Constitutional Emergency

UPDATED: The First In A Relentless Series Of National Strikes Against The Dictator Has Been Called For Wednesday, November 4th and Aug 7th developing

by Pat Dollard

I’ve got your election-day anniversary celebration, right here buddy.

ACTIVE is mounting a full-blown, nationwide, general strike against the dictator. Specific street actions, not mere protests, will go down.

Calling all the clans: Representatives of all allied organizations are asked to contact us, and we will be contacting them.

No one is to go work. No one is to go to school. Shopowners are to keep their doors closed. Spread the word. The mobilization has begun…

And the strikes will continue with disturbing regularity, and ever-growing numbers. We are going to shut this country down, and force them to back down.

Repeat: this is not a one-day event. We are going to shut this country down.

You heard about “A Day Without A Mexican”? Try a day without an American. And bear in mind that an American is not defined as an American citizen. An American is an American citizen who is an ardent, and therefor duty-bound supporter of the US Constitution.

The Revolution has begun. Stay tuned for details. And immediately, get ACTIVE with us.

BTR show talking about this in detail. Warning...some strong language (not through the whole show).

One of our members Jason Leverette, AL State Dir has this wonderful date to enact this action: TWANA,

Brilliant, yet simple and very easy to accomplish! We American Patriots realize it takes time to organize a nationwide strike against anything but, a strike of this magnitude, importance and the imminent danger of waiting until November seems a bit too late!

Twana, I suggest you organize the 'strike' to begin ASAP! As you know, the Internet with Twitter, MySpace, FaceBook, Digg, Reddit, et cetara allows the 'word' to get to the masses of Americans, quite rapidly, who will be very pleased and happy to "STRIKE FOR FREEDOMS" on an earlier date, like August 7, 2009 (Friday). (I will post the link to all of these social networks when they are set up so everyone can invite their friends, and on it goes - Twana)

On August 7, 1782, President (General) George Washington established the 'Badge of Military Merit' that later became the 'Purple Heart' for any member of our Armed Forces who are wounded (WIA) or killed (KIA) in a war zone.

Twana, on this day we will be recognizing ALL of the military warriors who have served and gave their all and other American warriors who have shed their blood in order that America remains FREE!

Our warriors are serving in combat zones in Afghanistan, Iraq and round the globe, who have been seriously wounded in combat in these hostile countries will recognise this day of August 7th as the day in 1782 when the Purple Heart Award was established by our First President (General) George Washington!

All of the millions upon millions of American Patriots on the Internet and the millions of veteran warriors and others on the Internet will be involved in the “STRIKE FOR FREEDOMS” that the whole world desires and…GOD'S SPEED!

Semper Fi,

Here is something we need to think about. People will need time to make plans if they have to miss work and/or close their business.

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Thats it! A swine flu sickout! We are all sick of the pork and all the bull!
Whatever I can do. I was discussing this with a group of family and friends and wanted to go for a week. We are all "Atlas Shrugged" fans! The idea fizzed out but now perhaps I can ignite them again! I am retired but whatever I can do to help bring others in. I am going to post this on other sites I have not seen it on yet!
We need at least 4 major nationwide shutdowns just to heat things on up. The 1st maybe a 4 hour shutdown, the next a 12 hour shutdown, the one after 24 hours, the next 48 hours. Doing them in that order will show we mean business and will not be stopped. It is time that "We the People" take a hard nosed stance and show the Government, they aren't our boss, but it is we who are their bosses!

After each strike we deluge our Congressional members with e-mails, calls and fqaxes, telling them they are fired, they can announce they are leaving office because of health reasons. After the last strike, we just let them know they are terminated from office and they can get the hell out of the country, because we will seek criminal charges against them after the election.
I would like the strike to start ASAP by getting the message of the coming strike out and encourage individual acts of civil disobedience building into a crescendo in august or November. Just a suggestion I thought I would through out there.
Hi Pat,

I had sent several messages to Twana earlier today. She felt they had merit and asked me to post them here for you or the ACTVE admin. So here they are: You can skip messages 1 and 2 if you wish because the net conclusion is message #3. And .... the more I think about it, Pat, the more I am convinced this kind of sharp focus is absolutely necessary for a successful result. I also believe a shotgun approach asking people to take off a whole day from work is going to eliminate a lot of folk, and it will have a significant downside if not successful. Also, by shutting down ONLY federal government facilities we will get more government and media attention. We also have the necessary resources to do it. We can discuss off blog if you wish. I am at Regards, John Burge

Message #1.
Hi Twana,
I surely like the idea of getting the government's attention with massive numbers, and I will certainly be supportive of our organization. However, this could be a bust if we are not careful and we don't get enough momentum. This is an extremely short fuse to mobilize.. For instance, if we have say, an average of 150 people in 100 cities which would be 15,000 across the country who would be willing to miss work, school, etc. 150 people on strike in and around this town would not even be noticed unless it were one major location such as one business such as WalMart, one hospital, the rapid transit system, all county gov. offices, etc. But it is highly unlikely this will happen - like zero chance. Given that scenario, we would bust, and we surely don't want the government to get word that we busted. Also, we have to keep in mind that if we shut down a business such as a major chain, the owners could very well get pissed off at us even though they are supportive. I seriously question the wisdom of this. We should get more input and judgment. Regards, John Burge

