Nothing makes me sadder to have to break this news to you, we really should think again about backing Trump.  I found out this morning that he is hiding money in Delaware in a loophole to avoid taxes.  He is not alone, Hillary Clinton has done the same, as well as other politicians and businesses.  Can you spell corruption?  I will post the article here, and feel free to check out my FB page, I have confronted Trump about this, and will stay on it all day.  I am posting to him about it, as well as confronting him on his Donald J. Trump FB page.  At this point, after knowing he is involved with the Roman Catholic Church, I really do think he is part of bringing in the NWO.  Think about it.  After 8 yrs. of Obama, the Republicans are starving for a candidate that can fix this nation, and make America, America again.  It is NOT beyond them to put Trump in to get our vote.  The thing I am saying, is this country is much more corrupt than we thought.  If I am wrong on this issue, you can kick my behind.  But I don't think I am.

Trump and Clinton share Delaware tax 'loophole' address with 285,00...

PS: Google Delaware Loophole yourself, so you know this is for real, there are a ton of articles on it.


Michael Giounotti

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Michael.. In my short research so far there is nothing illegal about the Delaware tax loophole of which you speak. Thousands of companies are using its services. I see no attempt at attempting to procecute anyone at this time. If I'm wrong someone please correct me but I can't find anything illegal so far.

Thank you Michael for the note.  The Panama Papers were basically the same thing, google Delaware Loophole.  Something has to be wrong with companies side stepping taxes because of this loophole.  Almost 300,000 companies?  That's a lot of money!  No wonder we pay all the taxes, while they make all that money, and hide it in a loophole.  Let me know what you find out, maybe we all should put our money in Delaware.  Pay no taxes, yea, lets do it!  Something tells me, we would be in a lot of trouble if we did.  So if its legal, whats to stop everyone from doing that?



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