Obama Invited to Speak at Al Azhar Mosque - the ‘Vatican’ of Sunni Sharia Islam

Posted by Julie on The Patriotic Resistance
May 17, 2009 at 11:06
.Fellow Patriots,

Today is the first time I heard of the term "dhimmitude". I believe it is crucial to learning what it means and how it applies to us today. I had commented on a post, as I've included below, but wanted to reach more people in hopes they will wrap their brains around this and render opinions. Please read through my post and then go to links I've posted for clarification. This is an issue, (dhimmitude) I believe, as Brigitte Gabriel has dedicated her life to exposing, requires immediate attention.


My comment was to GySgt Bob Pinkstaff USMC Ret post regarding the Obama Deception video, linked here and I also included the text below.


I thought it may get more viewing if I re-posted on the main page.

"Dear Gunny, I have seen this video a month or so ago and agreed with you 100% - until the last 24 hours. There is more to this puzzle. I think the POTUS has a more evil agenda than even communism - if that is possible. Please review the following links and watch the videos & history contained therein. From all of my research and reading Canadian, British and German (English version) news and Australian, in addition to reviewing books I have from the 30's, 40's, 50's & 60's, plus all the forums, posts, etc.. we have far more to fear from Islam and Sharia law. I believe all what is occurring today with the march towards socialism, Marxism, fascism and communism is but a stepping stone for far worse. I was pondering whether the economic crisis, Gitmo, Pelosi, DHS brouhaha, etc.. ad nauseum is only smoke and mirrors for the true agenda - the US under Isam and Sharia law. It now looks that way to me and perhaps we need to ammend the Tea-Parties to include saying no to dhimmitude. The DHS does not have anti-dhimmitude in its extremist lexicon yet. Won't the left be surprised. Being anti-dhimmitude embraces all of our beliefs under God and the Constitution and expressing ourselves as conservatives or right wingers becomes a moot point. As true Americans and Patriots, none of the other designations matter. This is our true fight and must be conveyed to all. We haven't any other choice if we want to live. Can you imagine what will happen if we lose the 2nd amendment? Read up on Islam and look at my page and video posts on reformed terrorists. I am a perennial 3 year old and have to ask why on everything and there remained pieces that were not making sense to me, so I read until sometime 3 or 4 in the morning my brain is ready to explode! Here's a thought for you to ponder; consider the administration is cowardly, and they want to protect themselves by paying tributes to Islamist countries while retaining wealth for themselves - which they have been doing; pushing bills to strip the rights of the populace, surrendering US sovereignty to the UN (the UN majority is Musim) including the rights of the child, suppose all of it is engineered as dhimmitude to Islam.
Dhimmitued defined: The Status of Non-Muslim Minorities Under Islamic Rule

Dhimmitude: the Islamic system of governing populations conquered by jihad wars, encompassing all of the demographic, ethnic, and religious aspects of the political system. The word "dhimmitude" as a historical concept, was coined by Bat Ye'or in 1983 to describe the legal and social conditions of Jews and Christians subjected to Islamic rule. The word "dhimmitude" comes from dhimmi, an Arabic word meaning "protected". Dhimmi was the name applied by the Arab-Muslim conquerors to indigenous non-Muslim populations who surrendered by a treaty (dhimma) to Muslim domination. Islamic conquests expanded over vast territories in Africa, Europe and Asia, for over a millennium (638-1683). The Muslim empire incorporated numerous varied peoples which had their own religion, culture, language and civilization. For centuries, these indigenous, pre-Islamic peoples constituted the great majority of the population of the Islamic lands. Although these populations differed, they were ruled by the same type of laws, based on the shari'a.

This similarity, which includes also regional variations, has created a uniform civilization developed throughout the centuries by all non-Muslim indigenous people, who were vanquished by a jihad-war and governed by shari'a law. It is this civilization which is called dhimmitude. It is characterized by the different strategies developed by each dhimmi group to survive as non-Muslim entity in their Islamized countries. Dhimmitude is not exclusively concerned with Muslim history and civilization. Rather it investigates the history of those non-Muslim peoples conquered and colonized by jihad.

Dhimmitude encompasses the relationship of Muslims and non-Muslims at the theological, social, political and economical levels. It also incorporates the relationship between the numerous ethno-religious dhimmi groups and the type of mentality that they have developed out of their particular historical condition which lasted for centuries, even in some Muslim countries, till today.