Message #2
Well, Twana, "It ain't easy," that's for sure. My gut tells me that many of us are giving our knee-jerk reactions. If we cogitate a little, I think we would all come to the conclusion that this shotgun approach may not be as effective as we all would like. Personally, I think it will fail.
A targeted approach might work better. Suppose we all targeted ONLY government offices in our home towns. Say the DMV or the county court house, or even a particular LE agency. If we all gathered in EACH town around the Sheriff's office and blocked the driveways, that would not only get the government's attention, but it would immediately get the media's well. Perhaps if we targeted the Federal courts only. Pack the court houses so they could not function. Suppose we targeted ONLY the FEDERAL courts in each of our towns. We could virtually shut down the entire federal court system across the country. At the same time, we could all give out an identical flyer that we could copy here or some other way to get our UNITED message across. Take the Dallas Tea Party group for instance. I understand they had 37,000 people at their last Tea party. That size group could absolutely shut down every government function in the city of Dallas. Another thing. We have many Patriots who simply cannot or will not skip a day of work or shut their business down. .That’s life. Some of us are passionate, but some are simply supportive. Let's be realistic here. Many of us truly think this is a great idea so long as other people do it. We MUST be compatible with our people.or it will not work. Like the Tea Parties, they must be able to come and go according to their own personal needs. If we don't accomodate, IT WILL NOT WORK! Owners of a Day Care center I doubt would just close the business for a day. That would piss off every customer they had and would probably have a detrimental long-term effect on the business. The more I consider this, the more I feel we should take a very pointed and targeted approach in each of our municipalities. THAT WILL WORK! Regards, John

Message #3

HERE IS MY GAME PLAN you seemed to ask for:
Twana. Let's target all the federal courts in each of our towns. Pack the court houses with all of us wearing identical T shirts. We have time to get them made if we have some art in a couple days.
Let's shut down the ENTIRE federal court system acorss our nation. People can come and go all day without having to have such a negative effect on their own lives. Simple, straightforward. Make a simple flyer - the same everywhere so we can get a UNITED message across. This would certainly get the attention of the Justice Department. Eric Holder would be notified immediately and then ... the big "O" himself! AND .... the NATIONAL media. Regards, John

p.s. Let's get the T shirts made and wear them at EVERY subsequent event. FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS on our target ..... the federal government. I submit this as a recomendation.

Alternate suggestion as a fall back: Instead of the federal courts on our first time out, how about just the IRS offices? I think would be extremely focused. And … we could do that with smaller groups if we fail to get the attention of enough people.necessary
august the 7th it must be. any later will be to late. we have socialist healthcare coming up and then the new immigration bill which will be the end of our great nation. lets make august 7 the date and lets make it work. lets get behind this my fellow veterans. we fouhgt for our country before but now the fight is for its actual soul.what would our founding fathers be doing today ?
August 7 works for me! In the mean time we have time to accept Jesus and get ready to go home ya'll! I'm ready to go home and help Jesus get ready for the final conflict. Get right or be left! God Bless you all! Come with me to see what no man has seen before! Running out of time, get right or be left! Anyway you look at it time is of the essence! If your already saved, can ya feel it?
Everyone, It's not too late (nov 4), as abusiness owner, I will close my business, and post a sign explaining to customers why. However, if I am the only business that closes in my area, it's not much of a lose, other than to my business. We need time to pull many on board, have a larger impact. Twana, do we have flyers prepared? Or should I make my own??
2,000,000 ignored in DC.
Local areas only will be noted. Other areas will be ignored. National News might mention it. Look at all the Tea Parties that took place. National and local coverage was 'A few people gathered' when that few was 7,000. BO gets 1,500 and it's plastered on all the news channels. 200+ outside NBC offices in Troy, Michigan last saturday. I never saw any coverage, even in the local paper. If it was there, I missed it. Maybe better coverage if we all carried guns (in an open carry state, of course---pistols in holsters and rifles slung) and called the other news organizations.
Americans have legitimate grounds for conducting full-blown civil war against the federal government. The federal government has become a true Frankenstein's monster that urgently requires dismantling from top to bottom. The verminous elements that have crawled into the federal government's innards such as radical Islam, Communism, etc. have put in place an agenda that intends actual destruction of the USA and they have Obama at their disposal to carry out their agenda. This is not science fiction--this is reality.

We may not have to go quite as far as civil war, however. Possibly the federal government has an achilles heel that can be used to bring it down. We will find it if there is one. So we can get back to the business of living our lives the way WE want to live them and not the 'New World Order' under Obama tells us to live them..



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