Tim Harrington and I wrote this book about YOU and for YOU.... one way or another, 2016 promises to be a historic pivotal year for the USA. "The people" must fully understand what and who they are fighting and how to win.... or they will lose!

If the people lose this time - they will lose their country for good!

Every American needs to know what we put in this book... It's not about the man... It's all about the movement! What we put in this book, you will find nowhere else... We tell the story the enemy within does not want you to know!


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Give us the first page J.B.


Above is a direct link to the book preview.... we put critical information in this book that very few people know and nobody else would tell. Without this information, "the people" have no idea who and what they are fighting or how to defeat them.

Is they try that , we need to let them know that ALL HELL is going to break loose. We do not riot or cause destruction but with emails and phone call we can let these crooks know that this time we will not sit still and let the Republicans run us over.

We ned to start calling right now, before the convention, to let them know we are tired of this crap.We the PEOPLE of America "are mad as hell, and we are not going to take it any more".

The supreme courts ruling today on the use of race in college admissions should be a spash of cold water in the face of the "Never Trump" people. This also shows the great damage to the court of the passing of Justice Scalia.
And with this sit-in on the house floor by the Demorats.... Where's the Sargrent-At-Arns? Isnt part of his job to restore order in the house? Paul Ryan if he had any balls should stand up and say, " You lost, game over" instead he lets this crap go on. I'm so done with the Republican Party. I'm voting for Trump not because he's on the Republican ticket, but because he's an outsider. These moves by the Republican Party to defeat Trump I predict will ultimatly defeat the whole of the party, their just too stupid to see it. If they don't have a come to Jesus moment and realize we're sick of them to the same degree as the Demorats it's over....



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