Top general: 'Islamists embedded in White House?'

'The president has elected not to get serious' on ISIS

Published: 2 hours ago


In the wake of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, beheading 21 Coptic Christians in Libya, retired U.S. Air Force Gen. Tom McInerney is slamming the Obama administration for failing to take obvious military steps to destroy the terrorists and identify radical Islam as the motivating factor for the atrocities committed throughout the region.

McInerney is a Vietnam veteran and rose to the No. 3 position in the Air Force during his career in uniform. He is now a Fox News military analyst.

On Sunday, ISIS released a new video depicting the beheading of 21 Coptic Christians from Egypt on a beach in Libya.

U.S.-led airstrikes have been aimed at ISIS since August, after the terrorists beheaded American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff. However, McInerney said the operations could be far more intense and would quickly cripple the enemy if done right.

“I think the air campaign is not nearly the intensity we needed,” McInerney said. “It’s not even an air campaign. It’s somewhere between seven and 15 sorties a day when we absolutely need upward of 100-200 sorties a day. I’m calling for 200. We need to be attacking the ISIS capital of Raqqa (Syria) 24/7. We need to close the highway between Raqqa and Mosul, Iraq.”

He said those steps would quickly tighten the noose around ISIS.

“Nothing can move on that highway,” he said. “If it’s moving, we’ll destroy it. We’ll kill their commerce. We’ll kill their ability to feed people in their ‘Islamic State.’ That’s going to require between 100-200 sorties a day, plus we’re going to need constant surveillance reconnaissance assets over the area.”

McInerney added, “Let’s get serious on this. The president has elected not to get serious. The Pentagon wants to do this, but the White House is holding back.”

Listen to the WND/Radio America interview with retired U.S. Air Force Gen. Tom McInerney:

Another concern inside Iraq is the fate of 300 U.S. Marines and the Iraqi forces they are training at the Al Asad military base in Anbar Province of Iraq. Reports conflict over what danger ISIS forces pose near the facility. Pentagon officials publicly state they are not at all worried about the safety of U.S. and Iraqi forces. McInerney isn’t so sure and said this is another issue that could easily be resolved with decisive action.

“We need to put a Global Hawk or a Reaper (drone) overhead between Al-Asad and the town that they captured, al Baghdadi,” he said. “Anything that moves out of al-Baghdadi toward Al-Asad should be destroyed. In addition, we ought to continuously attack al-Baghdadi. In other words, a good offense gives you a great defense.”

Again, the general sees a dithering administration.

“By attacking those troops in al-Baghdadi, they’re going to be fearing for their lives, but I don’t see this being done,” he said. “This is 101 in basic war fighting, and we’re not getting that. I know the Pentagon wants to do that, but they’re not getting support out of the White House. This is being micromanaged out of the White House.”

A new CNN poll reveals 58 percent of Americans now disapprove of the president’s handling of ISIS.

In addition to McInerney’s frustration with the military tactics being employed against ISIS, he is livid over the Obama administration refusing to define the motivation behind the threat. Calling the rise and expansion of ISIS the result of “what happens when good people do nothing to fight evil,” McInerney said the Obama administration is keeping its head in the sand about how the ideology of this movement must be confronted.

“The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is a radical Islamic organization,” McInerney said. “Al-Qaida, which attacked us on 9/11, is a radical Islamic organization. Hamas in the Gaza Strip is a radical Islamic organization. All these organizations that people hear about are radical Islamists. The Iranian government is a radical Islamic organization.”

The general said it is incumbent for President Obama to stop avoiding the elephant in the room and clearly state who and what America is fighting.

“Until the president identifies the threat that we are facing as radical Islam, it makes it very difficult to defeat the threat,” he said. “I just can’t say it any clearer. It’s important that this White House and this president identify the threat for what it is.”

Obama was vacationing in California over the Presidents’ Day weekend. The only White House responses to the ISIS beheadings or Saturday’s terrorist attacks in Denmark came from written statements. In a very short response to the shootings in Copenhagen, a three-sentence statement from a National Security Council spokesperson never referred to terrorism or radical Islam. On Sunday, a statement from White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest referred to the 21 slain Coptic Christians only as “Egyptian citizens.”

McInerney is mystified by the lengths to which the administration goes to avoid references to radical Islam.

“I don’t know. Maybe we have some Islamists embedded in the White House,” McInerney said. “Whatever it is, it is absolutely bizarre. When Charlie Hebdo was attacked in Europe, everybody was calling it radical Islam except our president, who was calling it violent extremists.”

“What is the ideology of violent extremists? I don’t know,” he said. “Are they Irish? Are they Swedes? Who are they? I do know what the ideology of radical Islamists is. It is the Quran, the Hadith and Shariah law. Those are the things that we are fighting against.”

