I will go further and say it has already lead to islamic invasion! We're getting ready to bare the full impact of that soon! So prepare!



Walid Shoebat

By Theodore Shoebat

Today the modern church is worshipping tolerance. Why is this dangerous? History tells us the consequence of tolerating evil religions–in today’s case Islam.

When the Byzantine emperor Heraclius defeated the Persian king Chosroes, the head of paganism in the Near East was given a fatal blow. The Devil thus ushered in a new concoction between heresy and heathenism, Islam, to bring the region back to idolatry and to set the stage for the Antichrist religion to spring forth from the pit of Hell and flood the world. (1)

Early in the year 640, The Muslims, after invading Syria, set their eyes upon Egypt, then under Byzantium, and upon Heraclius. In the war between Byzantine and the Muslims, the victor would be the master of Egypt. City after city was taken, and in one major battle the Muslims made a fake retreat; when the Byzantine troops felt confident they were swiftly surrounded on all sides by Arab warriors. They broke through and fled, with only three hundred surviving. Many other Christian soldiers attempted to escape the invaders, only to be cut off and massacred in cold blood. One garrison of only a few hundred chose to stand their ground, and fought for three weeks with the Islamic hordes, who were superior in numbers, and made their way back to liberty. But in the end, in December of 641, the fighters for Allah’s crescent put Egypt in chains. (2)

How did this happen? Tolerance.

When the Egyptian populace heard that the Muslims were arriving, they accepted them with open arms, not seeing them as deceiving heretics, but as people who merely believed in one God. (3) Their open mindedness would have received the applause of the moderns, but the end result was the consequence of all ultra equality and tolerance: violence. The Muslims broke right into the country, plundering, burning, and massacring wherever they went. They took the city of Nikius with much bloodshed, putting to the sword everyone they met, “in the streets and in the churches, men, women, and children alike, sparing none.” It did not take long for the Egyptians to recognize that their acceptance of Muslims was a grave mistake. (4)

Today we do not esteem nations by how intolerant they are of evil, but how permissive they are to it. We curse, revile, and admonish a country if they do not open themselves, as the Egyptians did, to sinister precepts. But this is a fallacy which only favors the side of despotism and gives it leeway to stealthily enter civilization. Proponents of ‘pure equality’ ultimately want only oppression, since if their idea were to be enacted, those who would criticize Islam or any Leftist belief would face punishment, since all things, which only they approve, must be equally accepted.

Tolerance is the cracks through which tyranny gains access into any nation. Accept a violent religion and expect violence to run rampant; accept a deceptive religion, and expect deceivers to be everywhere; accept a religion which commands massacres and collectivism, and do not be surprised to find individual freewill squashed, and towers of bodies being made. In order for liberty to be perpetuated, disdain toward tyrannical ideologies must be embraced, and the prevention of their infiltration into any government or academia established. If this does not happen, and Islam and Leftism and their edicts are continually entertained, and Christianity is seen as no longer worthy of our attention, then free societies will eventually be plunged into a socialistic state where only idolatry is permitted. A good example of this insanity is the Jewish progressive Yitzhak Yaron.

He professed a belief in tolerance and freedom of expression, but when speaking on the Jewish conservative Meir Kahane and the members of his Kach party, which are against Islam, he said: “Kill them while they are still small!” When his party was in the process of conducting a legal rally, a mob of Israeli leftists rushed upon them and physically prevented them from expressing their beliefs for a Jewish state. They came in love of tolerance and diversity, armed with rocks, metal bars, and violence. Anyone with a Kach shirt was assaulted, anybody who looked religious was beaten. As Kahane drove toward the platform, hundreds of leftists surrounded him and tried to tip the car over. A large rock was smashed right onto the windshield, and it was only an act of the police that stopped four other zealot Jews from being lynched by a crowed of people who were for “tolerance and coexistence.” (5)

These two words are the cliches used by the Left to camouflage their true intentions, and that is control over Christians; for it is only the saints–the true zealots–who are viewed as obligated to respect every creed but his own. It is the zealot who is deemed as the one who is to stay silent on his doctrine, and to accept with open arms the same religions which call for his death. It is only the true believer in Scripture who is told to put away his zealotry, and join the herd in revering every other form of zealotry be it Islamic, Mormon, atheist, Buddhist, Hindu, or any other dark superstition. The only people who win the war over culture are the zealot ones, Christians then must stop being compliant moderates, and start becoming fundamentalists, believing in the whole doctrine of Scripture, if we are to advance the church over the dark forces which have been pervading the world.

The Christian Egyptians, in a way, believed in a form of Chrislam, viewing Islam as acceptable simply because it had one god, and this is what led to their subjugation. Right now the Western church has accepted this same lie, and in consequence Islam is rising. We love to mention how both Islam, Judaism, and Christianity, are all monotheistic, as if monotheism takes precedence over truth.