Dhimmitude is an entire integrated system, based on Islamic theology. It cannot be judged from the circumstantial position of any one community, at a given time and in a given place. Dhimmitude must be appraised according to its laws and customs, irrespectively of circumstances and political contingencies. The link to this is http://www.dhimmitude.org/
I discovered this by following links that initiated at http://www.americancongressfortruth.org/ Please view the videos of Brigitte Gabriel. I learned about dhimmitude a few hours ago from this link http://www.actforamerica.org/index.php/home/10-newsmaster/1192-dhim...
I also urge you to read this:
Now we know why Obumbo bowed to the Saudi king. Dhimmitude by a POTUS will seal our fate like no other. It is no wonder Russia said we will have it far worse than they did with communism - they already know what we are in for.
From one former Marine to another - Semper Fi "

I may not have included that dhimmitude or dhimmi means to subjugate. in Wikipedia, "he associations of the word "dhimmitude" vary between users:

* Bat Ye'or defined dhimmitude as the condition and experience of those who are subject to dhimma, and thus not synonymous to, but rather a subset of the dhimma phenomenon: "dhimmitude [...] represents a behavior dictated by fear (terrorism), pacifism when aggressed, rather than resistance, servility because of cowardice and vulnerability. [...] By their peaceful surrender to the Islamic army, they obtained the security for their life, belongings and religion, but they had to accept a condition of inferiority, spoliation and humiliation."[6]
* It may be simply a replacement for the relatively little known (compared to dhimmi) noun dhimma, coined to carry the same meaning.[7] This has already widely happened in French usage where, as in English, "-tude" is a productive suffix.
* A more recent pejorative usage variant of "dhimmi" and "dhimmitude" divorces the words from the historical context of jihad and applies them to situations where non-Muslims in the West and India are championing Islamic causes above others. "Dhimmi" is treated as analogous to "Quisling" within this context.
link to this. If you don't trust wikipedia, there are numerous links to this using google.


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I'm well aware of dhimmitude. The world has been dhimmis to the muslims from the 7th century and only a minority of us realize it or wish to. The first step to countering the incideousness of islam is to acknowledge and correctly name the enemy. The "War on Terror," is as oblique as the 'war on blitzkreig.' The pseudonym "moderate muslim" is more accurately a silent hypocrite; whereas, the "extremists," "highjackers," "small fringe," etc., are the true adherents of the faith as evidenced by the koran itself and it's hadiths. Apart from the arabian area the arabs are not indigenous. In fact, Mecca was the home to other people's, including Jews. Apart from the Jews, the remainder of the inhabitants were pagan worshipers, many of whom used the present-day kabah to worship numerous gods, including the the moon-god, aka: Allah. Notice the moon symbol in the islamic flag and "moon worshipers" mentioned? The arabs retained many of their pagan rituals, including the "stoning of the devil or demons" near the kabah. The koran was plagiarized in some sections directly from the talmud, mainly the phrase used often by the muslims to show how "peaceful" and profound their religion is: "To harm one man is to harm all mankind..." not sure of the correct phrasing but something like that.

The West as well as those already completely subjugated have been paying the jizya by way of concessions, reparations, humanitarian assistance, economic development, military aid, interfaith dialogue, visa entries, etc. Our Western leaders are cowards and the western countries with a history of colonization are reaping what they sowed: massive immigration of their former subjects. One day they will regret getting rid of the Jews but the muslim horde is doing a great job brainwashing and drawing up deeply rooted anti-semitism. There's a reason the Jews are called the Chosen People-the People of God so it only makes sense that the forces of evil will attack them and all those against the dark forces.

