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I started using this last night. I recommend all Patriots check this out and see if it is something you might be interested in using.


Do Not Track Plus

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CNET gives it 5 stars, average user rating is 4 stars.  I'm gonna give it a shot.  Thanks for the tip.

Thanks Twana.  I spoke to Harry this A.M. about text in this entry block and in my private e-mails disappearing as i made corrections.  For example john fed his doderman sirloin steak.  Frequently i have attempted to correct a word's spelling such as doderman wanting to replace the "d" with the correct letter - - "b" being the correct etter in this example.  So what happens is the e , (the next letter would disappear and so on in the series.  I took this as a sign of being tracked, as if someone were harvesting and recording my text. i've seen this happening SPORADICALLY Never CONSISTENTLY over the past 2 years.  Is it or Aint it?  Either way the Dark Foces have as much on me as they do on any avid patriot to where I couldn't represent myself as being one of their proud, filthy, underhanded treacerous lot. But suppose you decide to send operation type info and Don't want the BHOLIGARCHIC Empire knowing what you're up to, well maybe this program might prove to deter their subversive vigil. Now also, I just found my "Hush Mail I. D. and password. Now just let Darth Holder Screw with me ! ! !    

Amateur radio.

See Yer from Oklahoma  abbreviated OK; But ever since Obama got in You've wanted to KO him; hence y'u'v ' got a manual dislexic frusratiion syndrome that's manifesting itself in your Key Board....Get a punching bag with BHO's face on it and whomp on that every day and this syndrome will go away.  

Thanks, I'll proceed with the install and I'll follow your advice checking out that perceived vanishing text malfunction. 

The disappearing letter phenomena has happened to me several times.  I didn't have a clue. I do notice my little finger reflexes quite a lot and picks up another key.  I'm also nearing almost 70 so maybe it's a new characteristic that mysteriously has an onset as we age?  Just kidding but I know what you are talking about.

What are you talking about when you say tray because Ive been having the same problems, when I haven't mangeled the spelling and don't want to take the time to look up the word LOL. Thanks in advance. I worked on the back of these things not the frount.

Gringo, sounds like you've hit the 'insert' key on your keyboard. That will delete the letter you're typing on and type over the next letter in the word. Thus the word/name doderman would become dobrman, the e is deleted. when that happens hit the insert key and try again.


I down loaded it and seems to be working fine with Firefox...

One piece of software that I have been running for the last couple of years is ParetoLogic Privacy Controls ($29.95 year).  I have tested it and found it to be secure.  The point of ParetoLogic Privacy Controls is to clean Windows cache & history, Internet browsing history, chat and IM history, MS Office history, Multimedia history, file sharing history, e-mail trash, third-party application history, temp files, deleted files, and P2P history.  The thing I like most is that, unlike other like software, it can and will shred files to U.S. Military Standards.  What this means is the software scrambles and deletes the file up to seven times before permanently deleting it. 

If you don’t want to spend any money there is CCleaner.  It’s free and one of the better freeware cleanup tools available.  It doesn’t clean to mil specs, but most people don’t care about that.

Or you can use the delete personal data function of Firefox/Chrome/Opera/Safari

AND defragment your C: (system) drive to overwrite the deleted blocks.  Then,

if FreeUndelete can't find those files, the Holder Gestapo probably can't either.

It's better than nothing, if you're not really expecting a no-knock search at 4:59 am.

Seven more days of free speech before the NDAA § 1022 takes effect on Feb. 29th.

My computer has so many "issues" already that I'm hesitant to try this out.



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