Constitutional Emergency

Citizens for the Constitution;

October 29, 2012

(Remembering the Nuremberg Tribunals of 1945-46)

Ordering the deaths of unarmed civilians/non-combatants is a violation of the laws of nature and of the laws of the Geneva Convention of 1949.

Ordering rescue and support teams to 'Stand Down' would be an unlawful order from an unlawful pResident and putative Commander in Chief.

And the willingness of the Military commanders to follow those unlawful orders makes them also guilty of 'following unlawful orders' - causing the deaths of innocent non-combatant civilians!

TREASON in the First!

The only ones at peace with the laws of nature and the Geneva Convention are the support personnel who refused to obey those unlawful orders and instead honored their oaths and God's laws.

The rest should all hang like the Traitors of the past - from the local operations commanders on up. (Why didn’t they all choose to NOT OBEY obviously unlawful orders and instead use their standing ‘default orders’ to rescue Americans under attack?)

As Ann Barnhardt states in her 27 October, 2012 ‘Wake Up America’ article, Benghazi: ‘Let’s Quit The Chickensh*t Dancing Around Here’ at

Barack Obama is the explicit enemy of what used to be the First American Republic, and of Western Civilization in general. EXPLICIT ENEMY. As in traitor. As in treason. As in murderer. As in should be arrested as a non-state, non-uniformed enemy belligerent, tried in a military tribunal, and upon conviction be put against a wall and shot by a firing squad, and then have his dead body publicly displayed so that there will be no future doubt or (BS) conspiracy theory crap that the (SOB) wasn’t executed.”

Let’s get Donald Trump to put his money where his mouth is and offer $5 million to the first Special OPS Team (which would include all SEAL teams) to capture the Traitor-in-Chief, and bring him before a Tribunal of Patriots ready to uphold their oaths to support and defend the Constitution – and to not obey unlawful orders. (the U.S. Congress, the Judiciary, SCOTUS, the JCS, and members of the Media obviously do not qualify to be on that Tribunal).

And those who remain silent in the face of this evil will also not be held guiltless, for not to speak is to speak. And not to act is to act.

Start ‘acting’ and ‘speaking’ – at the polls and on the street, with everyone you meet! Carry this sign with you so that everyone knows that aiding and abetting enemies of the State is of itself an act of Treason!

In Liberty and In Truth.

Neil B. Turner

Citizens for the Constitution


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Two questions that need to be answered by this Coward-in-Chief that America has on the Benghazi massacre: 


#1.  Why was the Turkish Ambassador at the Consulate the night of the attack and left just before the assault on the compound?


 #2.  Why and Who instructed that there be only one foreign guard on duty for the compound?

In 1920 a German major in Leipzig, Germany killed 3,000 French prisoners of war from WW I. Later at the trial he said that he had acted upon the superior's orders to leave no man behind. The major was acquitted and welcomed with cheers and flowers by his admirers. War criminals must not be allowed to go unpunished. Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton are 'terrorist-criminals'.  By this time next year if he is re-elected he will be designing the 21st Century crematoriums for Tea Party members who fought against his nazism. He wants us to forget the 'fallen heroes' as his lemmings in the 48% have forgotten both Marine and SEAL dead recently. We must not confine ourselves to inscribing their names in the book of fallen heroes who gaves their lives for humanity. These fighters in Benghazi and Camp Bastion must be avenged! No passage of time can relieve criminals of the responsibilities for the atrocities they perpetuated.

When will there be an "Arrest Warrant" for the President of the United States?  When?  Why?  For Treason against the United States! The complete story!

Thank you for this article.

I Agree!

When this asshole declares martial law and sends in the FEMA WAR Wagons we will have to kill these ignorant children that have been indoctrinated to socialism. Problem  is they may be our niehbors children. HAVE A NICE DAY.

OWEbama and Libyans had a MUSLIM militia in charge of security for the compound.  American security inside had UNLOADED weapons.  As reports of gunfire and attack on the Embassy occurred, Seals at CIA compound demanded persmission to respond to Embassy attack and were told to "STAND DOWN", those patriotic Americans IGNORED orders and attempted to rescue the 30 or so members of the Embassy and were successful except for the deaths of 2 Seals, Ambassador Stevens and his aide, Sean Smith.  OWEbama ABANDONED AMERICANS TO BE MURDERED BY MUSLIMS--he was RUNNING GUNS through the Muslim Brotherhood into Libya and Syria and HE'S GOT BLOOD ON HIS HANDS JUST AS IN FAST AND FURIOUS GUN RUNNING TO DRUG CARTELS.  HE PLACED HIS RE-ELECTION AS A HIGHER PRIORITY THAN SAVING 4 AMERICANS WHO WERE BEGGING FOR RESCUE HELP!!  He should be IMPEACHED as a LIAR, TRAITOR AND COWARD!!   He is a MUSLIM AT HEART, defends them, apologizes to them, and wears a GOLD RING on left hand that has Arabic inscription--"There is not God but Allah"--HE IS A MUSLIM!!

I agree wholeheartedly with Ann Barnhardt.  I just hope our conservative politicians have been told to play it cool while our loyal military get their ducks in a row.  Because if they have held back from confronting Obama about his lack of citizenship for political reasons, they should be charged with treason too. We are way too close for comfort to a total takeover and it is past time in my book for someone to begin the prosecution of this illegal alien.  I agree it needs to be a military tribunal since he is supposed to be the Commander of it. and I believe that all of the media who have lied and refused to present the truth to the American public, should be charged with treason too. I don't care what their excuses might be either.  it was their job to inform the public and they did not.  Only a few brave souls in the mainstream media have had the courage to speak truth.  And the CIA needs to step up to the plate too.  They know what Obama is and they need to tell it! Not just what Obama did in  demanding they stand down, (and you can bet it was Obama and no one else), but who and what he is.  You know they must have more details than anyone...

Best post I've seen or read in the last 4 years.



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