For starters, America must truthfully acknowledge its european roots and its treatment of the Native Americans. The muslim world often sites this as evidence of our guilt and double standard. From there, we must clearly identify the enemy. We cannot fight a battle without a clear identity of the enemy. Schools must be flushed of 60's radicals and muslim professors (mind-boggling), remove islamic chairmanships, endowments, etc. This is clearly a trojan horse. Because we've been neutered when it comes to "sensitivity" the enemy has been systematically invading not only our country but our minds. Look no further than our president of smoke and mirrors, anti-war (aka: anti-America) protesters. We're following the lead of europe where their populace has been systemically brainwashed/neutered to hate their country, culture, history (selling of Magna Carta). They've removed God from their lives, breakdown of family, marriage, lack of will to fight. Thus, what remains is immense guilt...a weakened european soul that's ripe for takeover. Yes, they are sleepwalking. Instead of sensitivity training, we need re-education and sensitivity training to retain our way of life.
Wow! look it was to be spected! Obamanation's agenda! Of Course is to impose Sharia LAW in USA! It is what it is! He needs to be out of this country! He is the Devil! This is real! We Americans Patriots have to take him out in hang caffts! Where are the US navy seals!!!
By the way I am very please that you know Brigit Gabriel! I had read all her books! She is a hero! Also registered in Act for America.
This needs to be spread like a virus way! Everybody have to know this information! Obama is against Christianity! He is a jihadish! There is no way Obamanation would change the Muslim Brotherhood Agenda! Remember that He is the muslim puppet! He will be kill if not follow to the T this project that was mantled decades ago since Carter!
I am so tired of wondering what is the next step that obama will take us down. Why do we just talk and wait? If we don't move fast, we will not be able to do anything. I have seen more actions being taken on our side in the last few weeks than in a while. I hope Texas will continue to move in the right direction as well as other states. We better step up the pace and quit messing around. I am tired of seeing that pathetic man, obama, grinning on tv all the time. He thinks we are stupid and I am ready to prove him wrong. I have faith in us, we just don't need to not comtemplate so much and act. God bless you all for the comradery. Frosty
I finally find someone who agrees with my assessment of all we are needing to worry about Muslims is the absolute biggest and most deadly threat to our culture and way of life. I know that is politically incorrect and a sign of intolerance and the entire liberal BS. Look around the world and see who is being overwhelmed with Muslims, most of Europe are almost under the influence and control by Muslims. It is estimated that in 20 to 25 more years it will be. They are infiltrating all countries around the world that are not Muslims already. Political Correctness liberals and all people so concerned about hurting the feelings of the so called non violent peace loving Muslims and proclaim it is just radical Muslims doing the dirty work, have their heads in the sand. Muslims jump up on TV and everywhere else proclaiming they are being misuynderstood because of the actions of a few, and people by into that. Read the Karan, it explains how peacefull the religion is overall. Islamic religion itself is all about alimenting all the infidels.
This has been a religious war for years but it has been denied. Now we have a POTUS who is, without a doubt a Muslim regardless how much he claims he is not. His contacts, his executive orders, his releasing of Islamic prisoners into our country, his handicapping the CIA and our intelligence community; everything he does is Muslim friendly. Obama is a traitor and has the stupid American people thinging he is the great savior of some sort.
It is not going to happen but our borders need to CLOSED. We need to exile from this country any and all people that are here illegally and those who live here and defile our country; anyone that does not become a citizen within 24 months of coming here needs to be removed. If your loyalty is to some other country then move back. I could not believe Peter Jennings was not a citizen, he lived here made a substantial living was in a position of national influence and was not even an American which accounts for the radical liberal he was. That is appalling.
We will either quit living in denial of the truth because of so called intolerance or political correctness, or we will cease to exist as The United States of America. Doubt me at your own peril and you better be buying Guns.
I know we are a capitalistic society but I would ask that Gun dealers begin to sell guns at a reasonable price so that Americans can arm themselves. Every time there is a 2nd amendment issue come up or when a dumb ass like Obama is elected the gun prices go up ten fold because the people are needing them. I saw a gun in astore almost double in price the day after Obama was elected as people were running in droves to by one. Show a little patriotism instead of capitalism so we can protect capitalism or you won’t be selling any at all when your out of business.
Twana, Col. Riley, My fellow Citizens at risk. The time to prepare is about over, action must be soon to come.
