Constitutional Emergency

Update on PFA & Dealing With The Fact We're Living In A Socialist Country Now Being Shoved At a Rapid Pace Toward Intentional Destruction

We are now 5 days out from the painful disappointment of the outcome of the election. I am witnessing some folks jump right back into pushing call to actions that we have done the last 4 plus years with no success. We must get out of that trap!


PFA is switching up. This will be a working together group to accomplish goals and only deal in factual truths. We must start speaking the truth and calling out those who don't. The Indoctrinators, Marxists and Leaches in our country advance by redefining words constantly. They do that to soften their words so folks will buy whatever they're pushing. We stop that in its tracks. We don't allow the redefining of words to our kids, grandkids and especially to each other. Breitbart was a master at not allowing the anti-liberty crowd do that. That is why they hated him, they couldn't play that destructive game with him. A PFA member, Marta reminded me of that.


Over the last 4 years, some of you may think I've become a hard person. I have, I see the change myself. And frankly I like it. I can't be thrown around like the wind anymore.


We must be a people who say what we mean and stick by what we say. Example of saying what I mean and sticking with it. I started the Private PFA Group for those who have Served in our Armed Forces. I made that a private group specifically for them because I have great faith in what they can accomplish together with no distractions and lead us through what we all know is coming. I said it is only for them. One reason it is only for them is because I've seen groups started for our Troops/Veterans/Military and before long, supporters want in, spouses want in, then after a period of time, the group is no longer the military group - it is a hi-jacked group that those who served end up leaving. The PFA Group is for them and no one else gets in. So, please stop asking!


Some have also had their feelings hurt because PFA has a private group they can't join because they don't have the credentials. To those I remind you, we are not socialist! Everyone is unique and has their own talents/credentials in their own fields. What is your successful talent and in what field? That is where you are needed! You will have to tell me what groups you will need so you can network nationally. We already have state groups in place, those need to be utilized.


PFA has state groups. For 4-5 years Harry and I have tried to get PFA members to join your state groups. Some do and many will not and most of the state groups are inactive. I am asking you again to join your state groups. This country is headed for some very hard times! Very very hard times! We're gonna see things and endure things that only our Veterans and Troops have lived through. I can only imagine in part, but I am not gonna pretend to even know the full depth of the pain and misery it will bring. (please do not tell me to think positive thoughts - that is a communists tool to shame us from thinking clearly).


When the economy collapses and craziness breaks out, who is gonna have your back? Who is even willing to acknowledge this truth that it is gonna happen? These are the folks you should be meeting and working with in your communities and state groups. I will not be having someones back in Oregon. There is no way I can. I'm not there. Folks in your community, you will need a supply pantry/pantries of sorts to help each other. If we think we're gonna survive this by all of us working all alone...we are deceiving ourselves and we lose - it won't happen!   You are going to need your back covered and you should want to do the same for others that are like-minded


So again, I ask you to join your state groups. We are running out of time and resources. If you're not happy with your state group here, then work at it. Build it, direct it and work with each other. If you find one in the group that doesn't belong..........fix that problem. There are folks online who are agent distractors and agenda confusers. Recognize them and move them out of the way so you can achieve success. Stop wasting time putting our their distracting fires. We can do this! We must refuse to live on our knees! We must fight and fight wisely and prepare so we are prepared when the need arises.


Below is what I previously sent out and I stand by it. I mean what I said.





All Active Duty, Veterans and all who have Served in our Armed Forces, please read this post pertaining to you.

I have created a private group for PFA Veterans and All who have se...




The facts we know:


1. The Election was given to Hussein obama

  • Voter Fraud
  • Indoctrinated Youth
  • Media
  • Marxists/Unions/Muslims
  • Revenge votes or write in by many paulers


2. We're stuck with Hussein obama/them.

3. The Constitution is no longer the law of the land - We have a despot Government, The 1963 Congressional Record of the Communist Goals of America have been fulfilled.

4. Socialism/Marxism and even islam is being indoctrinated into our youth and citizens through:

  • public schools
  • colleges
  • socialized churches that hitler would be so very proud of
  • Media

5. We live in a land of selfish people who are only concerned with themselves and sadly not even concerned about their kids. But hey, what do we expect from a peoples who find no fault in demanding we all pay for them to kill their and anyone elses babies.

