Assault Weapons Ban 2013

A total lock down of our 2nd Amendment right is about to take place.  Please send this alert to every human being you know. 

Consider this a NAZI WARNING~ RED ALERT.

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Thanks Michelle, Semper Fi, Do or Die, The line in the sand, couldnt be put more correctly.  You people ask me what you want of me,  Im there I mean it.  Support, tasks, assignments, whatever, I will walk the walk.  I have had enough, I feel the time is upon us. 

Defendants in this case are the members of the U.S. congress, electors, Joseph Biden in his capacity as a President of the senate, Governor of California, Secretary of State of California and candidate Barack Obama, aka Soetoro aka Soebarkah Complaint was served on the defendants through the U.S. Attorney and Attorney General

Attorney Taitz is in a process of sending complimentary copies to the individual members of Congress. UPDATE: Taitz Confirms! Dr Orly Taitz confirms that she has a signed affidavit from the Hawaii clerk declaring that there is no birth certificate for Barack Obama in any hospital in Hawaii. In spite of her resistance to the story posted at the Obama Hustle which said Onaka (Hawaii clerk) signed documents stating Obama's long form is "invalid", a declaration which Taitz has in her possession signed by Onaka declaring that no BC exists for Obama in that state does actually make the long form presented by the WH "invalid".

For those who say we don't stand a chance, think again!  Problem is, this IS taking our guns, no bones about it. This IS what we all said was 'the line in the sand' and they are crossing it. If we wait til they are knocking on our door, it will be too late. The below info depicts exactly WHY our gov't doesnt want us having guns.

A blogger added up the deer license sales in just a handful of states and arrived at a striking

were over 600,000 hunters this season in the state of Wisconsin. Allow me to restate that number:

Over the last
several months, Wisconsin's hunters became the eighth
largest army in the world.

More men under arms than in Iran.

More than France and Germany combined.

These men deployed to
the woods of a state, Wisconsin, to hunt with
firearms, and no one was killed.

That number pales in comparison to the
750,000 who hunted the woods of
Pennsylvania and Michigan's
700,000 hunters, all of whom
have now returned home safely. Toss in a quarter million hunters
in West Virginia and it literally establishes the fact
that the hunters of those four
states alone would comprise the
largest army in the world. And then add in the total number
of hunters in the other
46 states. It's millions more.

The point?

America will forever be safe from foreign invasion
with that kind of home-grown

Hunting.... it's not just
a way to fill the freezer.. It's a matter of national security.

That's why all enemies, foreign and domestic, want to see us

Also I would say that over 75% of them are Veterns...

I see 'im,he just 500 yards or so off,can I cap 'im?

He got a blue helmet on,aww,just once,Colonel?



PS Read "Agenda 21",especially You Ladies.

The writing is on the wall,Beck's book is a tad

radical,but if You read real A-21 this is what they want!!

Most hunters I've ever met are law-abiding citizens, voters and tax payers.    That may be the problem. 


Very good video that needs to be passed around.

I refuse to be governed by the moo slummy United Nations!   

Muslims are exempt from ObamaCare.  Will Muslims, Unions, and Black Panthers be exempt from the enforcement of these "Lists"?  Petitions to this government......become lists.

Thank you Eric, I like the odds.You wake up one day and wonder how the heck did this happen to OUR COUNTRY? We have trusted our "officals" aka: cowards, for so long I am surprised that this did not happen a long time ago. The FBI, CIA and others will side with this evil in the OUR w/h. Some young military were asked would they disarm the people if barak hussein told them to. Well some said they would but know the older military vets would not. We have hope, don't dispair, stand tall. God bless America.

Check out the book "They Fired the First Shot:

Book Description

August 25, 2012
Chinese warrior, Sun-tzu, taught that in order to win every battle, you must know yourself and you must know your enemy. We know that the United States of America is facing an attack unlike anything it has ever experienced in its history. Why are we losing battle after battle in the face of an all-advancing evil? It s because we don t know ourselves and we don t know our enemy. After reading They Fired the First Shot 2012, you will learn how to know yourself, you will learn how to know your enemy, and you will know what to do. But will you do what this book shows you to do? After reading They Fired the First Shot 2012, you will not be able to keep yourself from following the directives contained within. You will read and learn many new thoughts and truths that will have an atomic bomb effect on your thinking. What you abided by before is not what you will continue to abide by. They Fired the First Shot 2012 is not just another book telling you what is going on. It is the only book that is a complete book, showing you the first step to the last step of what to do to protect yourself, your family and save our nation. As you set out upon the path this book will lead you on prepare to be stunned, then shocked; prepare to feel helpless, then hopeless, moved to the edge of despair, then seeing a turn-around that maybe there s a way out, growing hopeful, to full confidence, to feeling the impulse to begin formulating your own personal plan and finally, taking action that grows into a full-scale reaction of having your future placed back into your own hands again. This book will become your cause to act, to spread, to promote, with all your effort, with all your being to save our nation. It is the solution that no one else has. Most importantly, do not look through this book. It must unfold for you starting at page one, reading page by page. If there ever was a read not to peek through, this is it. You will ruin the impact of the book in how you will graduate from page to page in understanding the next page. Do not even look at the chapter titles in the beginning. Just start reading...from page one (after reading the foreword).



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