Interesting article about a new (to me) movement to prosecute those in congress that have violated the constitution. This could have a bearing on or help in our OAS effort?

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Johnny, as OAS public relations needs have increased, I called to volunteer and help with their needs. I'm still planning to go, I have one cousin and one friend up there. I may try to take my 150cc scooter to help with errands, trips to store for pr and medical team. I'm just trying to contact as many media people as I can to get them to mention this event now and up until it starts. I think once it starts, there will be plenty to cover. Citizens are picking up on this event. Stay faithful. Tom Byars. Personally, I like Rand Paul and Trey Gowdy to be the ticket to straighten out all our constitutional problems.

Mr. Byars, I too supported Rand Paul until I found out he is supporting McConnell for re-election. This makes me very suspicious as McConnell is no REAL conservative. Makes me wonder why Rand Paul would support him.

Rand Paul took a pole to see how his supporting McConnell would affect him. The poll showed people would not support him. He stated there are things he doesn't agree with regarding to his father, Ron Paul. I think he is riding the fence on some of the issues as he is wanting to run for president. More of the proverbial political rhetoric. Tell the people what they want to hear then do as they please once they get into office.

Trey Gowdy is about the ONLY one I trust at this point. I recently emailed him re: the IRS investigation. This man has integrity and character which seems to be very rare these days. He was a prosecutor at one time and I feel he would definitely be an asset to the country.


I do not know about this Zuniga guy or America now. It looks and sounds to me like government trying to stop OAS. They must be getting nervous? It is kind of funny how it talks about holding Congress accountable and prosecuting corrupt Congress. But I didn't see one thing about the corrupt President, Vice President, head of DOJ etc.

I would like to hear what Col. Riley thinks of it all. Is this a bunch of B.S. ? I think so.

I fail to see how this could stop OAS, or even slow it down. If it is BS as you say it will not affect our group, if it is real it may help us. Where could it be used to stop us?

I am not saying it would stop us, but maybe they think it would? We would not have to go if they met our demands beforehand. I just think that maybe they would think that this is meeting those demands. 

I understand what you are saying and it's okay if they think it might slow us down, feeble attempt, I would say.



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