Constitutional Emergency

The majority of UN General Assembly resolutions are adopted without a vote.

Researching the United Nations member voting records:

What I’m finding is fascinating and very disturbing.

Remember Nancy Pelosi statement “You have to vote on it in order to find out what’s in it”?  Well apparently that’s the way things work over at the UN. When an item, subject, or a major matter is submitted to the UN for later discussions and eventual vote by the General Assembly, (ie – Small Arms Trade), The initial resolution is written as a proposal. Each voting member nation (state) then has the option to submit suggested entries which, if adopted, would then become part of that original resolution. For example, lets say the original resolution stated that no member state will be allowed to sell or transfer heavy military weapons to smaller nations in the Middle East. But then someone else enters a text saying that no member states may export hand held weapons to anyone. Then a third member enters a statement saying that no member nation may sell or export weapons UNLESS they pay this third party nation 1-Billion dollars for each weapon sold. The process continues on and on and on until everyone gets their chance to add what ever they want.

But here’s the kicker: all the extra little additions are added to the original language of the resolution WITHOUT A VOTE. If you look these resolutions up on the UN web site you can find that most contain the result “Adopted without Vote.”

Then once all these additions are adopted into the original resolution they also become part of that UN Resolution and eventually the TREATY. You have to read the entire list of documents in order to know what the hell is actually in the treaty.
This is the way it is going to be with the UN Small Arms Treaty. No one including Hillary Clinton is ever going to know exactly what is in that treaty except for the fact that it will ban all sale, private ownership, and transfer of any conventional or military weapons and ammunition. So when some dumb ass Senator claims that there will not be anything included that will impact our Second amendment rights, he/she is full of you know what.

UN Member voting records on Resolutions: Search according to record. Small Arms trade treaty;

United Nations Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty

New York, 2-27 July 2012

Compilation of views on the elements of an arms trade treaty



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Another interesting aspect to researching the UN resolutions and documents is that it becomes very clear what is going on withing the UN. There are many references made is several documents that refer to "world governance". Not that that wording is not One World Government, but "World Governence". That means the United Nations body is already assuming the role of being the World Governing body. They think they are already the one world government.
This outfit needs to go folks, and the sooner the better, no matter who wins the November elections. (If there is an election)

"{ALL}" Anti-American actions are "Null and Void"-U.S out of the U.N.!

But a UN resolution is not a US treaty.  That has to be ratified by the Senate.  Not saying it won't be but my guess is that there are too many Dems that have strong NRA associations in their states and it won't get ratified.

My understanding is that once we sign the treaty, it is in force as the law of the land until it is voted down in the senate. Dingy Harry will never bring it up for a vote.

It MUST be ratified by 2/3 of the Senate Present for the treaty to hold any Validity...  (Article II, Section 2 paragraph 2).  Any Treaty considered must be authorized by the United States..  Article VI.

All of this is moot, however when the Bill of Rights DEMANDS that the first Ten Amendments are Unalienable and any cannot be removed.      The Second Amendment is a Bedrock to our US Constitution and only with our ignorance can it be usurped.   Remember what precipitated the "Shot heard 'round the world"...   It was the British in their Attempt to Confiscate our Ball and Powder at Concord and Lexington.      LIGHTNING HAS BEEN KNOWN TO STRIKE TWICE!!


Texas Constitution Article 1 Bill of Rights Section 29

To guard against transgressions of the high powers herein delegated, we declare that everything in this "Bill of Rights" is excepted out of the general powers of government, and shall forev er remain inviolate, and all laws contrary thereto, or to the following provisions, shall be VOID!!

I submit we shall not participate in whatever Treasonous Acts that an Out of Control Unauthorized Group of Usurpers may believe they can con an American Public into.    

If it is in contradition to our Constitution(s) it is on it's face NULL AND VOID!!!





Larry , You're right on this not being ratified

Doris mentions a vote for Ocrap is a vote for socialism . We have been a socialist nation for quite some time , just not full blown . It really doesn't matter who wins , this will continue until it is .

The Constitution hasn't mattered since 1871 since the original Constitution was set aside for a second one . Ya know that slippery slope ? We're just about at the bottom and I see no way of regaining it short of a civil war and I don't see the odds of that looking very good .

We need to get the UN out of the USA, and get the USA out of the UN.

Just cut off the U.S. funding, the nasty thing will just wither up and die.

Larry, the problem with cutting off the UN funding is that the countries that want to see the U.S. fail, of which there are many, could simply change the world currency to something other than the dollar and we would be kapoot. This may very well already be in motion, remember China and Russia talked about changing to the Yuan. Damned if we do damned if we don't.

If we do not act to REMOVE THE UN INFLUENCE"  very very soon...    we may well experience another "SHOT HEARD 'ROUND THE WORLD"    

A Second AMERICAN REVOLUTION can be a very real forecast and Harbinger of  the Things to Come.....   and in the opinion of many............ is simply awaiting a Charismatic Leader to Carry it Forward.    The American People are Fed up with the current crop of spineless Representation and can well be viewed as a Powder Keg awaiting detonation.


The Current Out of Control Marxists in Government marching towards their goal of Tyranny in every Pot....   Know Not what Awaits Them!!!


The American People are Awake, Are Smelling the Fumes of Enslavement and have begun to sharpen their Pitchforks.  In my opinion it will take only a Strong John Adams or Benjamin Franklin to arise .....  and that energy Now Dormant will insure the re-birth of the REPUBLIC and the renewal of the Freedoms we Have So Ignorantly Walked away From









America needs to pull out of the UN.



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