Constitutional Emergency

I just now realized who Donald Trump is. He is the non-republican, Republican. He is the one man party of "I say what I want".,We have lived for years under the delusion that there were differences between the Republicans and the Democrats. In fact, there are none.

Both parties are filled with people who want what they have and are not willing to "rock the boat" to change anything. We voters give them another chance and get the same result.

They have used us to further their agendas and constantly refuse to think of us out here in the middle country as anything other than sheeple.

Trump brings to light the arrogance of the two parties and their ways of controlling us. Trump is not beholding to anyone but his customers (us) He is doing what others will not do. We need to realize that this is very possibly the best thing that could happen to us at this time in history.

A third party was thought to be impossible but a one man third party is possible as we have seen.

He may not be everything we thought we need but he IS our voice and as long as we understand that, we will win this battle for the survival of America.

We need to remind the GOP that we are tired of their nepotism and we want fresh meat in this race.

I am amazed at the stupidity of the GOP thinking they can place one of their own in the spotlight and get any different result at the polls.

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Going Rouge I honor and respect you opinion.. Tell me who do you think of all those who are running will NOT tow the party line? Who are NOT Washington insiders, which one of these professional politicians do you think will upset the apple cart and turn America around? People might not like Trumps approach and his blaitant attacks in both parties but who else is speaking the truth as Trump has with total disregard for popularity polls. I think it's about time someone says apox on both houses. I think what we need is a person like Trump to smak the shit out of both sides of the isle and awaken the sleeping masses. Of course I could be wrong, we could keep thinking our party will turn things around... By their actions I just don't see it. Trump in my estimation is a rebel which is just what we need in this hour, if we're going to save Anerica we all need to become Rebels, towing a party line will accomplish NOTHING... Just my opinion. But I think a person like Trump is our last chance to peacefully turn America around, our only other alternative is out and out rebellion. What say all of you?
Oh calling Trump who is a stanch capitalist a Democrate is as rediculious as calling Obama a Conservative. Come on wake up, what are you thinking???
Going Rouge thanks for that info.... With that ill do some more needed research. What I've see so far is that Trump has done more econically (jobs, Real estate, charitable causes) than the others combined. Trump is a doer, if I were to look at just a persons experience and their track record as to who could create jobs and get us out of this financial moorass were in ID have to say Trump hands down. If you ok with another politician as your solution that's ok it's your choice. I think we need a radical change, someone who is not beholden to the banking eliete. Now Trump might also be under their thumb, but from the flack he's getting from BOTH sides I have my doubts, which if I'm correct he better have good security around him. But I will continue to investigate what you have said. Personally I'm just sick of all the status quo.

No one's talking about what Trump was last year. I believe he has seen this administration was choking his business interests and freedom and decided to finally do something about it.

This is only a personal conjecture but think about it!

G Rouge - I am sorry to say that there is no one like this in America who would enter the race to win.

I am saddened that both parties are like people who would not "trick" on a brother. They all want what they have and are not willing to chance changing the norm (to them)

I am reminded that GOD required the Israelies to fight their enemies and only then would HE intervene in the fight.We can not win unless we enter the fight against evil in America.

Donald Trump loves America..The rest of these people love themselves..With maybe one exception being Scott Walker..The rest of them care only about themselves..When have you seen Donald Trump ever backdown ..He does not need all of their political BULLCRAP..He would never give America away like the KNUCKLEHEAD in the Whitehouse..Hillary Clinton is no more than a bad joke..Along with the rest of the bunch of Washington insiders..This has all got to stop..TRUMP WILL STOP IT..He will tell Hillary right where to go..Will the rest of them do that? NEVER!! It took a lot of blood and a lot of BACKBONE to build America..Washington has NO BACKBONE..These people like Boehner and all of the rest of these SELFISH COWARDS need to be reminded that WE THE PEOPLE OWN AMERICA ..They are all a bunch of phonies..Iam not here to critisize anyone but i would be wary of those who try to tear Donald Trump down..They may not be what they are pretending to be..Sorry if i have offended anyone but i for one have had it with political correctness..

Donald Trump now appears to be back pedaling on illegal immigration and it's starting to look like he may be in favor of amnesty.



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