend" to the ungodly. We are to have no fellowship with them. Ephesians 5:15, James 4:4. Their souls depend on your faithfulness to Christ, His Word and your reproving them for their evil before it's too late!

No more tolerance! No more compromise!

In Christ's service, Pastor Butch Paugh P.P.P.

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I agree!

Tolerance requires judgment.

Notice that one can't tolerate someone unless he disagrees with him. We don't "tolerate" people who share our views. They're on our side. There's nothing to put up with. Tolerance is reserved for those we think are wrong.

This essential element of tolerance--disagreement--has been completely lost in the modern distortion of the concept. Nowadays, if you think someone is wrong, you're called intolerant.

This presents us with a very curious problem. Judging someone wrong makes one intolerant, yet one must first think another is wrong in order to be tolerant. It's a "Catch-22." According to this approach, true tolerance is impossible.

Greg Koukl

Tolerance and intolerance must be defined by the Truth. Therefore, we must ask ourselves, "What is the Truth?" Some believe it is subjective, some say it is objective, others say it is a combination of both. The Church believes that the Truth is Objective as stated in the Word of God for example. Others like existentialists believe it is subjective, "I feel, therefore I am". Others believe it is a combination of both. God said it, I've experienced it, so be it. The church for example can not be tolerant of sin because the Truth of the Scripture is dogmatic not undogmatic. Yet we can love the sinner and hate the sin. In the same way we cannot tolerate the government going beyond the dogma of the constitution by taking away states rights, increasing their powers beyond their constitutional limits. The constitution is dogmatic and allowing tolerance in unconstitutional issues is to make the Truth of the constitution null and void which is what we are seeing today. The constitution is not to be amended because of tolerance but defended by those who are intolerant as to its writings and restraints, checks and balances. We must remain intolerant of those who would deny that our rights and freedoms come from God and that the government is of, by and for the people. The government is subservient to the people not the other way around.

Doesn't getting along with your fellow citizen require just a little bit of tolerance?

Yes, but of what are they citizens? the us citizen is a fiction but it governs our courts and passports. I get along fine with people that respect the constitutional republic which I buy into. Not the bullshit sham you guys are running.

I like your flag, I also like the one used by the old custom houses verticle stipes flag of peace.

Sir, I assure you that I exist....I am not a piece of fiction.  I was born in Dallas Texas US of A.  My parents were also natural born citizens of US of A.  I have found that compromise (salad instead of steak, not letting my son bang on his drums until a certain time, ect) along with respect are very necessary in life.

With all of that said, I also understand that tolerance is not taught in the religion/government construct of Islam.  I have also wondered if it is even appropriate or even possible to have Islam within our borders.  We once were a nation that valued the cultures that contributed to the building of it and given the severity of this question, I do feel that it is one that only WE THE PEOPLE can decide on.  If or when this issue is taken up, we will have to know the pros and cons of both sides of the issue.

Anne, I also have a drummer in the family so can relate!!! LOL....The question your asking about whether Islam should even be permitted in America is a profound one. If we are to adhere to the constitution I would say it should be allowed but again, tolerance has its limits. When it goes beyond our laws and it incroaches upon our freedoms or seeks to establish itself within our governmental, legal/judicial systems it can no longer be tolerated, just a a federal government that is out of control cannot be tolerated. Personally as a conservative Christian I define Islam as a cult. As a cult I would not adhere to any of it's belief systems or ideology and I would be constantly vigilant against its encroachment upon our society. Within the freedoms granted us in the constitution comes great responsibility to be constantly vigilant against outside forces who would take advantage of our freedoms and use it against us. Because we are free we are open to be taken advantage of. I heard a Teacher say one time that "Within a Democracy lays the seeds of its own destruction". I have pondered that statement for decades and believe it is true, however a democratic republic is still the best form of government developed by Man. We are fighting a religious war. And I don't believe religious wars can be won. To win a religious war you would have to kill all your opponents or convert them all to your way if thinking and that is an impossibility. I believe that the Muslim extremists that we are facing is the greatest treat to mankind that the world has ever seen. And to make matters even worse our leaders at helping them succeed. That causes me much grief and despair that our leaders are selling out America. As the Communists leaders of the past have said, America will fall from within". And we are witnessing just that.

