Constitutional Emergency

This is from the Bundy Ranch in Nevada.

Ammon Bundy video asks an important question.

Under who's authority does this Federal Government operate?

Folks this is an important question, and this video spells it all out pretty good., Please take the time to watch this.

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Excellent explanation, Old Rooster.  I have posted this video on my Facebook page and invite everyone else to do the same.  The only thing I wish he would have discussed is the fact that the meeting in Philadelphia was, in actuality, the very first, and only, Article V Convention of the States with the specific intent to modify the Articles of Confederation.  Thankfully, the men involved at that time were honorable and moral people and we ended up with our unique and beautiful Constitution; sadly, there exist today no men equally honorable within our political system, including within state governments.  This is why calling another Article V COS is terribly dangerous.

I agree Judith, And I hope everyone will share this video with all their Conservative American friends. OPlease folks - spread this one everywhere.

We need to start waking people up.

people are waking up 

at the DC rally on Sept 9 i saw many young people there conservatives like us

the paradigm is shifting our way.   keep the faith

i met trump and cruz and gohmert and levin it was encouraging but they need us w/them 

Old Rooster,

Excellent 'word-up'!  

Thanks for posting this very important message.  It is very difficult to not lose hope now a days, sometimes I feel like I'm talking to a brick wall when discussing this issue.  But there is still some hope:

11 September 2015

Nearly A Third Of Americans Could Imagine Supporting The Military Overthrowing The Federal Government:

[The main problem here is that 'We The People' don't know who/what our military is today - since they have turned against us with the Police State mentality and Jade Helm activities.] 



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