It is a great evil to classify Christianity, which has brought much of the world from darkness to light, under a technical term such as monotheism. If this is all that mattered, then that means Islam, Zoroastrianism, Judaism and Christianity are all universally good. This is what Dennis Prager has taught, stating that the

“Jewish people has a task to bring the world to ethical monotheism, to the belief that there is one god for everyone, who demands one ethic for everybody”

If Moses heard such a statement, Dennis would have suffered under the laws against idolatry. If Judaism’s purpose is to spread monotheism, then would it be appropriate for all Jews to preach Islam, since it is indeed monotheistic? He also writes that if all peoples accepted monotheism “the world would experience far less evil.” (6) So then, if all the world became Muslim, would there be a greater rise in peace in the world? Tell the Armenians who were massacred since Islam’s earliest days, the Egyptians who were, and still are, greatly oppressed by jihadists, the Pakistani Christians who live each day as though it were their last, the millions of Sudanese Christians who have been butchered, the Iraqi Jews who were systematically and sadistically murdered by the thousands, that Islam is a vehicle of peace because of its monotheism. Prager later writes:

“During some of the Western world’s darkest periods, Islam was a religious light in the monotheistic world. The seeds of ethical monotheism are deeply rooted in Islam. For whatever reason, however, the soil for their nourishment has, over the last several hundred years, been depleted of necessary nutrients. Islam could be a world force for ethical monotheism, but in its present state, the outlook is problematic.” (7)

Notice that he refused to admit that Islam is inherently evil, but expresses the fact that there is surely a problem within the Muslim world. It doesn’t matter whether a religion claims to believe in only one god, what matters is which god. If all of us subscribed to Prager’s focus on monotheism, then we would all have no problem in getting on our knees and bowing to Mecca. If Prager hesitates to proclaim that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger, then monotheism is not the focal point, and there is indeed a difference between the God of the Bible and the Devil of Islam.

(1) See De Croce, Refutation of the Koran, ch. xiii, p. 73

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(6) Prager, Ethical Monotheism

(7) Ibid

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Hope they bring lot's of body bags!!

Mr.Shoebat understands Islam as none but someone who has been raised in that bloody system can. right now in America we have as President a man who pretends he is Christian-yet his actions suggest he is NOT.a President who pretends he was drawn to Communism as a young college boy -but he insists he is not a Communist.His actions  suggest he is a LIAR.The Tree is known by its fruit. Tolerance of Islam will lead to bondage -being a slave to Islam -- or being very dead indeed. That system offers NO other option.We Americans play a VERY Very dangerous game when we allow our Government elevate and establish Islam in America.

Thanks!!!  Very good information!!!  I have passed this on!!!   

The Muslims are the outsider in America. How about if they show American's respect. How about if they accept our culture and laws. We diid not ask the 7th century thinkers here.

"TOLERANCE"...to "tolerate..." means to put up with, NOT to condone as culturally acceptable or morally right.  Our "tolerance" of evil, and our unique Amercan value of religious freedom, are being used as weapons against us by an ideology which is the most intolerant on earth and permits NO religious freedom.  "Caliphate" doesn't sound so crazy now, does it?      

has anyone read the book Muslim Mafia; inside the secret underworld that's conspiring to islamize america.....by p. david gaubatz?  a friend of mine in dc recommended it when i expressed my fears.  i have not read it yet.  just wondering if anyone here has.

"Today the modern church is worshipping tolerance"

The very first line of this post has hit home with me. I have a friend that I love like a Brother. He's very active in his Church and he is raising his children to be Christians serving God in every way. Nothing sounds scary about any of that, right? No, unless you have listened to the Preacher at his (Baptist) Church.

My friend has always been a staunch Conservative, much more than myself, but over the past couple of years I have noticed a change. His Preacher spends time every Sunday during the regular service talking about 'tolerance', which at first blush is no big deal, but one Sunday while I was visiting him in Nevada, I went to Sunday Church services with his entire family and listened to his Preacher talk about 'tolerance'. I'll make this short... The Preacher found a way to mix the words 'tolerance' and 'social justice' into the same sentence. That's when I realized my friend has been affected by what some might call a "New Age Baptist Preacher". I'm still working on him, but I have yet to convince him that his Preacher is probably closer to Obama than he is to God.

Ok, I know this doesn't have much to do with Islam, but it could. If every Preacher of every religious leaning were to preach tolerance towards Islam, how long until Islam will be the dominant religion? So I do see a connection.

Yes, the 501-c3 church is a big problem when it comes to pushing tolerance...Tolerance breeds the tyranny we face today......The church would be wise to pray for the wisdom of EZEK: 33:6 "In the face of tyranny, a silent pulpit is a complicit pulpit." Illegitimus non carborumdum

There will be no invasion till we are disarmed.  Keep your guns.  Funny thing for a Pastor to say?  Not if you study the word of God and not the word of man.

Do not ever give up your guns. If the citizens are disarmed, then the police and the criminals have the guns and that is a terrible place for citizens to be in.

have to be ready to defend ourselves and families! it's gonna happen! Lord help us JESUS!

It's only a matter of time. Just think of that meteorite that hit Russia yesterday! That reminds me

of Sodam and Gomorhea! Come quickly Lord! My Grandma always said you got to stay prayed up

cause you don't know when Jesus is coming! the time is getting right look at all the signs! the Bible is

coming true - a little bit every day!

Tolerance is dependent on which denomination you belong to and your pastor.  Remember, Christ said "he who is not for me is against me".  Therefore if you are against Christ, by his definition, you are his enemy.  For those of you in the eastern Oklahoma/western Arkansas area we are going to have a former terrorist who is now a Lutheran Church Missouri Synod pastor as the guest speaker at our annual Reformation Fest in October.  This man freely admits to having secured a rifle and a silencer and then having stalked Christians to kill them.  I realize October is a long way off but if you are interested in listening to this man contact me directly.



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