Top US Generals say Obama killing America

Listen to this shocking 41-minute interview with Retired U.S. Air Force Lt. General Thomas McInerney and Retired U.S. Army General Paul Vallely.

The generals say Obama and his staff are dumbest national security leaders America has ever had, and they have put America in grave danger. They say Obama has changed the US position from fighting terrorism to aiding and comforting terrorism.

They say Obama may cause a Constitutional Crisis if he continues to refuse to protect the American people from the threat of ISIS and radical Islam. They say, if this occurs, it may be necessary for the US Military to remove Obama from office. (322)

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Way over-stayed his visa!!!!  :)

Congress won't remove him. The courts will justify him.  What does that leave in our defense?  If the military will not defend us from a domestic terrorist, then it will be up to We The People  I hope the military has a strategy that will free us from the terror that is coming.

Irrefutable evidence screams out Obama is evil.

How evil?

Look to the Old Testament Scriptures for help.

What was the key factor for God to destroy a people??? Over and over and over...

Homosexuality. Over and over and over.

What if the highest office practiced this???

It does. Michelle Obama is a man. NO JOKE. This spells real trouble. It is a sign God wants us to act upon.

Certainly what the two generals say here is critical. But, how critical is highly emphasized by the facts stated above.

Yet, everyone is terrified to acknowledge Obama is queer. It should cause such revulsion that it gets blasted across the airwaves.

Scripture says, "The man of perdition will have no affection for woman."


Yep.....that's who "he" is!  Although the B-asic I-nstruction B-efore L-eaving E-arth  says that the AC is supposed to come out of Tour-Key, "he" may just move there upon special invite or something! 

Joan Rivers paid a dear price for announcing Obama is queer and Moochelle is a transgender right before she exited.

Did you see it?

:)))))) (@queer) Yep, an extra one that got deep-sixed!

We need the generals to do their job NOW........
Your absolutely right Lady, up until about a decade ago I was one of those people!!!! How many Americans take the time to investigate things like this. These userpers are true. "Wordsmiths", using nuansical differences in meanings to change the whole definition. We see this plainly in the area of Law. The Rothchilds, the Rockefellers, etc established the Federal Reserve. And by the way the interest on the money we borrow is NEVER fully repaid!! That takes loans sharking to a whole new level!!

Michael....I learned this years ago from Pat Robertson on CBN. And funny enough, I heard him say it again a few days ago.  If only people would pay attention! They did away with the gold standard and they just print the paper!!! On the money it even says FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE (I gotta go check, but I'm sure that's what it says). And,  the money used to say something about THE GOLD STANDARD or something like that!   :)

Forrest. You are right on the money. Research the Rorhchilds further they go back and have been planning this for hundred of years and all their posterity are involved . As far as money goes you might want to go to OAS website and read what Mose and others have posted on alternative currencies. There are other safe choices out there, I'm still learning about them but there are those on that site who are well informed. And your right about good old down to earth God Fearing Gun owning, hard working country folks! We all need a bit of that in our lives, become more self -sustaining, not using their fiat currency, not borrowing at interest, getting off the grid. This things will effect the elites bottom line but will also put you in a better position for what's coming. I'm do glad to see your researching these things out for yourself. The truth is shocking, but we should not be surprised, Satan is the CEO and if you want to truly know the end game, read Revelations. Here's to Freedom!!!
Lady. Since the fall in the Garden, so much evil has taken place and so much more is yet to come before God restores all things unto himself. I've often asked God why this is so. I've had talks with my Pastors and my Seminary professors and other Christians. A lot have said, "Gods ways are not our ways". Others have said, "God has given man free will and this is the outcome of sinful mans free-will. I think these are valid points. God is patient, long-suffering, desiring none should perish, but that all would come to repentance. All this is true. But I would like to add one other idea. One I have long thought and prayed about, and that's that we humans have NO idea just how horrible sin really is. If we really knew how terrible it was and really knew the consequences of disobeying God we would not transgress the way we so often do. The fact that we are fallen and our mind is effected by sin keeps us from truly knowing how horrible sin is and the consequences it has played throughout the history of mankind. I don't think we will truly understand how terrible it is until we see Jesus in the face. I pray, and especially for myself that we might see more clearly.

The closer you draw to God the closer He draws to you. PERIOD.

Your questions are likely too much to expect a well thought out answer.

My advice is immerse yourself in Scripture and only stop for air when you turn blue.



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