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The VDA Declaration Rally is/was a success and no amount of complaining from critics who didn't attend will not change that fact! This event was not a tea party pep rally/show! That is why it didn't look like or work out to be one. We never intended on it being a party/show!




USPU Banner

November 15, 2011

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D.C. on 11.11.11 11.11.11

It was a cold and windy Veterans Day in our nation's capitol, but many veterans and patriots braved the weather and stood tall on 11.11.11

Canada Free Press Editor Judi McLeod was present and reported from the event. WND reporter Anita Crane was present to chronicle the event and has posted several other pictures from the day on her web site. Thank you Anita and WND!

How many showed?

The crowd is estimated at 200-300 throughout the day, with people coming and going as the wind and cold persisted.
But in that crowd, nearly every state was represented, from as far away as Hawaii and the West Coast, to Montana, Arizona, Texas, Ohio, Indiana and as near as the New England states. Most stayed until we wrapped up early at about 3:00 PM ET.

What was the tone?

Throughout the attendees, the message and tone was very clear... These folks are prepared to do whatever it takes to restore the Constitutional Republic. Most have been involved in different patriot groups over the last few years and have watched nothing change in our country, despite their many efforts. These folks want real change and they no longer rely upon politicians, competing patriot factions or anyone else to bring about that change.

The Speakers?

The entire event was video taped, about ten DVD's worth. We will edit that material down into usable DVD's and YouTube clips, to expand the reach of our message via the Internet in the days ahead. Feedback from attendees has been overwhelming... We have some fantastic information on tape.

The Challenges of the Event? 

Many said we could not get a permit in less than three weeks - we got one in three days. Many said we could not get a stage and sound in place in less than three months - but we got a stage and sound in place within a week. Many said people did not have enough notice - but many made it there from all across the country. They said we would have trouble from Occupiers and the Federal Government - but we had no trouble from anyone.

Moral to this story? We are in the business of doing things that can't be done....

We have not heard a single negative from anyone who attended the event. Negative comments have only come from those who did not attend, as is always the case. The sidelines are always full of critics...

In the end, we did exactly what we said we would do, exactly how we said we would do it. A lot of other people did not do what they said they would do, namely, keep their oaths.

We are proud of the event as it was exactly what it was signed to be, a gathering of patriots and veterans ready to do whatever it takes. From the founding of Patriots Union and Veteran Defenders, we have stated that we would rather have a small number of "doers" than a huge crowd of "talkers."

That's what we had in D.C. on 11.11.11 and we are proud to stand with each of them!

Thanks to all who attended, and all who made it possible with your donations to cover the expense of the event. Use of the video shot at the event will pay huge dividends in the weeks and months ahead, as we continue our march across the country to Restore the Constitutional Republic.

Next, we begin to seat State Directors and we met plenty of energetic, committed leaders in D.C. from almost every state.

Thank you all!

What next? 

The strategy beyond 11.11.11 will begin... As we stated from the start, 11.11.11 did not mark the end, but the beginning. From here, we seat State Director, followed by County Coordinators. We need both patriot and veteran leaders in every state and every county.

Members will have an opportunity to send the Declaration to their elected officials and call upon each of them to affirm and keep their oaths to protect and preserve the Constitutional Republic.

Then, we call upon every member and every leader to begin pushing back daily, from the ground up, confronting unconstitutional and illegal acts both locally and nationally.

11.11.11 was the starting gate and it is a long road ahead to the finish line. The time for action, a sustained strategy and effort has arrived. Stay tuned for further announcements and make sure to open every email from either Patriots Union or Veteran Defenders.


Molon Labe, Laus Deo, and 11/11/11

"We the people" need that Spartan resolve -but not their defensive attitude. The time for drawing lines in the sand is past-saying "This far and no farther." That has been the scenario followed time and time again over the last century in America.

FULL 11.11.11 STORY from Navy SEAL and CFP columnist Jim O'Neill


Issue: 11.6

vda logo
In This Issue
D.C. on 11.11.11
What next?
Molon Labe, Laus Deo
The Patrick Henry Message!
Special Thanks!

The Patrick Henry Message!


Mr. President, it is natural to man to indulge in the illusions of hope. We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth, and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beasts. Is this the part of wise men, engaged in a great and arduous struggle for liberty? Are we disposed to be of the number of those who, having eyes, see not, and, having ears, hear not, the things which so nearly concern their temporal salvation? For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it.

It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace-- but there is no peace. The war is actually begun!



Join Our Mailing List

Special Thanks to our Speakers!

Col. Harry Riley, FL

Harry McKay, FL
Barbara Ketay, FL
Linda Garcia, MI

Jim O'Neill, CFP 
Field McConnell, VA
Rev. Ed Anthony, FL
Judi McLeod, CFP

Tom Flaherty, NJ
Jim Cantrell, VA
Ken Bittner, TN
Charlie Liffick, AZ
Rev. Ed Boston
Jim Bourland
Luke Patrino
JB Williams

In addition, hundreds of special donors made it all possible with their selfless donations to cover the costs of producing this event.
A special page listing those who went above and beyond the call of duty will be posted at our web sites, in thanks for your fantastic support!
Thank you all!

Last, a very special thanks to Canada Free Press Editor and Chief Judi McLeod - for her selfless support for America, Patriots Union, the Veterans and the 11.11.11 Event!

U.S. Patriots Union, LLC

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Quite the contrary!

Freedom has never been nor ever will be free of effort and sacrifice

Have you ever read or heard the phrase,"Freedom is NOT free"?

We the people are where we are today because we did not make the effort to keep our politicians in line.

NOW we must sacrifice, to what extent, it remains to be seen.

Freedom is free, freedom is a God given right!... the only reason freedom is not free is because We have to Buy it, and every generation it gets asymptotically more expensive, that’s why We The People keep having to fight for what’s OUR right!

Freedom is supposed to be free, the only reason it is not is because We are allowing false gods to live /rule among US... and the major false religion is money!!!


Very true.


Hang in there.

This fight will be a convenient fight on our own shores.

You will not have to travel half way around the world for this fight, or half way across the country for that matter.

California looks to be a hot bed of dissenters to the US Constitution.

This entire mess could be cleaned up, but not resolved, by next week if only our military would take their Oath of Allegiance seriously.

However Mark, if the military becomes the fourth branch of government, you may want to change either your attitude or address permanently.

Hasta la vista, muchacho!

John, thanks for your reply. I agree with you that a fight is inevitable. Hopefully there will be enough veterans like you to help people like me to fight the good fight. I haven't lived in California in decades. I still know people there though. I think, like many other places in America today, we're hearing the voices of politicians and MSM in CA, not those of the people. But you're right: CA is a hotbed, a spawning ground for leftist propaganda.


My fellow Americans,does this sound painfully familiar?



The Silent Dismantling of Our Republic
by interfering with regular, periodic elections

One of the most feared aspects to the Founders in creating a government was the realization that men, who come into power either by force or by election, nearly always seek more and more power until they approach kingly status. Over a period of several decades, and with historical experience as well as their own good thinking, the Founders eventually employed several techniques to minimize the possibility of that happening in their new government. Separation of powers, checks and balances, frequent elections--all these devices were implemented to curb the human tendency to concentrate power in the few.


Little did the Founders know that ALL three branches of government would be on the same end of the fulcrum, against the people.

Go to,   nccs.net   to read more.

Just go here!


Everything your parents never told you about our Founding Fathers.


I am very sorry.

I don't know what I was thinking.

Sometimes I get rapped up in my thoughts and lose control.



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