Judge basically tells Gloria Allred to Shut the Front Door with her court claim: Grants Adjournment


Today has been nothing short of an absolute embarrassment for Obama donor and Attorney Gloria Allred.

First, Allred’s much ballyhooed “October Surprise” was revealed to be an absolute dud. Her claim is that Mitt Romney was responsible for the very wealthy ex-wife of Staples founder, Tom Stemberg, not getting even more money in the couple’s divorce settlement reached in the early 90s.

Stated differently, Mitt Romney prevented the rich, 1%er Corporate ex-Wife from getting richer. On this alone, Romney should be an OWS folk hero.

Viewed through a political lens, I do not think the working wives of unemployed miners in Ohio will have much sympathy for the petty complaints of a woman who is worth millions, while they toil away just trying to make ends meet.

But, here’s the kicker. During the hearing, Allred had the temerity ask the Judge to make an expedited decision because “there is an election coming up.” The MA Judge rounded sharply on Allred, scolding her and stating that she, the Judge, would not deny a party due process because of an election. Allred was deflated, and the Judge granted an adjournment.

Clearly, Allred is just playing politics again, as the Obama campaign becomes more and more desperate, but this latest episode again raises important issues about Allered herself. In particular, this question lingers: how does Allred just happen to always have the right clients at the right political time? This is relevant because, if Allred – directly or via third-parties – is actively soliciting these people, then her actions are in clear violation of California Rules of Conduct 1-400.

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We need to investigate Gloria Allred. Gloria loves the media attention.

This is the witch who persecuted Hermann Cain in the press and no cases have been filed after he dropped out of the race for President.

Does Gloria has a reflection in the mirror!

Yes an anal cavity.

Yes, the reflection looks a lot like Nancy Pelosi. 

My  reaction,  The  Same.  Worse  Than  Failure..!!

Allred is a die-hard liberal so I expect this sort of thing from her. There was a time when I would be surprised by some of the stunts liberals would pull, but no longer. I have learned that liberals will say and do ANYTHING (lie, cheat, steal, etc) for their Marxist anti-freedom cause. Now I'm waiting for Conservatives to shock me... by actually fighting back!

Ok, that last sentence may have been a little out of line, I just get very frustrated when Conservatives, especially Republicans, almost never fight back or stand up to the childish group-think of liberals.

A short time ago my faith has been slightly re-inforced. While I was working on work for tomorrow my wife was watching TV. Lucky her... anyway, I hear her hollering about something so I went to see what she was yammering about. She simply pointed to the TV screen and told me to watch and listen. What I watched for the next 45 minutes was a new show called "Rising Militia's". The show follows 3 different groups of Watchmen in 3 different parts of the country, and watching them has given me a new hope that we may come out of Obama's destruction of America with pride in our hearts.

The Watchmen are what might be termed 'paramilitary', but they like to call themselves Militia-Men and Women. The group in Arizona really has their act together. Although they all were dressed in military camo and armed with military grade weaponry (all legal to own with permits, licenses, etc, in place). Their goal is to do what our government refuses to do... Guard Our Southern Border!

Fortunately their faces were covered and their voices electronically altered to hide their identities. Unfortunately, they have to do this because the Drug Cartels have put a $10,000 bounty on their heads. I'm just happy to see that there are still people with spines and are willing to put their lives on the line to protect the country they love. Each and every one of them will be in my prayers, and if I ever figure out how to support their efforts, I will proudly do so. Finally... I see a small light of hope at the end of a very dark tunnel. I pray it grows brighter with each passing day!

God Bless America.

What station/channel is Rising Militia's on? I hadn't heard of it...tho I generally don't watch much tv.

I think it was on The Discovery Channel. Will ask the wife and get back to you with the correct info.

she's in it for the money and notariety - she must be low on cash flow...  her attempt is cheap and as unprofessional as they come...  she should be disbarred...

I just looked it up. " American Militia Rising ". It's on Discovery channel.

Thank You Brenda. I don't have the Discovery channel....that's why I haven't heard of it.



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