Constitutional Emergency

What are we going to do if the democrats win the midterms and try to impeach our president with the help of that slime bag Mueller...I for one will not stand by and watch it happen..But we need a plan for action to be safe any ideas...

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We are all asking that question George.
If they try to impeach Trump as far as I'm concerned it will signal open season on Democrats, Nothing safe about that.

I believe that will be a "Flash Point" for most of us, Patriots and I for another will NOT allow that to happen, it will be ugly....

Fox News and others are now reporting that Mueller will attempt to subpoena Trump if he refuses to sit down with Mueller for   a "Gotch-ya" trap meeting. If Trump consents to this meeting he is a fool. And if Mueller thinks he can indict a sitting President and it will NOT spark a civil war, then Mueller is a bigger fool than anyone thinks he is.
My advice is for people to be prepared for an all out HOT battle if Mueller tries his crap.

Looks like Twitter has locked my account, apparently they didn't like my recent posts to drudge, Limbaugh, Hannity, and Trump.

What's really going on with the Mueller investigations?|Obstruction of Justice that's what.
By keeping everyone focused on the Mueller Trump investigation they are effectively blocking all investigations into Hillary Clinton and the Uranium-One and all other Clinton scandals. They are hoping to run out the clock on any statute of limitations. Who's behind this cover-up? Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein, and probably A.G. Sessions. They should ALL be charged with obstruction of justice, but that will never happen until the American people figure it out.

The Mueller investigation is all one big distraction, a subversion or diversion.
Remember when Hillary said "You better FIX this F__ k thing or we are all going to prison"? Well this is the FIX. Get the Mueller investigations to drag things out so the people can not focus on her and the uranium-one and other scams. THIS is the Clinton crime machine.

This entire Mueller special counsel investigation is nothing more than the obstruction of justice to keep and prevent anyone from investigating Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration. They are blocking any and all other investigations, they do NOT want anyone investigating Hillary or Obama. Mueller's team of Democrat lawyers are all on a search and destroy mission to destroy any and all evidence leading to Hillary/Obama  crimes, including murder, Uranium-One, and money laundering through the Clinton money foundation.
We should charge Comey, Mueller, and Obama with obstruction of justice, including all 16 Mueller assistant investigators.

THIS is what the Mueller investigations are all about. Search out and destroy all evidence that could lead to Hillary and Obama treason.

We need to advertise , in a BIG way - If you Democrats are thinking about impeaching Donald Trump, get over it. If you try to, we the people of America will come after you.

There is no reason in Congress anylomger. They are just pissed that they lost the election in 2016.

If you are interested in prophecy and believe that GOD still uses prophets, then look on YouTube for Mark Taylor.

We the people of America have taken this country back from the elites and the bankers and the Congress and we will not let go.



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