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The VDA Declaration Rally is/was a success and no amount of complaining from critics who didn't attend will not change that fact! This event was not a tea party pep rally/show! That is why it didn't look like or work out to be one. We never intended on it being a party/show!




USPU Banner

November 15, 2011

11 banner
D.C. on 11.11.11 11.11.11

It was a cold and windy Veterans Day in our nation's capitol, but many veterans and patriots braved the weather and stood tall on 11.11.11

Canada Free Press Editor Judi McLeod was present and reported from the event. WND reporter Anita Crane was present to chronicle the event and has posted several other pictures from the day on her web site. Thank you Anita and WND!

How many showed?

The crowd is estimated at 200-300 throughout the day, with people coming and going as the wind and cold persisted.
But in that crowd, nearly every state was represented, from as far away as Hawaii and the West Coast, to Montana, Arizona, Texas, Ohio, Indiana and as near as the New England states. Most stayed until we wrapped up early at about 3:00 PM ET.

What was the tone?

Throughout the attendees, the message and tone was very clear... These folks are prepared to do whatever it takes to restore the Constitutional Republic. Most have been involved in different patriot groups over the last few years and have watched nothing change in our country, despite their many efforts. These folks want real change and they no longer rely upon politicians, competing patriot factions or anyone else to bring about that change.

The Speakers?

The entire event was video taped, about ten DVD's worth. We will edit that material down into usable DVD's and YouTube clips, to expand the reach of our message via the Internet in the days ahead. Feedback from attendees has been overwhelming... We have some fantastic information on tape.

The Challenges of the Event? 

Many said we could not get a permit in less than three weeks - we got one in three days. Many said we could not get a stage and sound in place in less than three months - but we got a stage and sound in place within a week. Many said people did not have enough notice - but many made it there from all across the country. They said we would have trouble from Occupiers and the Federal Government - but we had no trouble from anyone.

Moral to this story? We are in the business of doing things that can't be done....

We have not heard a single negative from anyone who attended the event. Negative comments have only come from those who did not attend, as is always the case. The sidelines are always full of critics...

In the end, we did exactly what we said we would do, exactly how we said we would do it. A lot of other people did not do what they said they would do, namely, keep their oaths.

We are proud of the event as it was exactly what it was signed to be, a gathering of patriots and veterans ready to do whatever it takes. From the founding of Patriots Union and Veteran Defenders, we have stated that we would rather have a small number of "doers" than a huge crowd of "talkers."

That's what we had in D.C. on 11.11.11 and we are proud to stand with each of them!

Thanks to all who attended, and all who made it possible with your donations to cover the expense of the event. Use of the video shot at the event will pay huge dividends in the weeks and months ahead, as we continue our march across the country to Restore the Constitutional Republic.

Next, we begin to seat State Directors and we met plenty of energetic, committed leaders in D.C. from almost every state.

Thank you all!

What next? 

The strategy beyond 11.11.11 will begin... As we stated from the start, 11.11.11 did not mark the end, but the beginning. From here, we seat State Director, followed by County Coordinators. We need both patriot and veteran leaders in every state and every county.

Members will have an opportunity to send the Declaration to their elected officials and call upon each of them to affirm and keep their oaths to protect and preserve the Constitutional Republic.

Then, we call upon every member and every leader to begin pushing back daily, from the ground up, confronting unconstitutional and illegal acts both locally and nationally.

11.11.11 was the starting gate and it is a long road ahead to the finish line. The time for action, a sustained strategy and effort has arrived. Stay tuned for further announcements and make sure to open every email from either Patriots Union or Veteran Defenders.


Molon Labe, Laus Deo, and 11/11/11

"We the people" need that Spartan resolve -but not their defensive attitude. The time for drawing lines in the sand is past-saying "This far and no farther." That has been the scenario followed time and time again over the last century in America.

FULL 11.11.11 STORY from Navy SEAL and CFP columnist Jim O'Neill


Issue: 11.6

vda logo
In This Issue
D.C. on 11.11.11
What next?
Molon Labe, Laus Deo
The Patrick Henry Message!
Special Thanks!

The Patrick Henry Message!


Mr. President, it is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts. Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? Are we disposed to be of the number of those who, having eyes, see not, and, having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it.

It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace-- but there is no peace. The war is actually begun!



Join Our Mailing List

Special Thanks to our Speakers!

Col. Harry Riley, FL

Harry McKay, FL
Barbara Ketay, FL
Linda Garcia, MI

Jim O'Neill, CFP 
Field McConnell, VA
Rev. Ed Anthony, FL
Judi McLeod, CFP

Tom Flaherty, NJ
Jim Cantrell, VA
Ken Bittner, TN
Charlie Liffick, AZ
Rev. Ed Boston
Jim Bourland
Luke Patrino
JB Williams

In addition, hundreds of special donors made it all possible with their selfless donations to cover the costs of producing this event.
A special page listing those who went above and beyond the call of duty will be posted at our web sites, in thanks for your fantastic support!
Thank you all!

