Constitutional Emergency

Tyranny and Elitism Replace the Rule of Law 
by Dr. Alan Bates, MD.
Obama’s Czars and their cronies in the U.S. Senate have replaced the rule of law with tyranny since they believe they are above the Constitution.  The train left the station three years ago when socialists who call themselves ‘secular progressives’ rubberstamped a  Socialist Democrat-dominated Congress by buying the highest office in the land with money the origins of which remain obscure despite numerous attempts by legitimate organizations such as Judicial Watch to obtain this information  through FOIA requests (Freedom of Information Act).    A  Muslim empathizer bred in Indonesia with no substantive life experience except sponging off the system and ‘community organizing’ against American businesses,  and much of whose past  remains an enigma  hidden by the mainstream press and his own multimillion dollar cover-up,  was elected by a slim majority largely engineered by his long-term socialist and anarchist cronies through the likes of  ACORN---now reorganized under ‘Project Vote’ which currently is funded  ‘under the table’  by taxpayers and truckloads of donations collected by the Obama election campaign from foreign and domestic supporters of  anarchy and  Marxism.  
Since his election, Obama and socialist engineers in Congress have illegally passed Obamacare over vocal objections of the American people.  Obama singlehandedly has shut down development of America’s vital energy resources choosing instead to reward his supporters with billions of dollars of taxpayer money stolen from the Treasury in the name of ‘green energy’.  Many of those ideologically-based companies now litter our landscape in bankruptcy and we, the taxpayers, shoulder the losses.  Obama and Holder, chief of the Department of Injustice, embarked on a failed attempt to destroy the Second Amendment so as to disarm law-abiding Americans against armed criminals and the rogue government we now find in DC, but that failed miserably with the tragic loss of Brian Terry and others who were murdered by guns sold by our government to drug cartels.  Everyone involved in that illegal operation deserve prosecution and a jail cell.  
This administration has embraced  Muslim uprisings in Libya and Egypt as ‘quests for freedom’ known as the ‘Arab Spring’ when the usurpers are imposing Sharia Law and persecuting Christians as well as allowing high-tech weaponry to fall into the hands of  radical Islamists---something our complicit  mainstream media fails to cover.  Simultaneously,  in order to placate the Left before the elections,  Obama has decided to pull out of  Iraq while doing nothing about Iran’s nuclear threat to the world.  One year from now Iran will have taken over Iraq from within,  and the money and lives lost by America in the quest to free the Iraqi people from tyranny and persecution will have been wasted----a  tragedy worse than that of Viet Nam which at least has the North and the South.   Israel---the only nation of free people in the Middle East—has been thrown under the bus repeatedly both in actions and in words by Disrespecter-in-Chief.  American Jews had better awaken to that reality before their nation of origin and heritage is annihilated by an Iranian madman with the blessings of Obama.   This foreign policy disaster may supersede the economy as the major concern of American voters. 
More than 3 trillion dollars deeper in debt with nothing to show for it, thanks to Obama’s big-government ideology known as Marxism, we now find that his Fedzillacrats in the Senate will not face the reality that the Federal spending spree must stop.  So they abdicated their responsibility to an unconstitutional unelected super committee, populated by half a dozen big government tax-and-spend socialists and the other half by those who see the writing on the wall for America.   That standoff will end without substantive results and force Congress to again debate and address the problem while Americans and their local governments do what is necessary to confront their local economic realities. 
Just this week Obama pulled another campaign stunt by delaying final approval of an oil pipeline between Canada and the United States until after the elections in order to please his environmentalist base instead of looking out for the security of  America.   Meantime,  the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protesters---organized and funded by Obama operatives such as Van Jones and SEIU and tacitly backed by  family members of  closet socialist  Mayor Bloomberg who make money off the event---are now breaking laws by impeding commercial and pedestrian activities  in major cities.  They soil parks like dogs, spread tuberculosis and commit various crimes including rape and property destruction.  They are not like the Tea Party patriots in motive or conduct.  While the Left pulls every card including the race card out of the deck to mislabel Tea Party patriots, Obama has either offered empathy for or declined comment about the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protesters, since it is he who supports the creation of crises which falsely empower him to make his own rules through executive order---at the expense of the rule of law and law-abiding Americans. 
GOP candidates need to take a lesson from Donald Trump and single out Obama and the Left during their debates.  Their message should be that the elections next year will be a choice between saving America from complete destruction, or transforming it into a Marxist regime or worse.  God help Americans to see the light.   