To fight the elitist sems to be a fools folly. We must get the younger generation to join this fight. It seems as though it is not in their heart because life has been too good till now. I’ve shared the story of how to capture wild pigs with my three adult children to express my great concern for conditions today. The story was told by a young Russian immigrant about how socialists take over. The young man recalls how to capture pigs in the wild simply with repetition that becomes all too common hence not a threat.
First you draw them out in the open with food for two weeks, each day you place more corn out in the middle of the field. The pigs become accustom to you bringing the food. After a while they don’t mind you around because your giving them what they want, food. On the third week you put up one side of the pen fence near where they are feeding. The next week you add another pen fence panel, the same the following week (this is where I feel we are today with the BO crowd) till the last week you close them in with a gate. As long as you keep feeding them you can grow them and slaughter them at will.
My kids got the point of the story yet feel I’m over reacting and that the “Law” would not allow for this to happen. They are young and life is good (still working or in school) but do not see this as an urgent matter. The Democrat doesn’t get it because they think they have the power, those on the “I don’t want to make any waves” general public have the wait and see attitude but don’t get it. The traditional republicans on the dole feel they can wait 4 or 8 years and then watch out when they come back, they don’t get it. The liberals are continuing to sell their mothers to get close to the man at the top regardless that he’s selling us all down the road. All for what, themselves. They all see themselves bigger than the whole.
The Muslim nation is at the door and it’s time we got a grip on Old Glory before she sails away. Spreading the word about the citizens for the Grand Jury is picking up steam. Recruiting the media must be a target goal. The likes of Rockefeller, Soros, Gates, whom ever else that is stealing the “money” and crashing the markets will be sought after at a later time, hopefully. We as citizens must prioritize wrestling our freedoms back to the citizens first and then the empowerment of the individual states to rope the fed in line. There is more than the socialist academic and media forces at work here, we are a Nation at War and I’d bet my last dollar someone is pushing this out of balance and the time table is closing. The force must be reckoned with
Suggestions and contingencies are needed. Who will lead? We need a champion that fears God’s wrath and believes in the Constitution as it stands. Come forward if you dare.
Pray to God Almighty and expect to hear an answer. Pray often to be sure your relationship is the best it can be with Him for you and all those you love dearly. He has purpose for us all as the Word of God keeps telling us. If it be God’s Will, please Bless and keep the Lights of Freedom Burning Brightly.
I'm going to post your message everywhere I can.
Just when you think you are gaining ground on it with the tea parties and the all of that, evil makes a 180 turn. This snake has too many heads to chop.
I been preaching to pull the voting lever instead of pulling the trigger, now I really don't know, was I wrong?
God bless us all...God help us all!
Howdy Jack.
that saying was from Winston Churchill.
he was RIGHT THEN, and RIGHT TODAY even tho he has been dead now for many years..
and as another Marine, we KNOW dont we..
Semper Fi.
Roger that, James, I know that Winston Churchill said that,,, It applies today as then or any other time, Also, KNOW YOUR ENEMY!! ,,As in a bull-fight, Dont watch the red rag, ( Maggies drawers), Watch the man behind it,As Marines we do know ,James, And as Marines I think we know how to handle the situation,,,, Semper Fi,.............Jack USMC Ret
Howdy Jack.
as MARINES we sure as hell KNOW how to handle the SITUATION.
Semper Fi Bro.
"It would do well to all teach children the difference between a Redblood and a Blueblood!" And why part of the 13th amendment has been deleted from our Constitution! http://www.w3f.com/patriots/13/13th-01.html http://www.lawfulpath.com/ref/13th-amend.shtml The elite will use the Dhimmitude to enslave the masses instead of outright showing a old style of socialism against "We the People" .This is just a new twist on an old ideology. Just as Gradualism is a new form of socialism in our government meant to enslave the people. History shows that there will always be Group[s] will go to any length to enslave the masses.
Howdy Beau.
yeah i also know whats going on.
and it just didnt start like some others said.
our nation started going to hell right after the war of northern aggression, and the 14 amendment was put into place.
our nation has been on a self destruct mission ever since John Kennedy was Murdered, look at the SAME jerk TRAITORS who have also REMAINED in power in the senate/congress.
were NOT ever going to be free of them or their AGENDA unless we have a FULL BLOWN REVOLUTION and we had better WIN IT.
all the talking, marching, protesting, ext is NOT going to get it done, its going to take BLOOD, and a LOT OF IT.
that liberty tree has just about dried up, it NEEDS WATERING.
HOW?? can we ALLOW a pitly 545 people lead this nation and our people to HELL, when we HAVE the means to STOP THEM COLD.
ive quit protesting, i am now waiting for the big boot to fall so we can get to ACTION.



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