Last, a very special thanks to Canada Free Press Editor and Chief Judi McLeod - for her selfless support for America, Patriots Union, the Veterans and the 11.11.11 Event!

U.S. Patriots Union, LLC

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I was truly inspired by all who attended on 11-11-11. Yes our number was small but so was the original tea party in Boston harbor. If we want to actually do something and really make a difference, each and every one of us should plant a sign in our front yard that says IMPEACH OBAMA. It will cost nothing and we should get every member of every conservative group in America to do the same thing. Write it on our cars like a just married sign. Yes there might be retribution like a rock through the window but what is that compared to the millions of Patriots who fought and died for the freedoms that are being stripped from us today.

Thanks for your efforts Charlie.......especially your song, "Cry Freedom"  aka  "America's Blues"

I am so happy to have found this group!  Unfortunately, I didn't find it in time to be in D.C., but you can bet I will be at the next one.  I did spend the couple of days before the rally calling the local radio stations and putting a note on O'Reilly and Hannity's Facebook page.  Shame on the media!  I'm in Colorado, I have already volunteered to help in any way I can and I do so again now.  I am not just a talker - I'm a doer, and I believe in this with all my heart.  I'm proud to be an American!

My impressions of our USPU/VDA rally on 11/11/11 WDC:  My arrival to the Hotel in Falls Church, VA from SC was mostly uneventful just shy of 400 miles, many drove a lot further.  Upon arrival and check-in it was time for a smoke break as the front of the Hotel was a prime butt stop for smokers and some who just wanted to chit chat, many fine conversations and friendships were formulated by the bench.  0400 11/11/11 came real early and the wind had already started to blow… an all day affair. 

For me it was off to Arlington to park and walk to the event adjacent to the Washington Memorial on the Mall.  As I walk with the morning light and crisp breeze there were many people already milling around the Lincoln Memorial, I stopped and took a picture. As I continued, I came across a cross section of the American People, young, old, and many Veterans as I approached the Vietnam Memorial (the Wall) my thoughts were on my cousins lost, a short prayer and a few more pictures and I was off heading towards the Washington Memorial, passing the WWII memorial… my first glimpse in person WOW.  Proceeding towards the Washington Memorial, looking up, what a wonderful sight, circled in flags, stand crisp in the biting wind what a view to behold all day long. 

My arrival at the rally was a bit late; due to the wind, setup was taking longer than expected and the only thing I missed was a bit of camaraderie and there was plenty of that remaining.  What has been written about the rally is more accurate than I could write; from my perspective the rally was an absolute success, hands down, bar none.  I was asked if I was disappointed the crowd was not bigger, nope, I was not then and am not now having had a few days to get my bones thawed and now looking back in retrospect how can I be disappointed… we had a core of fantastic individuals, smart, articulate, honorable, ethical, Proud to be Americans and we had some real hero’s… George Washington was there, Patrick Henry was there, the spirits of every Soldier, Sailor, Airman and Marine were there to fill any void…they may not have been seen but their presents was felt and God Bless them all for it was their day.  We had many fine speakers and as far as I am aware each and every one was certifiable, totally documented, Proud Americans, no ambiguity about whom they are, what they stood for or where they were born, nothing, nota, zilch.  We did end up breaking rally a bit early weather (wind) induced but throughout the day our SPRITS never dwindled; our numbers did towards the afternoon. 

While walking back to Arlington, I spent some time at the WWII memorial and what was memorable as I approached the entrance from the Washington Memorial side, while looking at the flags I felt a warming thermal and the flag on the right side dropped… no wind.  As I gathered my thoughts, as I read the inscriptions, I was warmed… WOW as I exited the WWII memorial and continued on towards the Korean War memorial and our Nurses Memorial the wind was with me again but what a fantastic day it had been.  As I approached Arlington Cemetery and my Jeep, I had picked up my grave side pass in the morning; due to the ceremonies throughout the day around the Tomb of the Unknowns and JFK grave site I was told parking may not be available, I may have to walk a bit… as I sat next to my Uncle head stone my thoughts were with the people I had recently met and while sitting there… what an honor to be among so many who served with honor and many who gave all for our Nation, May God Bless them all, may they rest in peace.    

My dinner plans were up in the air, after arriving back at the hotel and really warming up with a HOT shower I had the honor to have dinner with some great people, Rev. Ed Anthony (Pastor and Army Paratrooper) whom I called Rabbi he knows why… across from me and to my right was Col Harry Riley, USA Retired,  Mrs. Linda Garcia with her daughter and
son-in-law, JB was there; I did not get much of a chance to chit chat with him,  Harry McKay (Patrick Henry) I could pick at his brain for hours… kind of like I did to Rabbi Ed and there was Ms. Barbara Ketay… another person I could spend
many hours listening too and learning from.  There were several others, Diane from WV sat across from me next to the
Col and to my right… I cannot remember your name; you know who you are.  Dinner conversation was to say the least very interesting and it was difficult at best to exit Outback… we kept chatting in the pathway of the autobahn inside the restaurant and almost missed my ride back.