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during the course of this Admin. I have researched the agenda and have come to a disturbing conclusion, and have been mistaken once. I fear that due to the influences of Progressives, and the obvious disdain they have for our nation that the closer we get to the 2012 election the more illegal acts will be perpetrated

 As they see the writing on the wall that We The People .are fed up with the direction we are headed that the violence will be ratcheted up to the point that there will be some that will demand that the Fed Govt DO SOMETHING!!! I fear we will get Marshall Law.. History has a glaring example of this. Research the Czech Republic circa 1948. We all know how that turned out.

  The blatant actions around Fast and Furious to undermine our Second Amendment rights has failed, this time. We need to be vigilant.



Are you aware that Obama has written his own 'private army' into the health care bill?  See my post by Laurie Sterling McGill.


Here is the link about the private army: 

Obama's Private Army Passed in the Health Care Bill

Oh yes............Obama's private Army..........the domestic threat issued by the fraud, usurper Obama that's supposed to honor, support, and defend the US Constitution..........

nothing in the MSM about Obama's domestic threatto America.

Thank you for your reply, Col. Riley.  I am so honored to call you my friend.  I was so overwhelmed when I read the Declaration.  Please don't give up what you are doing.  Please know that I and many others are praying for our country.  I couldn't make it to Washington due to money and time constraints, but I support what you are doing and I think we have the best shot with you veterans behind us.  You are and will always be America's best.  Thank you for serving our country in the past, present and, indeed, all of your days! Please help get the private army message out, as I don't have a lot of friends yet.

We're all a team're right.........we need to continue reminding friends, email buddies, letters to the editor of the threat to our nation......the socialist/communist/Marxist Obama team are well funded, organized and evil to the core.......they want one thing........destruction of our constitution, capitalism, and our way of life.  The price has and is being paid for our freedom and liberty...the likes of Barack Obama are not worthy to clean the boots of those that have sacrificed to uphold our constitution.

The National Lawyers Guild, adds its voice with many others like myself, who oppose the NDAA. Their opposition is on several facts; Not solely that the bill allows indefinite detention of US citizens and residents, or that the presumed “battlefield” encompasses the entire globe. The NLG oppose indefinite detention without trial because it is immoral and cruel and because it violates the U.S. Constitution and international law."

The opposition is based upon the:

1. United States Constitution’s Article 1, Section 9, Clause 2 which enshrines the privilege to petition for habeas corpus;

2. United States Constitution’s Article 3, Section 3 which provides those charged with treason heightened due process protections;

3. United States Constitution’s Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable seizure;

4. United States Constitution’s Fifth Amendment prohibition of deprivations of liberty without due process;

5. United States Constitution’s Sixth Amendment right to a speedy and public trial, to knowledge of the charges, to the assistance of counsel and to confront witnesses;

6. Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which the United States has signed, and which holds that “no one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile” (Article 9); those who are arrested are entitled to a fair and public hearing by an impartial tribunal (Article 10), and all those charged with a penal offence are presumed innocent, and have the right to a public trial and all of the guarantees necessary for a defense (Article 11); and

7. International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which the United States has ratified, and which provides in article 9 (1): “Everyone has the right to liberty and security of person. No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest or detention. No one shall be deprived of his liberty except on such grounds and in accordance with such procedure as are established by law.”
Earl Lofland, State Chairman
Constitution Party of Delaware
2010 Congressional Candidate (Fusion candidate for the Independent Party of Delaware)

Well documented Earl.....thank you.

As a SC delegate I am ready to have a stroke! I have stepped so far outside my comfort zone to fight for my country and to see that the majority of Conservatives do nothing is more than I can bear. All most do is TALK OR BOG!  Our motto is "BE POLITE" and "DON'T GET INVOKED".

The media has nominated a candidate that is almost as far left as Obama. No one remembers that as Governor he approved the government paying for abortion, he passed a health care bill and in many debates stated that he thought many parts of it would be good for the nation! He has no idea what the middle class is like. Most of his life has been running for office and losing. He did not create jobs, he used others' money (despite his great wealth) to "Help other companies." There is a big difference! He didn't even have the courage to run for a second term as Governor.

I am the only member of my Republican precinct! We could have 35! I spent weeks calling and driving over a hundred miles in a rural area going door to door to talk to people. Most were not registered and did not intend to!

National magazines have shown that less then half of the Republican precincts seat are fill. This is NOT true of the Democrats!

If you are not out there pounding the pavement, you have no right to complain.  GET INVOLVED. BECOME A PRECINCT MEMBER. DO SOMETHING AND STOP WHINING UNTIL YOU DO!

You cite the problem again Mollie........thank God you are doing something about it.  As South Carolina goes so goes the republican nomination......  What will SC do??



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