The soft coup currently in progress by the Clinton's and the counter coup gives way to this urgent alert. Please watch this short video for more information.


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Very Good PV, Thanks for posting it.
Mr. Pieczenik, I sincerely hope you are right Sir. But be aware, while I may hold my fire "Until I see the whites of their eyes", that does not necessarily mean that I (we) will not stand at the ready. The American people are now finally awake and we will no longer tolerate this tyrannical despotic corrupt Government and criminal politicians, neither inside nor outside of our once Great free Constitutional Republic.

May GOD Bless America.

And Old Rooster, I am another veteran that will stand alongside you on the battlefield, and if you shall fall, I will raise you to your place of honor in our Lord's hands, and then scatter our ashes to the four winds.

Same goes for me here in Nebraska, as well as my veteran family members!  We shall prevail, one way or the other!!!

Unavailable on YouTube now - not really surprising!!!  His website was down as well.

As of this post the video is still up and I am currently on where the video also is available.

My prayer for mankind:

Oh, Dear God, Please let these criminals be harvested from our midst before they can do further damage to this world and set them in a place where they will be isolated from mankind for the rest of eternity. We pray you make strong those who will stand up to the crimes now being committed against Your children and the planet. I humbly ask that You restore the faith of all who have turned away from You and make ready Your soldiers to defend our country against the evil that is now being made known to all. May the hands of the Satanic leaders be forever bound and they me made to bow before You, For Yours is the kingdom, the power and the glory forevermore.


Whatever the plan for Monday and Tuesday let us be ready, be vigilant, be prepared. United we stand


Yep - technical error on my part.  Installed a couple of new blocking programs and I have to disable one in order to view the video.  Learning as I go!  LOL!!!

The President of the United States tells illegals " don't worry if you vote we won't hunt you down".
The person who holds the highest office in the land, who swore to uphold the Constitution is tell illegals its ok to break the law. He should be arrested and tried for advocating and encouraging lawlessness. I'm surprised he can walk his balls are so big. How in the hell is he not held accountable for this kind of crap?!?
NEVER in our history has this kind of lawlessness happened, ESPECIALLY by a President.

Michael - Ever heard the old saying "Every Dog has his day"? Well sooner or later, one way or another, that SOB is going to answer for it. And when THIS old dog has his way THAT SOB  is not going to be very happy at all.

Old Rooster. Yes I have... And here's one more thing that will piss you off to know end. A few days a go a seasoned FBI agent who supposedly leaked Hillarys Emails killed his wife and lit tge house on fire then shot himself. Now let me ask you, why does someone set a house on fire of a crime scene!? I'll tell you what I cover up the evidence. Someone does not try to hide evidence if he's committing suicide. This is more killing by the Clintons which now numbers over 120 who have died mysteriously who have been involved with the Clintons. My HOPE is that this will piss off the agents that knew him and worked with him to go after the Clintons with a vengeance.. I hope they show the world what their made of and I know some of them personally and I hope they bring these Bastards down.

I think you're right again Michael, that sounds like another Hillary hit-squad action.
Have you ever watched the Austrian Anti- Capitalist movie called "Lets Make Money"? That is an eye opener to say the least.
It shows how these people view the world and how they basically rape the entire free world of any dime they can steal, any way they can get away with it. During the last few minutes of the film the narrator says that they will take over what ever the target is one way or another. They will bribe or buy any politician or business man to get what they want. And if they can't bribe or buy them, or get them out of the way, they will kill them, anyone, it makes no matter who it may be. Also at the end he reveals who they are. They are the International Resource Management Cartels. That includes minerals, Gold, Oil, Uranium, basically any and all resources including banking systems. Anything worth owning and dealing in.
These are the people we are up against, and these are the people Bill and Hillary are involved with.

Remember when Barack Obama said "John McCain has no idea what he is up against"? THAT is what Obama was referring too.

THESE are the Bilderbergers and the Illuminati and Bohemian Grove!!!  Evil as it gets.



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