Two years after the greatest loss is Navy SEAL history, the downing of Extortion 17 on 6 August, 2011, the story is about to be told as only a father of a SEAL on-board that mission can tell it.



Two years after the greatest loss is Navy SEAL history, the downing of Extortion 17 on 6 August, 2011, the story is about to be told as only a father of a SEAL on-board that mission can tell it. 

NALC has worked with Billy and Karen Vaughn to vet everything in the story of Extortion 17 and as the finishing touches are being placed in the book, publisher talks are underway.

To learn more about Billy and his son Aaron Vaughn, the book and how the SEAL's were betrayed by their own government on that fateful day in Afghanistan, click here or on the book cover. Use the donate button to support the Vaughn's while visiting.

The book Betrayed details events that unfolded on 6 August, 2011 ending in the greatest loss of human life in Navy SEAL history, what went wrong and how it should have been avoided. This book will be the first footstep down in a long legal battle ahead.

Billy and Karen Vaughn, supported by a number of other SEAL families and numerous other Navy SEAL's have set out not for vengeance, but for justice, for son Aaron and all on-board Extortion 17... They have set a course to make sure that our men and women in uniform are never betrayed again.

NALC attorney's represent the Vaughn family in this effort and the road ahead is long and expensive. NALC is providing expert military analysis, investigation, research and advice, along with legal counsel on the Vaughn's mission. NALC is handling this case at no charge to the Vaughn family.

This means that the financial support for NALC from USPU and VDA members and special donors is a critical part of this mission, allowing NALC to represent the Vaughn's in their quest to expose the truth about Extortion 17 and hold those who are responsible for the wrongful death of these brave young men, fully accountable.

With the expressed permission of Billy and Karen Vaughn, we ask for your financial support on behalf of the Extortion 17 mission.

We also ask on behalf of other NALC missions underway on Benghazi, Election Fraud, States Rights and ongoing Middle East gun-running by the current administration, to name only a few initiatives.

NALC is funded only with your help.

We want to thank all who have helped make the NALC operation possible with your past support and ask ALL to take a moment to learn more about the Vaughn Family story and NALC, and JOIN the FIGHT for truth and justice.


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DONE! Thanks Twana!!


God.Bless.all.those who are.committed to bringing.Accountability into this tragic incident because these brave men deserve the respect and dignity of TRUTH ! And that is JUSTICE for ALL !

I saw the documentary that these brave warriors parents put out and it really chaps my rump that our muslim in chief has his hands all in this pie. I have just been wondering when some old patriot will say enough is enough and put a stop to this mess once and for all since congress does not seem to have the backbone to do their job. Either that or they are in on the obvious plot to turn America into a communist/muslim nation.


Johnny,  I'll  ditto  your complete  statement,  their  hands  are  dirty  in  Congress,  not  being  washed  away,  even  with  Goof--off..!! 

I'm passing this on to the paternal grandmother of my grandson in Virginia.  Her nephew is a Navy Seal and probably knows about the, but still would like to be sure to get the word out to all!!!

If one of my sons were killed, by an act of treason, the last thing in the world I would be doing is cashing in on a book.  I love my sons enough to know what God would expect me to do.



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