Constitutional Emergency

Please share the Press Release below with all other patriot and civic organizations and memberships, with your church congregations, with alternative media, independent websites and blogs, with tea party groups, on your State forums as well as the forums for other groups, and in your newsletters, on Facebook and Twitter, and other social media, and with the local, state, and regional chapters of every group you associate and particiapte with.

The Obama Administration and both the Democratic and Republican Political Establishment have preemptively declared that the influence of the Patriot and Tea Party movements was a fluke and has fizzled out because of partisan bickering and differences over the candidacies for the Republican Presidential Nomination. They have timed their political attacks to divide us against one another on social issues, to oust out and destroy the careers of our most noted and nationally renown media personalities, to assault our churches and our faiths, and to inflict political chaos this election season. They have declared that the Tea Party Dead!

Let’s show them that we have not lost our resolve, and that this time around, in addition to demanding redress for being Taxed Enough Already, we are also demanding redress for Treasonous and Egregious Acts. Starting now and building towards Independence Day this 4th of July, please share this far and wide, and organize Signing Parties gathering as many signatures as each group can for this Release and for the Releases of Oath Keepers, Tenth Amendment Center, Save America Foundation, and the Fully Informed Jury Association notated below.

Press Release for
Treasonous and Ergregious Acts! The Tea Party is Back with a Vengence!
Holding the Civil Officers of Government accountable for
Treasonous and Egregious Acts !!!
Email this to every member of Congress and the State legislatures, and send it to every media outlet.

During the 2012 Election Cycle, we intend to peacefully enforce that the Constitution be the central issue, and enforcing accountability of the Civil Officers of the United States by all lawful means the most important priority.

As the election season unfolds, and the fears and prayers of many are focused on its outcome, the question has been raise amongst the leadership and membership of many of this nations civic and patriot organizations as to whether or not the time has come to vigorously enforce limitations upon our governance and chain them to the Constitution.

We say that it has. No quarter. No favor. No exceptions. No Excuses.

Of the long list of grievances and abuses for which claim may be made, and by which many have long suffered in misery, the most egregious offense is not that of persecution under the Color of Law, or the infringement and violations of our Liberties without warrant or probable cause or redress, or even the ruthless financial destruction of our communities, our families, and our individual lives bankrupting us as mere paupers and vagabonds destitute in a crumbling society of what was once a great and free nation.

The most egregious offense has been that of government seizing the powers to kill or imprison whomever they wish without indictment or conviction at public trial or any respect for due process, thereby depriving the American People, as Jurist, of their Powers to be the final Authorities of Judgment and Punishment to enforce the Constitution on both the Civil Officers of our governance and treasonous Criminals whom would violate our Rule of Law.

Regardless of which political candidates win their elections and secure their positions as Civil Officers of the United States, our message this political season is one of unyielding resolve: As public Servants elected to positions of governance and charged with safeguarding our Constitution, they will secure our Liberties, or by the Authorities of our united resolve, as Citizens, they will be stripped of their self proclaimed sovereign Immunity, they will be Disqualified from holding office, and they shall be liable and subject to Indictment, Trial, Judgment and Punishment for even the mere appearance of impropriety of having committed high Crimes or Misdemeanors.

And to demonstrate the sincerity of our resolve upon those whom hold or would seek future Office of Honor, Trust, or Profit under the United States, we are demanding that all current and former Civil Officers whom authorized or enforced the Killing, Rendition, Indefinite Detention, or deprivation of the immunities of Citizenship of any American citizen, without indictment or conviction at public trial by an unbiased Jury, be Disqualified from holding Office, and Indicted for their Treasonous and Egregious Acts.

We the People provide for our own Security by tendering service in our militias, Armed Forces, and Sheriffs departments; and by exercising our Jurist powers, as the final authority upholding and enforcing the Constitution and Supreme Law of the United States.

Our governance is a servant charged with ensuring our Liberties.

We shall not cower before it in fear or kneel before it as our Master!

Resolved this Day, by We, the People, whom are veterans, current serving, and civic minded citizens, whom have pledged our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred Honor in accordance with our sworn Oaths to protect and defend the Constitution.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Patriot Tea Parties
are demanding Redress for
Treasonous and Egregious Acts !!!
Forward this to every media outlet and everyone you know![/COLOR]

This article details why the Tea Party has expanded it’s battles beyond being Taxed Enough Already, and is now battling against Treasonous and Egregious Acts! All Patriot Tea Party groups are being asked to organize and host Signing Parties for a variety of Declarations and Grievances (this Resolution, The Liberty Preservation Act, The Intolerable Acts, etc) as spring unfolds, and that we have a national Patriot Tea Party Celebration of the 4th of July delivering signed copies to Congress and to every State Legislature and Court House in the Land.

The Civil Officers and Government of the United States have committed Treason by unconstitutionally seizing the ‘Jurist’ powers and authorities of the People to impose Judgment and Punishment, which are reserved and retained exclusively in the Constitution and Bill of Rights to the American People.