Maybe religious wars can be won.'s nothing more than spiritual warfare....and the Bible has given us the tools to defend ourselves.  Where it needs to start is with everybody on their knees at the foot of the cross.  Petra, who is a contemporary Christian rock group that has been around for quite some time has a song called "Get on your knees and fight like a man."

Here's the disturbing thing, really.  We get all upset about what DC is or isn't doing....yet the streets of our cities as well as the halls of it's governmental body rarely hear the Church's voice.  You want to see the strip clubs vanish....stay well within what could be considered city property AND DO NOT put up with people who would want to cause trouble.  Let customers come and go as they please, but figure out a way to work with church's in your community to see if you can get a rotating shift going.  A shift whose only duty is to sing, pray, and be ready to listen.  You get a crap trash gangsta rapper coming in....same action.  Do not stir up controversy, be as close to the event as physically possible WITHOUT infringing on the rights of the concert staff and goers.

Want to teach our kids the biblical foundation of our government, pack up a whole church group and take them to DC.  Want to get some creation science facts into them...pack up a church bus and go to the Creation Museum probably have a lot more to say....but elvis has left the brain has done gone to sleep

Quite obvious to me is that I can not live in tolerance of anyone or ideology, religious or otherwise that is out to kill anyone who doesn't agree with MY LIVING PEACEFULLY in the same neighborhood, state, or country.  It is just like Israel and its right to exist.   The world community recognized Israel and gave them a homeland in 1948, I believe, and still many Muslims says they have no right to exist.  They are  incapable of  tolerance and I don't want those folks to live in my country.  Remember, first it was the Jews and I wasn't a Jew, so I didn't help them....

Eventually they get to killing those of us who don't subscribe to the inbreeding, their pedophila, their multiple wives, their child brides, their strict confinement in access and dress, their concubines,...  There seems to be little reason to go on discussing whether we should live with those who want to kill us.  WE CAN'T, because they WILL kill us, if not soon, eventually.

Your ABSOLUTLY right Laura. They use God as a pretext to commit their ungodly crimes against humanity. Their can be NO tolerance for their intolerance. They like so many other antichrists who have come before they should be killed and sent to answer to God for their deeds. Their can be no tolerance, no capitulation, no truce, no surrender. They have told the world they plan to convert or kill all unbelievers, instead of being tolerant as our nations leaders would like us to become, it is our moral obligation, our duty to wipe them off the face of the earth as we would any other plague that would threaten all of mankind. This and nothing less will do. To do anything less is to be one complicit in allowing them to continue to kill innocent people and that is not Gods will. Now is the time for good men everywhere to stand up and be counted and attack this scourge of humanity head on, and sooner not later with all the resources at our disposal.
Anne I've done just that. In my younger years I stood outside of gay bars and strip clubs in the Tenderloin district in San Francisco and preached the Word of God. Got spit on a lot, water balloons thrown at me accosted and told by the police not to block the sidewalk!! But some did come to the Lord. The strip clubs and gay bars are still there and San Francisco is as perverse as it was back in the early 70's when we worked the streets there. We worked those streets and interceded for that city for years asking God to pour out his Spirit and bring a revival like God had done in the past several times in the early years of our Nation. Then whole towns would shut down, saloons would close up, churches were overflowing and the Spirit was convicting people of their sin. What our nation desperately needs is an outpouring once again of Gods Spirit on people's hearts and minds.
Yes Anne I would say so and at times great tolerance. Would you tolerate your neighbor breaking into your home, stealing your property, punishing you for not believing what they believe or want? So there are limits. What I was trying to say is we cannot tolerate unconstitutional moves by the government against our Rights which are given by God or amending the constitution until it becomes of no effect or the userping of states rights. The problem I feel lies in grat part with our current Philisophical outlooks and beliefs. Post-Modern Relitivisum where everyone feels they can do what feels right to them and that the ultimate truth is the truth that comes from them discounting any Objective Dogmatic truth has become a cancer on the human psyche. So this train of thought truth changes as people change, what was forbidden yesterday is ok today. The human race becomes like a ship without a rudder or a set course. As morals decline, so declines the society which we have seen in all the great societies of the past. Remember all great societies only lasted about 200 years. America is at that tread hold and is declining fast. So one of the most Important questions one can ask is "What is Truth"? Because your belief system will flow from how you answer that question.



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