What do YOU think? Are there Islamists embedded in the White House? Sound off in today’s WND poll!

Last week, President Obama requested a new congressional authorization for the use of military force, or AUMF, against ISIS. Some lawmakers are pleased that Obama is consulting Congress on the mission some six months after it began. Others say the scope is too narrow and should not be limited to just the next three years.

McInerney is not impressed by the request.

“He has given a political document,” he explained. “He’s trying to tie the hands of the president who follows him. He is not being aggressive on this because I think it’s a funding thing. His priorities are on domestic policy. It’s not on the global situation. He’s had four secretaries of defense. No president in our history has had four secretaries of defense. We have lost Libya, Syria and now Yemen. Plus, we have really lost Iraq, because that’s now become a proxy state of Iran when we pulled out.”

In just over six years of the Obama presidency, McInerney said the pendulum in the Middle East is swinging in the wrong direction.

“He has completely changed the geopolitical position in the Middle East,” he said. “Egypt is now getting aid from the Russians. Forty years ago, we made a brilliant move when we flipped Egypt from relying on the Soviet Union to the United States and the Western world. This administration has completely reversed that. It’s a disaster.”

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2015/02/top-general-islamists-embedded-in-white-...

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Where Is the Proof that UN Soldiers are Actively Operating on American Soil? Oh, Right Here…

Frank Drover
The Daily Sheeple
August 17th, 2012
Reader Views: 135,523
Comments (136)

As talk of the US government’s police state expansion heats up and the threat of martial law becomes the topic of conversation for many who are concerned about recent legislative actions and Executive branch orders, many Americans remain skeptical that foreign troops have even stepped foot on American sovereign soil.

They argue that there’s no way that we’d allow foreigners access to our military, technology, strategies or tactics.

Where’s the proof that there are thousands of United Nations soldiers and units in America?

It turns out the proof is right here.

Not only are foreign troops under the banner of the United Nations stationed within the continental United States, they are and have been actively training, and not just for traditional military engagements.

As depicted in the following video, troops and personnel under the command of the United Nations have been training all over the United States in joint exercises that include policing operations and terrorist suppression:

The 502nd was in Arkansas practicing house-to-house searches and seizures in a joint U.N. training mission called Agile Provider in the Spring of 1994.

Agile Provider involved 44,000 U.N troops including troops for France and the Netherlands training n the states of Georgia, North and South Carolina, Arkansas, Tennessee.

Yes, UN troops have been trained in this country in the past, but not in brigade strengths and not in domestic support house-to-house searches and seizures.

Many of our Congressman deny that UN troops are being trained in this country at all.

Numerous videos, like the one that follows below, have been made available on the internet and show satellite photos of United Nations vehicles stationed on military bases within the United States – so yes, not only are UN troops being trained in the United States, they would also have UN desginated vehicles already available for operational use should they be called upon to deploy in US cities:

In a report made available at Before It’s News and originally published by Steve Quayle, a reader with inside ties to the US military and DHS warns that thousands of Spetnatz operatives, Russia’s Special Purpose Forces, have been infiltrating the United States:

All of us have heard over the years rumors of foreign troops in the USA. I’ve always been reluctant to mention on-air because I have no way of verifying the reports. I received a call today from a long-time trusted Christian friend whom I have known for many years. The couple is wealthy and well-connected to movers and shakers in the USA and Europe. Trust me, if they want to “name drop” it’s not an exaggeration for them. I was was informed by the wife that they have a friend in DHS who promised to pass on anything significant that would be a sign for immediate preparation. That agent called yesterday. He is hearing talk inside DHS that thousands of Sp….N…Z boys from that place connected to Alaska have been infiltrating from Canada into USA throughout this summer. He estimated the number so far exceeds 20,000 commandos. He advised my friends to take action immediately for food, water, ammo. I told her forget it! You need a plane ticket. The greatest shock to the American people will not be the invasion, but the merger of DHS with the invaders. Then they will understand the purpose of the 750 million rounds of hollow point ammo. Marxist Communist Valery Jarrett is the real power in DHS – not Napolitano. The nation has been compromised and sold out. Colonel Lunev told me in 1999 that the Sp…N…Z…boys will start arriving in large numbers months before the war.

These are not the only reports of foreign troops within the borders of the United States. Alex Jones documented the training of foreign troops in his documentary Police State 2000. During the development of the movie Jones took the following snapshot, which depicts Dutch troops training during operation Urban Warrior:

Foreign troops trained alongside US Marines, practicing taking over American cities, rounding up American civilians and imprisoning them in barbed wire “containment” camps. Conditioning of the troops included having the actors posing as US citizens beg them for food and loudly proclaim that their Constitutional Rights were being violated. The troops were trained to ignore these pleas and accept them as part of “urban warfare.” (source: Infowars)

Video excerpt of Police State 2000 (full movie here) showing foreign troops in the US:

(Interviews of soldiers and training exercises begin at 3:00)

Thus, despite arguments to the conrary from Congressman and average Americans alike, foreign troops have and are training on US soil, they are operating under the banner of the United Nations, and they are involved not in conventional war operations, but operations that include the searching of homes, the detainment of non-combatants and the controlling of mass populations in large metropolitan areas.

