Constitutional Emergency

President Donald Trump says it's time to reopen the US economy.
And Pelosi and the Democrats can't wait to blame Trump for all of this.

At this point it really doesn't matter whether the Coronavirus was released by accident or if it was deliberate, One thing we all know for sure is that the people who hate President Trump have taken every advantage of this situation to blame him for it all and to do what ever they can to destroy the booming Trump economy. Pelosi and her bunch of left-wing radicals will do anything to blame Donald Trump for this drop in our economy, the drop in employment rates, and for the deaths of thousands of people around the world, including many Americans.
They claim that Trump waited too long to close the immigration from China, all while they were doing everything possible to stop him from doing just that.
At the same time they claim that President Trump closed the immigration from China based solely on the death of only one person. But if Trump hadn't issued the travel ban when he did the Democrats would have blamed him for not doing enough to stop the spread of this virus.

They have attempted to put Trump and his administration into a "Damned of you do-damned if you don't" situation.
We know where this virus came from, but we don't really know why or how it was released. But we do know that the Democrat Communist news propaganda machine has been doing everything they can to hype it up and make the American people believe it's much worse than it really is. Now these same people will try to defeat President Donald Trump based on his "Poor" economy and massive unemployment because of his efforts and actions. They will try to claim Trump "Busted" the limits on the US debt with his massive relief budgets while ignoring the facts that Nancy Pelosi took every advantage to stuff the Democrat agenda policy into those relief bills.

Now that Trump is trying to reopen America and our economy these same people will attempt to blame him for every American death that occurs from that day forward. They literally can't wait for another American to die from the covid-19 virus so they can blame it all on Trump.

Patriots For America tried to warn people three years ago that the Communists and those who HATE America would do ANYTHING to defeat President Donald J. Trump. And that still holds true to today.
There is no telling what they have planed next but you can bet they will blame Trump for it.

WAKE UP AMERICA. It's time to fight for our liberties, our freedoms, and to preserve, protect, and defend our Constitution.

If we don't do it now - it will ALL be gone, forever.

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