The Disqualification clause of the Constitution provides that all Civil Officers of the United States may be held accountable for violations of their Office. With respect to the Judgment and Punishment clause of the Constitution, it is time to remind our Civil Officers that it is the American People, not governance, which exclusively wields the powers of Judgment and Punishment on both our civil officers and criminals.

By implementation of a Kill / Capture list, the passage of the NDAA declaring American soil as part of the battlefield and authorizing indefinite rendition without charge or jury trial , and the pending passage of the EEA to strip Americans of their citizenship and dispose of them under the Laws of War, the Civil Officers of the United States have committed Treasonous and Egregious Acts.

The American people are not only being deprived of their rights and protections, but they are being stripped of their exclusive Powers, as Jurist, to render verdict in all criminal and civil matters to enforce the Constitution and the Rule of Law upon both the civil officers of our government and all criminals whom would dare violate our peace and tranquility.

We must not allow our government to strip the American People of their Powers and Authorities as Jurist. The time for politely asking Congress and Government to respect their Oath, the Constitution, and the American People has passed. In 2012, the time has come to demand they be held accountable for Treason.

The rallying cry of Treasonous and Egregious Acts has been launched to demand that holding our officers of government accountable for Treason be the central campaign issue in the Primaries and General Election of 2012. Political advocates in over one dozen states and growing are working to flood Congress with Grievance Letters and to advocate and promote the issue amongst every civic and patriot group, website, blog, and internet media source they can to drive the demands that government be held accountable.

Let’s all do our part, and celebrate this 4th of July Independence Day in a grand fashion that will make future generations proud!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Resources for Patriots and Tea Parties:

The Intolerable Acts:
The Liberty Preservation Act:
10th Amendment Commission:
10th Amendment Resolution:
Repeal section 1021 of the NDAA:
Model State Resolutions:

Additional Resources:
The Patriot Coalition:
The Tenth Amendment Center:
The Oath Keepers Association:
Operation Sleeping Giant:
The County Sheriff Project:
The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer Association:
The Save America Foundation:
The Fully Informed Jury Association:
The John Birch Society:

Request for interviews, request for comments, or requests for a guest speaker should be directed towards Stewart Rhodes, Michael Boldin, Richard Fry, Fred Brownbill, John Chambers, and Kirsten C. Tynan, or other such patriot leaders as they or their Board of Directors or State leaders may defer to, so that they may spread the principles of Oath, Interposition, Nullification, and Civic Duty and Activism, and may promote their good works of the Intolerable Acts, the New American Coalition of Patriot Groups United to Oppose the NDAA, the Liberty Preservation Act, etc.

The strategy has 4 key educational elements to teach our fellow citizens of the rights, powers, authorities, and immunities reserved and retained to the People by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

1) Educating the public about how the Presidents “Kill or Capture” list, murdering and renditioning American citizens without Jury trial, is a Treasonous violation of Oath, a violation of the RIGHTS and IMMUNITIES of those citizens, and a violation of the Separation of Powers and an unlawful Seizure of Powers reserved exclusively to the American People, by usurping and destroying the Powers and Authorities of the American People as Jurist.

2) Educating the public about how the Congressional authorization of the NDAA and the pending authorization of the EEA is a Treasonous violation of Oath, a violation of the RIGHTS and IMMUNITIES of those citizens, and a violation of the Separation of Powers and an unlawful Seizure of Powers reserved exclusively to the American People, by usurping and destroying the Powers and Authorities of the American People as Jurist.

3) Educating the public about the “Judgment and Punishment” clause of the Constitution, and educating the public that the government has stripped the American People of their POWERS, as Jurist, to be the sole Authority imposing the Constitution and the Rule of Law upon both Government and Criminals by being the sole authorities whom may wield the powers of Judgment and Punishment.

4) Educating the public about the Disqualification Clause of the Constitution, and that EVERY Civil Officer of the United States and the several States is bound by Oath to the Constitution, and We the People, as Jurist, may impose Judgment and Punishment upon them for their Treasonous Acts, and that they may be barred from holding future Office of Honor, Trust, or Profit upon Conviction for High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

Pivotal to this strategy, and the Signing Parties leading up to a Patriot Tea Party Celebration of the 4th of July, is sharing and promoting these sites which have more information on how we can all fight tyranny, and whose good works this grass roots initiative seeks to rally all Patriot Tea Party groups under a common banner to demand redress for the Treasons committed against our Constitution.

Also remember to show your support of the John Birch Society, Gun Owners of America, the 2nd Amendment Center, etc., and share this with them as well and solicit their support!!!

A Special Thank You to the leaders and / or members of Oath Keepers, Tenth Amendment Center, Save America Foundation, The Fully Informed Jury Association, and The Patriot Code whom have offered their time and critique of this project to make it happen.

For the Republic,

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