Constitutional Emergency


Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and all the freedom hating crowd continue to destroy our nation by coddling the Islamic butchers with minority status protection.

Americans are being killed because Barack Obama policies hamstring federal agencies from taking measures to protect our citizens.  Hillary Clinton is supporting more of the same.

If the "muslim-in-chief" in the White House makes a statement that "guns" are the problem impacting the Orlando, FL murder rampage,  he should be arrested as displaying complete insanity, hauled off and incarcerated under psychiatric care.

It would also be appropriate for Romney, Ryan and a few others to join Obama in the same cell.

You can take issue with Trump in some of his antics, but he is the only one with the courage to say, feel it, and commit to doing it through a voice that resonates as getting to the root of the problems in America.

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America, the homeland we cherish and love............teeters on the abyss of destruction, with impact so great perhaps only those of us who have experienced fox-hole combat can comprehend.

We have experienced a small glimpse of the chaos to come during 911 2001, Ben Ghazi, San Bernardino, Orlando, and other incidents...the facts are clear, without wringing our hands in doubt.

The issue before us is the options to begin reversing the disaster, who is best equipped to do it?.

We have had nearly 8 years to evaluate the direction of Obama and Clinton Administration....there are two schools of thought involved.  We either support or oppose the ideology/policy being followed by Obama/Clinton. We need to make a choice and do it now.

If Trump is the solution given the two presidential choices, then we need to stop any and all attacks on Trump and focus all our energy on declaring Hillary Clinton as the enemy and sure destruction of freedom in America.

Trump gets my vote.  

Don't forget the Senate Leader McConnell.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I reference the naturalization act of 1790 and its amendments. The Farther was not a natural born citizen or even a citizen   so obummer can not be a natural born citizen so therefore he should not be where he is. McCain was vetted but not obummer. Where was our SACRED mbrs of OUR CONGRESS??

"57" States, OMG.... With that I'm not even going to respond. You don't like Trump, I get it, so pull the lever for Hillary and be done with it already.

James....if you can't figure it out, please don't burden PFA.  Ask someone else that hasn't answered dozens of times.

James, Please go back and read the Constitution. You obviously don't have a clue about what "Natural-Born-Citizen" means and what it DOES NOT mean.Natural Born Citizen has nothing to do with the mother's place of birth. It has in fact very little to do with the place of birth of any of these candidates.

None of these candidates FATHERS were US citizens AT THE TIME OF THEIR (the candidates) birth.

Ted Cruz's FATHER did not become a US Citizen until long after Ted was born.

If his FATHER had been a US citizen at the time of his (Ted) birth it would not matter even if he were born in Canada.

Now go back and try reading the Constitution again. And if you really want to push the issue go ahead and read the 14th amendment again. Because this is what they are all using to claim eligibility. (anchor babies claim)

The 14th amendment describes who will be considered a US citizen based on the status of WHERE they were born and also to whom they were born, (Anchor babies or born to a US citizen mother.) BUT it does NOT define nor REDEFINE the tern NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.

And really- James - "57" States !!?? What Islamic state were YOU born in?

enough of this ignorance.

No I missed that statement, but because I did does not make me ignorant SON!! Geeze... Do you disparage everyone who dosen't agree with you?? If you do your life must be very stressful. Take care of yourself James. Try to rest in the fact that it's not your job to correct the world that task belongs to God. Maybe try to spend some time in His Word each day and meditate on the fact that we are all in much bigger hands than our own. Remember we are all sojourners here on earth and none of us have walked this way before. Finally remember, Mercy triumps over judgement.
James.. I went off what you wrote, you didn't say anyone else stated it. One can only go off what you said. To assume someone else said it would be a presumption on my or any others part. But I doubt in your state of mind you can see the logic of my statement. I'm a simple man if you say something I'm going to believe you said it unless you say otherwise, which to a simple person is just common sense. And as far as showing mercy, we're not being unmerciful to you we are only stating our opinions in relation to your statements in this case NBC, which Old Rooster again went over what we have spoken on ad nausium. Being merciful does not mean you have to agree with others even if you believe they are wrong. That would be forsaking the Truth for the purpose of agreeing which would be in itself wrong.
Truth withstands the light and if what you believe does not square with what others are saying then you need to further investigate your believes as well as investigating the facts that others are presenting in opposing your position. This is how we come to know the Truth for the Truth can stand against all opposition. No one person has a handle on all Truth, that's why the Scripture says, "In a multitude of counsellors there is safety". The best advise I can give you, if your able to recieve it is to stay teachable........ When your green you grow. When your ripe you rot!!!

An furthermore, Trump's mother certainly was a U.S. citizen at the time the Donald was born. 

Not true.  Birthers believe that both parents must be U.S. citizens when their child is born on American soil, in order for that child to be a natural born citizen.  I think you need to do some research on natural born citizen, because you really don't understand it.  Birthers believe exactly what is stated in the Constitution, and the further interpretation made by Vattel. 

James again you make a false assumption. According to you anyone who changes their opinion is somehow wrong... Let me respectfully remind you the only thing constant in life apart from God is "Change". Coming to know Truth is an ongoing, unfolding process. In the course of my life I have changed my opinions, views and beliefs on almost everything outside of the exact sciences, i.e. Mathamatics. When you disallow change you disallow growth. Even Gods Revelation to man from Genesis to Revelation was a continued, progressive, unfolding Revelation. Jesus told His disciples, "I have many things to tell you, but you cant bare them now". I'm not trying to get you to change your views on Trump, I'm hoping to cause you to look at the way you view things, how you come to your conclusions. I think your in so deep you can't see the forest for the trees. Just my opinion.
James.... You and I will both answer to God. But He will not ask us how we voted, but how we Loved. God is merciful realizing that we are but dust and even as Christians we sin daily and are in need of forgiveness. Contray to your opinion God isn't going to "Punish" me for voting for Trump. By your words I know you'd like to see God bring the hammer down on my but it ain't going to happen. You can't intimadate me or frighten me, I've walked with God for over 45 years, he has used me to bring a number of people to Christ, he has used me to free several from demonic bondage. He has used me to educate people on the Word of God. He has used me to establish churches. So please save your terror for someone else. "Terror is for Children".



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