6. We live in a land with wide open borders with jihadi terrorists and thug drug lord gang bangers flooding across daily doing much damage and preparing to do more. We also have illegal invaders crossing our borders to drain us and our country of all it's resources.

7. People who claim to be conservatives are not united. We have over 10,000 tea party groups because we have over 10,000 different agendas and most refuse to work together even though they calm (in front of their members) they will . We've opened our arms to folks who are foe because we needed to play the numbers game to win an election and in the end they revenge voted.

8. Obama, with Clinton and the Muslim Brotherhood, are using the whitehouse to run the muslim caliphate. Most American Citizens will not acknowledge that truth because they will not do their own homework and prefer to listen to folks who tell them there is such a thing as moderate muslims. However, if they'd just read the quran, hadiths and suras they would know the truth for themselves. But many folks don't want to know the truth, they prefer to believe what they prefer to be true and to hell with the factual truth.

9. The DOJ is totally corrupt. We can get no justice through them.

10. The Judicial system is totally corrupt. We can get no justice through them.

11. The U.S. Congress is spineless and will not do their job.

12. The U.S. Senate is ran by Marxists

Knowing all this plus more, what do we, as PFA members want to do with PFA? We know what is coming and we know it's going to be bloody.

  • At this point I also don't want militia groups running in here and using PFA as a recruiting station. I'm tired of these thousands of groups not linking arms with us nor working with us, but only showing up to use our membership as a database to leach off of to build their (one in ten thousands plus) divided groups propagating their agenda as the only fix all. If you've not linked arms and worked with us already then step back and don't be obnoxious and pull that crap. I will call you out if you do. We have master recruiters here now, that post occasionally so they can be sure to put up their recruitment links ( in one or a few more posts) and think we stupid enough to not recognize their tactic. Or they just down right find no shame in doing that.
  • There is one group I am observing and may bring in to meet with us. But I'll announce that later after watching for a while to see if they are truly different than just group data base builders. 

Then we need to think about if we want to keep PFA open.

  • Will we be able to use it for the works we now need to do?
  • I can make it a private group where no one can see any parts of PFA except the homepage.
  • I can also create private closed groups where no one is suppose to be able to read anything except members. However, we know anything online can be hacked by despots.
  • So basically we cannot really communicate in the way we now find we need to. We no longer live in liberty.
  • I do know for a fact that feds watch PFA continuously. I have a stats hit counter on here. It helps me with many different things but the first important reason I got it, is because it helps me when obots and paulbots are sent out as a hit team to PFA, a specific post or after a specific person here on PFA. PFA hit stats tells me where folks are coming from so, I find the actual post that puts the hits on PFA. Also using hit stats has shown me that feds watch my hit stats. I have it completely shut down to where all info is private, however I see them there still daily all day and all night long.

This is just the start of the discussions we need to have. I need your input as active members.

I will not listen to anymore chatter about campaigning for another election. No smack talking like we're right before a football game. If that is all we got then we are done.


I don't mean to be rude, I just want to be straight up with you all and it's time we're all straight up.




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From the onset I had no illusions of any change from DC regardless of the vote . I've written this many times but few understand it or really care to and that it is not a country of two parties but of one party acting as two .

Had we started in a different direction and had the support of the TP's and the 912ers much of what we see would not have happened .

I will state my involvement in a group that is addressing the problems we face a little later .

Twana, In James 1:6-8  says 6But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. 7For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord. 8A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.


I don't think you need or should change what you are doing or the direction you are taking the PFA.

Ben,  AMEN  brother..!!

I am fairly well read, preach to the choir often, and realize how brainless millions of Americans currently are.
What are revenge votes? What percentage do you think this was? I admit to being totally flabbergasted the morning of Nov. 7th. Not that I thought Romney was the answer - but it would have been possible to be heard a little better than under BHO.

