Constitutional Emergency


Barack Obama has committed treason against the United States of America.  He has released from captivity avowed enemies of the United States, the barbaric, inhumane murders below, and to make it worse, he has used the excuse to release them as obtaining the release of an American citizen who is a deserter of the United States Army.

What has Congress done so far?  Absolutely nothing of consequence.  Leadership in the US House of Representatives are staggering around trying to find their a.. from a hole in the ground.

Thank God the State of Virginia has shown the rest of America the "light" that is the beginning stages of removing our nation from the darkness descending over us by voting out one of the top republicans, Rep Cantor.

OAS has been calling, and continues to do so, the removal of Obama, Biden, Reid, McConnell, Boehner, Pelosi, and Holder........we take satisfaction that God has already worked through "boots on the ground" in removing Rep Cantor. 

Pray that OAS and others will continue steadfast in our efforts to demand Congress return to their constitutional responsibility, honor their oaths, recommit themselves to Founding Father principles, and "we the people" continue to demand our rights as ordained to us from our Creator.

Let is now commit to removing the "establishment Senator" in Mississippi.

Finally.  Barack Obama must GO.........he has stepped over the line that no citizen of the United States can tolerate...if your Senator or Representative says anything different, makes more excuses, then they have to GO........we're fed up, we've had it with gutless, cowardly, self-serving lawlessness in Washington, D.C.

Let's make a list of those that we will fight tooth and nail you duty at

Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret

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Sir i have emailed about all at FOX i can including rush, mark levin, michael savage to get OAS advertised and also to Chris Stirewalt at foxnewsfirst an online thing i get so i am out there, i have sent emails and letters to over 300 members of congress reminding them who they work for.

now his cloward & piven strategy at the border and ignoring of art iv sect 4 and the fed immig laws here is the cure for that ship them to DC to the WH c/o obama and hitler reid let them pay and take them and the o/12 mil and get sgt tahmooressi out of that mexican hell hole and seal the border i am sure your men who i met at this event would agree.   

yes sir treason he has been at war w/America and her people since day freaking one

good for you Bonnie, I do the same and Fox has ignored all of us who have been bombarding them with emails. I too email every single one of them and am shocked that not one of them has had anything about OAS on their programs. I think they are being told by their higher ups to keep quiet about it. I did not expect O'reilly, to mention it but I did expect Hannity, Gretta and Megan Kelly to.

AMERICA,  WE the People of the United States have an obligation, akin to all who have served in the Armed Forces, to "defend the United States Constitution against ALL enemies both foreign and domestic"!  We have a domestic enemy sitting in the White House.  How many more illegal acts is Obama going to get away with?  For the love of GOD Almighty, wake-up and take action (call your Senators, Representatives) for removal of this tyrant and get our country, the United States of America, back to following the United States Constitution.

You are 100% right Sir. Our Oath's have NO expiration date. The same oath I have taken twice in my life. Just because we are older does not mean we don't have the same skills and training we received in the Armed Forces. We may be a little slower in the field but, this old Vet will go toe to toe with anyone with a .50 BMG at a one mile 'target'. We can still lead! We can still plan & execute.We can still train anyone interested, the RIGHT way to fight in a Combat setting!

Dear Friends, PLEASE, lean on your Veterans! We WANT to help! We CAN help keep you alive and teach you things you will never learn at any 'survival training'.

Welcome Home Brother and, thank you for your Service!

As a young soldier and during my 12 years of service I knew what my oath meant.  I was willing to die for my country but I didn't know exactly why, I thought I knew then, in hindsight I'm not sure.  For a young man to die for his country is absolutely the ultimate sacrifice, but now as an old man (still a soldier at heart) dying doesn't seem like such a big deal.  My wife asked me not to go to DC on May the 16th, she said what if you have another heart attack?  I replied, I would rather die doing something worth while than sitting on my ass ina LazyBoy.  I feel that if conservatives take the senate in the mid-term elections and nothing is done after that, we must resort to a forced take over of this so called government.  Thank ya'll for listening.   Ole Sarge 101sr Abn Div. RVN, DAV and OAS (DC) Vet

Mr. Grissam (Ole Sarge)

First, let me thank-you for your service.  I am also a USAF Res. Vet of 20 years (Post Viet Nam), Desert Storm roll call, and OAS2014 (DC).

Second, I have read hundreds of blogs and a lot of disgruntled Vets are fed-up with this administration of BHO.  Unfortunately with the numbers who committed to OAS2014 (yes, I was there 16 May, and disappointed with the low turn out) I am sure it will be same low turn out, after high number committing, that will show when and if the next level of force.  Stay the course get out and vote this midterm election, vote true conservative and give this tyrant President "hell" his final two years in the White House!  Then vote for a true Patriot who believes in the United States Constitution, as President in 2016 (Not Hillary Clinton she will be continuation of BHO)  

Thank you, bless you, all my respect. I am non-military, but feel the same. I ain't getting on no train to NOWHERE voluntarily.  I saw what happened to the Jews in WWII. Better to die at the door. Take a few enemies with me.

The spokeswoman from the US State Department made the "gentlemen" comment reflects the absolute deceit, betrayal of America by our government.  One could look into the eyes of the lady that made the statement and see the very evidence of intentional guilt...the very essence of purposeful obedience to the god of American destruction........

 You forgot john kerry & john mccain.

 They need to get a U S Marshal & arrest Eric Holder, so he can't protect Obama;!

Henry is on the right path.  NOW, can anyone provide the telephone number to Sheriff Arpaio to me?

I will make the call, and the inquiry, and the request for a citizen's arrest.

Put Barack in pink underwear in tent city..........wait one, he'd probably really like the pink underwear wouldn't he ?



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