As recently as April 2012 the Defense Department confirmed that foreigners would be operating within the United States as reported by Alex Thomas:

The drills, which will take place throughout May, mark the first time that Russian and US troops will train along side each other on American soil and correlate with a long line of Foreign military’s training to take on the American people.

Interestingly, Russia is actually conducting a joint naval training exercise with Communist China at this very moment.

(Source: The Intel Hub)

This particular anti-terrorism exercise was designed to simulate a take-over of Denver International airport.

So, to answer the question, where is the proof that UN troops and foreign soldiers are training and stationed in the United States?

The proof is everywhere – you just have to be willing to accept it.

Special thanks to N.O. for sharing his research for this report

Delivered by The Daily Sheeple

Contributed by Frank Drover of The Daily Sheeple.

Frank Drover is a co-editor and contributor for The Daily Sheeple, an alternative media hub for leading headlines, head lies, opinion, and commentary. Wake the flock up!

This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to www.TheDailySheeple.com.

- See more at: http://www.thedailysheeple.com/where-is-the-proof-that-un-soldiers-...
Foreign troops have been training on American soil for years. What I posted was dated 2012. I couldn't get the videos to transfer but there on their website.

Is there anybody here that can vet the ID of this individual?  With all that I am hearing from this side of the coin....anybody speaks up is, well, uh, gonna find themselves dead at worst and a big huge target on them at best.

The Patriot Report did a recon in Dayton, OH a couple of years ago and they found Russian Troops acting like Civilian's all over that area, and they had been informed that 20K Russian Troops are in the Dayton area.  That's why they did the recon in first place.

"Maybe" Embedded ?     ONLY 58 % !

A lot of us have noticed the Imbedding of forces here in the US for awhile. Last fall, we noticed several UN soldiers in the Davis Monathan AFB commissary. They have privileges? My husband thinks they were Ecuador, I thought Nicaragua. Most of the women walked right by them in line. They were speaking Spanish, not English.
Even our Pastor is now getting worked up about the betrayal we are seeing. Most of the Vets I know would follow the military, even cops we know would, but the oath seems to mean little to most people, the oath to defend this country against all enemies foreign and domestic. I know it still means something to the sentinels guarding the tomb of the Unknown soldier, because they are always out there, and they guard the dead. What about the living?
I hear talk that those 300 Marines if unleashed could take out all those Isis forces pissing them off. I just worry this administration will tie their hands and leave them to die over there. I mean those in charge always choose a lie over honor.. Some say that that would wake up America. But the WH controls MSM. This week they are going to tie up the internet. They want to take away our meat. They will use the TPP to take away our sovereignty.
You know they are now trying to tell us Jesus walked on ice, a freak storm. I guess they forgot about global warning as an excuse. Their reasoning is illogical. Right is wrong and someone's feelings will be hurt-that is their arguments. If you don't understand God, you should, for if that nerve gas spill in Kentucky (they cut the men at that base from around 850 to 75) wasn't controlled by God's intense cold streak, well, let's just say it would have been hard to cover up. If good men and women will stand up for righteousness and Justice, God will be with them, if not, well you just might meet The Lord sooner than later. Yes, they have two billion rounds of ammo, drones and modern warfare - scary, but if God be for you, who can be against you. Allah may be on Obama's side, but God isn't.
Homosexuality, murdering babies via abortion, encouraging promiscuity, sex slave trade, drug and alcohol abuse, and the worship of idols including the moon or sun god is spitting in the face of The Lord God. So if you pray, pray hard that good men will rise up under The Lord's protection (to prevent Brietbarting and blackmail) before we all go gently into that hellish night. And just to show you how much America wants those good men, in my town, American Sniper was selling out all showings. The theaters were packed, even though Hollywood was angry. Even the Elites know, they may have money and power, but God may say to them at any time, " TODAY is the soul required of thee!"

Sandra, be glad that your pastor is speaking out about it.  If he can enlighten 2 or 3 other pastors and they speak out....etc, we could have a chance at doing a Jericho type march around WH and the building holding congress.  It is HIGH TIME that the church starts to speak again....we got too many Christians just sitting back and watching and really don't see the need for DC to hear their voice or see them rejecting some of the crap that comes out of DC.  The pastors are supposed to be the watchmen on the wall.....but they are failing miserably.