It is a crap-shoot to know which catastrophe will befall America first, or when. Honest analysis of the economy would bring one around to the fact that it must necessarily fail. If our numbers were greater than 3 million honest to goodness conservative Americans, we could simply convince the conservative mass to be the voice of reason on the day after disaster, and put new currency into play - based on some derived number of: population, average wage, average property value. It could be done if leadership stepped up to the plate as the catastrophe happened (our cowards in Washington will have left the Republic - perhaps temporarily - but will be absent for the angry masses). Frankly, I estimate our numbers to be about 3 million in a nation of just under 350 million souls. What difference do you believe we could make?

Since the election, we have sort of cocooned in my home, mostly socializing with our adult children / grandkids. It feels like live every day to the fullest by God's grace. None of us know what tomorrow may bring. In our careers, people gravitated to my husband and myself for guidance. I imagine we would represent the voices of reason after any national disaster in the future. I am not convinced at this point that there is anything we can do. Please enlighten me. You must have something in mind.Your commentary above lists a lot of what we aren't, and not enough of what we are.

Thank you for your time.

Juanita , I'm accused sometimes of preaching to the choir and I do . I'm steadfast with the notion of what our Founders were greatly aware of , that of the Fourth Branch of Government , the people . Supreme Court Justice Scalia reinforced this a couple of years back .

As much as everyone wants to blame DC that isn't where our fight must be . It doesn't matter one bit our involvement there as we have no power .

Government is a business and a corporation and the reason that the Constitution means nothing to them . A Corporation does not have to hold to an OATH . DC only uses the Constitution when it benefits them . As a nation of laws (Constitution) we must hold to it but when the elected breaks the law (Constitution)  they are not held accountable . We sold DC and don't own it , explain that to me .

The Constitution is left in the hallways as you enter the court and common law is now given way to Admiralty Law .

Having said that it is taking control of your local politics and the Sheriff you elect that will make a difference . As a businessman I knew that if you do not have a base your business will go under and the same goes for the Corporation in DC . You have to realize that Ocrap is a CEO called a President .

Our Founders formed this Country with Assemblies so start a County Assembly . Ours started with 15 and now number about 300 and our presence is felt at every meeting our County has . It's made a huge difference and is a Lawful Body Politic and non partisan . If interested we have a great website . It empowers the people and we've to my knowledge only had 2 people quit because of prayer and the pledge of allegience at the beginning of our meetings .

So, what's the website?

Rhonda, Our site is : and we have another that has been changed and I'll get that one for you . It deals with the law , and what you can do County wise . The County is the most powerful part of Government yet no one seems to want to believe it and shame on them . For decades we have been brain washed to believe that it is DC .

What other form of Government can one negate all NGO's and all law not Constitutional ? Your state can but won't .

I don't know what Randy B. is talking about but willing to listen . If it is marching in the streets forget it because it would take the TP and the 912ers and they are not interested .

Do it lawfully as in each and every County . 3000 Counties , that's a lot of folks and doesn't require either of the two orgs. I mentioned . I believe that they are more concerned with just their agenda and will not endorse anyone else's input .

I helped found our TP but everyone quit , not because of leadership at the local level but to form a Body Politic that could succeed in changing things beings . The nat'l level TP's were not interested and I believe that they do not know law or care too .


I've already stated what we should do, over and over. No one is listening. It worked in the Vietnam War to end the War it should work to get this Obamanation out of our most treasured position of the land. No weapons needed.

Life , Liberty and all of "US" are at risk--Can't engage others to see this--too many think the (P)resident is just another duly elected  WH occupant--We know the score! 


   Thanks for telling it like it is, I'm on FL, Mass, RI & TX teams because I've lived in them all and have families in all. Most are Patriots, too. We need to hear and remove our collective heads from our rectal cavities and get with the program,. Thanks to you and Harry for taking point.

We're not going to win this war . Everyone has a different understanding of what needs to be done but there is only one way and that is to unite , which won't happen and if the shtf comes around there will be so many splinturd (sp intentional) groups that it will be meaningless .

The only chance we could have other than control of your County is if the large groups , TP and 912ers would fight . I believe they have been infiltrated as I've mentioned before and will not fight . It's just not in their DNA to the detriment of our Country. The left will fight at the drop of the hat and look who's winning !

When I helped to start our TP it was great and then realized that we could not become a voice without the approval of the Nat'l groups . Pretty absurd . Not their plan ? Forget it .

To many groups and nothing gets done .



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