Assault Weapons Ban 2013

A total lock down of our 2nd Amendment right is about to take place.  Please send this alert to every human being you know. 

Consider this a NAZI WARNING~ RED ALERT.

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I hope that is what you wrote in the petition to the "elected public servants" that is provided for everyone to use in the link provided in this video.

Resist, over come and eliminate the enemy when and where they rear their ugly heads!

What more is this evil bastard going to do to us? He has camps, guards and no one in this government has the guts to stand up to him. We have been warned for so long, I just cannot imagine this evil. But if any one of you has read the Harbinger, then you will know. When we took God out of the picture and did not protest, we sealed our fate. May all the faithful God fearing Americans stand tall. God bless you all.

'The Harbinger' is a really good book. It only took me a few days to read it, even with my VERY busy schedule taking care of the kids and husband, Dr. appts, etc. We are certainly following Biblical prophecy, but then again, why wouldn't we? The Bible IS 100% correct.  God bless all, momof5shortstuff

Yes, i read the harbinger awhile back. Every time i hear about the thing theyre putting up in place of the twin towers, it brings that book to the front of my mind. Scary

Someone will resist and get this Second American Revolution started.  If we do not show up to back them up, it will not last long enough to get our freedom back.  We will never be able to stand against a modern army and most local police departments are modern armies, but as a rebel force, they would not know what to do.

BAN Registration...What is WILL take is "everyone" resists this registration and or BAN.

Most of those in Washington want our guns taken from us. This way they can turn the USA into another Egypt which is now in the power of the Hamas, or brotherhood or CAIR. Take your pick.. In Egypt only the Hamas have arms and there are no more infidels there, and if they are, they are in hiding from the Hamas until they can find away out of the middle east..

Pat Chadwell, you are so correct.  And, its coming to this Country fast.

The Second Amendment is about to go. Our Constituton is crumblng before our eyes. Feinstein is a Nazi fem.

The first wave in the genocide will most likely be around 30 million.  I have NO doubt I'll be in that first batch.  My only hope is they make it quick.  Most genocides are pretty gruesome.  

All weapons are assault weapons, if used that way.  Same for defense weapons!



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