How could one so blessed as I am be disappointed, never going to happen, no way, no how.



MSG Robert J. Leffler, USAF, Retire

Well said Bob.........Diana Nottingham from West Va sat by me.......

TY Col, even with the wind I had a GREAT time... how could one not?  I look forward to speaking with you soon.   

Dear Militia,

While I do share some of your thoughts, I do not hold with your obituary of this fine country just yet.

As long as I can smell corruption, I can fight!

I was not in DC much to my disappointment.   I truly appreciate all the work that those who planned this event, attended this event, and supported this event who went out of their way with their own time, money, emotion, and patriotism to honor and serve our veterans, especially our fallen veterans who gave all.

Those who started this issue, I don't know who it is, should be shamed that it is not about them at all.  They are forgetting the true purpose of this rally and event. 

So, it is by those who did not attend?  My opinion is that if you didn't attend, so what?  You did attend? good for you.  It is about the mass of graves and memorials surrounding this event.


Maybe someone should look into who started this event bashing, who they are, why they would go there in the first place.  Is their a troll in our midst?

also........ for those who jumped on the bandwagon of what someone attests to have happened to them, without having it directed to them personally, also should check themselves and remember ----the other side wants to divide and conquer at any cost, they hate anyone supporting veterans, and just ask yourself, is reaction to what someone else claims legitimate?  Even if it is, this is not what the whole thing was about. 

Think about it please.................

Dear Deb & Joe,

I was in DC, it was colder than a well diggers butt!

The message that was brought forth was excellent.

I met some great people including Col. Riley and Rev. Edwards.

I believe there is much going on behind the scenes that we the people have as yet to learn about.

When I ask a certain question and get silence, it speaks volumes.

I have ask many other questions and have always received an answer, sometimes even more than I ask for, so I hope I can and am reading between the lines.

Set back, speak up and enjoy the ride.


This organization has direction and leadership something that I cannot say about the Tea Party's.

The USPU  and the VDA are focused on just a few issues where as the Tea Party is focused on everything but the weather, NO direction or focus to speak of.

If it is an exchange of a multitude of ideas with no thought of action, the Tea Party is your group.

However if you require a modicum of leadership and direction the USPU & VDA are a better choice.

Leaders lead from the front, NOT from a key board!

I do not see any event bashing coming from this site.


That is me beside the Old Glory flag to the far left in the photo.

I am not standing up straight, I am froze stiff!

I missed the draft in 1971 by about a week. California. My number was 111. The draft was stopped that year on 109, if memory serves. So, I have never served. Back then, my father didn't want me to. Back then I thought Viet Nam was a government created, corporate backed mechanism to enhance the wealth of US corporations. Not a fight for freedom and individual liberty. That was the "party line". I was 19 years old then. I remember the Watts riots, the War, the Civil Rights movement, Owsley tabs, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janice Joplin, Country Joe and the Fish and the nonsense and the mess. The social mess. I also remember the radicals of the 60's that helped the mess to proliferate. And I see that they're still doing it today. I now see the shadow party; the Communists that are behind all of that. Hillaryland, for example. I am willing to lay down my life to stop it. Give me liberty or give me death (Patrick Henry).

I started to write this because I am sick at heart that I could not make it to the 11-11-11 event. I have been out of work for a long time. I haven't the money to make the trip. Still don't. Whatever I can do to make this work, given my means, please let me know.

Twana, thank you for your kind words. I have a small book called "Patriot's Handbook of American Liberty". I carry it with me. I contains the Declaration, the Constitution, and Patrick Henry's famous speech. Over the last couple of years I have read about and and studied how America and we Americans have come to be in the predicament we are now in. It's like we slept right through a major earthquake and are now waking up to a house with two walls and no roof with a hurricane approaching. I am afraid. But I am not frozen. I will stand and face our detractors. Though our situation is, in my opinion, critical, I do not believe that it is hopeless. But a fight is coming. Freedom, as you and all the other veterans out there know, is not free... a concept lost on many Americans today.

I will look into USPU. And thanks for the offer, but I will find a way. I live in NC... well, for the next couple of weeks. My wife and I have sold our house and are moving to north Georgia, probably the first week in December. We're downsizing and, at the same time, relocating (repositioning) to what we both consider to be a relatively safer and more "patriot friendly" place. Due to this move, though, I'll be out of pocket a lot.

I am interested in finding out more about the legislation you spoke of. I assume it's through USPU. I might be of some value in that area. I will definitely check into it.

Thanks again, Twana.


Mark, Freedom is supposed to be free* because Freedom is a God given right... so freedom comes with the territory!

*it is an unexpected event to have it taken away, that's why most people sleep through the approaching danger until it may be too late.



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