As for the internet thing....uhm....that one is gonna have to be boiled down for me.  I am not that tech saavy.

What's with Briet Bart?

BTW--in heaven it won't be Budda we see nor will it be Alla......IT WILL BE JESUS CHRIST SITTING ON THE THRONE.

Anne, "the internet thing" refers to the FCC's intent to regulate the internet as a "utility," just as they regulate other utilities such as electricity.  They are covering their shenanigans by calling it "net neutrality."  Just Google it (or use a different search engine that does not track you, such as DuckDuckGo).   As for Breitbart, there is a strong belief that he was murdered rather than suffering a natural death because of his exposure of the lies of the Federal Government.



Here is an email from "Demand Progress" in support of net neutrality.

It's so anomalous for DC to actually do what the people want that the Republicans are investigating how the hell it happened.

Call the key Net Neutrality opponents in Congress and tell them to ....

Now that the FCC's moving in the right direction on Net Neutrality, the cable and phone companies have turned their attention to a new target: Congress.

Their tactic? Stall the FCC. In the last few weeks we've seen outright calls for a delay on the vote, legislation that would undermine the agency's authority, and a Republican-led campaign to investigate the process Chairman Tom Wheeler used to craft the rules.  

One thing's for certain: If Wheeler were bowing to Big Cable, the Republicans wouldn't be launching an investigation to find out why.

We can't let Congress jeopardize the future of the Internet in an attempt to score partisan points. This stops now.

Click here to call the Net Neutrality opponents in Congress and tel....

We've put together a list of the worst offenders in the House and Senate — all you need to do is enter your phone number on this page and we’ll connect you. You might not be connected to your member of Congress, but these are the people who need to hear from real Net Neutrality supporters.

People nationwide have urged the FCC to protect Internet users — and that’s exactly what it’s poised to do. Congress shouldn’t try to block the FCC by pushing bad bills or hauling the FCC into hearings to defend the plan millions have called for.

The opposition has woken up its base and we’re seeing more and more industry lies circulating online. Companies like Comcast and AT&T will stop at nothing to destroy Net Neutrality now that we’re so close to winning. We can’t let them get away with this.

Click here to call Congress now.

And if you can't make a call... could click here and chip in $10 to help us continue our activism?  We rely on support from activists like you. 

Let's not let the ISPs snatch away our hard-earned victory.

-Demand Progress

I really have to disagree with you on this one, Thomas.  I truly fear this is a move that will eventually eviscerate the freedom of the internet.  The FCC cannot be trusted, IMO.  The ONLY reason more and more Americans are learning the truth is the freedom of the internet and these moves will stop that in its' tracks.

I just did a tiny bit of research on Demand Progress and found the following about its' founder, David Segal, on WikiPedia.  He is a progressive through-and-through and voted for John Kerry to run against Bush.  NOT someone to be trusted, IMO!

"Segal's political career began in 2002, following his work as activist in support of a living-wage ordinance and a civilian review board to review accusations of police abuse. Segal ran as a Green for the Providence City Council and was elected to the Providence City Council, representing Ward One, with approximately 38% of the vote in a four-way general election.

Segal was chairman and founder of the federal political action committee Greens for Impact which helped steer the Green Party to endorse David Cobb rather than Ralph Nader, and ran a national media and direct-mail campaign in 2004, encouraging Greens and progressives in swing states to fight the re-election of George W. Bush by voting for John Kerry, and promoting electoral reform.[citation needed]

Following a party switch to the Democratic Party, Segal won the party primary election for state representative in Rhode Island House District 2 with 68.5 percent of the vote on September 12, 2006. Segal faced no partisan opposition on the November 7, 2006, state general election.[2] Segal was re-elected in 2008, again winning 68.4% of the Democratic primary vote.[3]

During his tenure in the Rhode Island House of Representatives, Segal was a member of the Environment and Natural Resources Committee as well as the Judiciary Committee. He previously served on the Corporations Committee. He has sponsored and overseen the passage of legislation promoting renewable energy and public transit, reform of the criminal justice system, progressive taxation, maintenance of social services, equitable school funding, and more. He was secretary of the House of Representatives' progressive caucus during the 2009-2010 sessions. The Providence Phoenix declared him "The Hippest Guy in State Government".[4]"

The following shows donors to his campaigns - a WHOLE lot of unions contributed!


Judith....I applaud you for doing your own research.  This means you are doing what you are supposed to be doing on these issues....your own homework.  With all of that said....Wiki is the worst possible place to cite for research and this is because ordinary people can go in and change the contents of the pages.  It is good, however, to use as a starting point for research.

You are correct about Wiki, particularly if you see the notation "citation needed."  I try to follow the links to the reference documents to verify it.



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