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If Trump does not start showing some specifics he might as well throw in the towel...He of all people should know that when you get your opponent down that you kick him even harder so he cannot get up at all costs...Trump is trying to play this game like it is all about him....People are going to get fed up if he does not start connecting with them....This is not a television show....He did not show up at the Heritage Foundation Q AND A today ...He says that he had a very important business deal that he had to tend to.....WHAT? You are running for President you cannot blow off an important function like the Heritage Foundation...  What does he think his supporters are going to think about him blowing off the Heritage Foundation to take care of a personal business issue... You either want to be President or you do not....Iam a solid Trump supporter and that is why iam so pissed off at him.....I pray he has not blown it....WAKE UP DONALD....Stop with the personal attacks and start getting down to business...This is not a popularity contest.....

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George Massu,

Trump is probably getting squeezed by more than just the press and GOP.  It was disappointing that he did not attend the debate event.  His townhall event was better that the CNN sponsored debate - according to the reports - but the press and everyone still had a problem with that.  He really needs to shake out the cob webs and regroup and talk specifics rather than be the entertainer in charge.

I agree with both comments.  I was late getting on board with Trump.  I thought he was just blowing steam at first and his bankruptcies bothered me.  Then he appeared to get serious and I became interested.  Now that it's time to get down to, at least a few, specifics, he's back to blowing steam.  Not sure where I'll turn, though.  Dr. Carson seems nice but not sure he's got the personality to stand up to the terrorists.  Fiona has that terrible HP debacle, crashing that company into the sea.  Her business record is even worse than George W Bush and we know how the economy went under him.  She talks a good game, though.  I like Cruz but I don't think he's got a chance.  He's made too many enemies, even in his own party.  Plus I'm not sure about his Canadian birth.  Trump appears to have what it takes to run things, but, when it's time to show his cards, he keeps bluffing.

George, the sad truth is that when given enough time and in the right light, the true colors of a person become more visible. Not to say whatever the reason for Trump blowing off his scheduled appearance was not valid, but it is like an athlete in training for the Olympics trying to prepare for winning the gold, the single-minded drive and determination is a constant, always on effort. To be fair, even the special meetings, dinners or other scheduled events of every administration has sometimes required taking a rain check. 

With a personality such as Trump's and in the political arena, there will be constant attacks at every turn, from all sides and with increased intensity as the campaign progresses closer to the nomination. Trump is beginning to sound like a typical politician who spews forth the same spiel and rhetoric from every stump. I wish he would start by stating the facts such as, "When (not IF) I am elected your President, I will do such and such by [explanation]". I am sick of hearing, " I'm gonna build a wall at the border". Maybe he should say, "As your President, in order to keep this nation safe, I will create 10,000 jobs by having a barrier constructed along our southern border that will inhibit the influx of persons trying to enter our country illegally." A little more tacit and the positive aspect. He could add,"If people want to enter our country we welcome them and will provide an opportunity for them to do so legally so they can always be accounted for thus protecting them and our citizens". It is easier to catch flies with honey than it is with vinegar.I really believe Trump would do better if he were to just stick to saying and doing those things consistent with getting his message across and leaving the criticism of the others competing with him to their own devices. A leader, a true and effective leader, will stay focused on  leading. This period of time is one where the people are always watching and judging the candidates by not only what they say but also by what they do. A very critical time when leadership skills must be clearly demonstrated. Your advise to Donald is sound advise and he would do well to heed it.

I will close this reply by sharing a personal story from my past while serving in the Army that could be used by Trump and others. I had the privilege of being the driver for my Company Commander which included making sure "his" jeep was always detailed to the point where it would stand out among the other Company's vehicles while on maneuvers or at parade events. Before an upcoming event I was asked by the Commander if I would be sure to apply a double coat of wax. I replied I was 'gonna' take care of it when I was called to Attention with heels locked  by my Commander and received a very important lesson that has stuck with me throughout my life and which I have shared with others when the occasion presented itself. (I would share this lesson with most of the candidates after listening to their recitals). Captain Carter told me, "always remember that "gonna" never got anything done. Either you will or you won't do something. So don't give me that I'm gonna routine". In listening to the candidates you will hear them say they are "gonna" do this or that. I would rather hear them announce that they WILL do this or that and not I'm GONNA. Salute.     

Patriot Vet,

I like your account of 'gonna' in the Army.  I will use that the next time the kids say they are gonna cut the lawn or they are gonna shovel the snow - especially since they want me to pay them - I'll tell them I'm gonna pay them.  ;-)

In the Navy, if we were told (ordered): "... be sure to apply a double coat of wax.", the only correct reply we could give was "Yes Sir (or Ma'am)".  Any other reply would have bought us a dirty look, a lecture and/or a session of I.T. (Incentive Training).  :-D 

From what I've heard the Pope is against America building the border fence/wall.  Uhuh, what about that wall around Vatican City?  Reminds me of the gun control politicians having armed guards all day - but want to take away our gun rights. 

Iam a devout Catholic so what iam about to say may sound hypocritical ...But i do not like this Popes views..He came from a country that was at the very least a very strict socialist structure....He seems to have brought that with him....GOD FORGIVE ME IF IAM WRONG....

George, you are free to speak your mind and express your views. As a devout Catholic you are probably qualified to be able to recognize the inner qualities of the Pope. I have come across articles by many who say they suspect the Pope is the Anti Christ and fulfilled a prophesy when Pope Benedict XVI abruptly resigned. If true that would fall in line with what has been going on in the world. Please vist this link and surmise what you will.



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